Neutrals, My Old Friend

5:13 PM

Before I get into everything can I just say the weather continues to be ridiculous? It was 85F yesterday. There was snow on the ground the day before. Today was in the 70s and there is supposed to be a sleety mess by tomorrow again. God, what makest thou so bored? D:

Aaaaaaaanyway, onto the post!

One fall-back look that I still always always go to is a neutral coppery-brown eye. I know I've promoted this a billion times but it is still my all-time favorite eye shadow set: Revlon Colorstay 12-Hour Eyeshadow Quad in Copper Spice.

As many times as I have attempted to dupe the fabulously perfect copper color (third down) from a higher-end brand, I cannot, and frankly I'm not sure I should considering this one works so well. The pigmentation and wear is fantastic. The colors are just perfect. I can't help it, but I'm always disappointed when I try new browns (or coppers, tins, reds, etc) because they just never live up to this one!

Here's the lowdown for the look. Copper spice (pretty much all 4 colors used) for the eyeshadow, shisem falsies, a bit of white shadow for tear ducts. Just clean and simple.

A close-up...

By the way, that fabulous zipper-flower pin was a DIY from one of my besties, Hannah. I pretty much flipped out when I got it in the mail. How amazing is that?!

A look at the whole outfit. Old Navy sweater, F21 thermal, Sirens skinnies, VanEli leopard heels. Is everyone loving my bathroom toilet shots? Har har...

Oh, also on a random fashion tangent, I used to hate wearing black. Barely had anything in the color and barely wore things I did have in black. I used to think it made my face look dark and unhappy or something. Maybe it is because I've grown and my style has changed, or maybe it is because my hair and skin are lighter than they used to be, but I really love black now. BRING ON THE GOTH AND ROCK 'N ROLL, BABY!! Or, you know, ironic and soft and pretty. :)

On that note, here's another black-on-black, rock 'n roll, soft, neutral look from a recent shoot from the ridiculously awesome photographer, Steve Gibson. Gotta love wet-look leggings!

That's all I got for now. Hope you guys have a great weekend with lots of awesome, soft, pretty, rock 'n roll moments. And tell me in the comments if there is a color you hesitate to wear, and why.


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  1. Hi Jen! I also love the Revlon Colorstay quad. I have it in Blushed Wines. Hmm...a color that I cannot wear is light blue or orange. Also, clothing with a metallic or shiny finish makes me look funny.

    I wanted your advice on wedding makeup. Under your "wedding" tab, you said that you had a daytime photo shoot. I'm getting married next year and it will take place in the afternoon and then through the night. Do you think I need to darken my makeup to make it more obvious? Or leave it simple but noticeable? Also, did you have your bridesmaids do just one type of makeup technique or have them use specific colors? Thanks for your time!

  2. hello jen!i'm a new reader of your blog.
    i have double eyelids but they are narrow,as in the space is i cant line my eyes too thick or else i will look like i have no double eyelids.i usually dont use colored eyeshadow.
    i want to try different looks with eyeshadows because i always look the same(with thin eyeline and nude eyeshadow).can you suggest some looks that are suitable for me?thank you!!

  3. I love yellow! Even though yellow is not supposed to be worn by Asians, I love it!! You should try it!

  4. Em: Metallic silver looks gross on me! So it's not just you. :) As for wedding makeup, it should be "natural" looking but wear more than you normally would for a natural look. Makeup always shows up as less intense in photography, which is going to be what matters in your makeup for your wedding... photos last much longer than one night and you want to look perfect, right? Don't darken your makeup throughout the day. Instead, do a natural but noticeable look that will work for both day and night.

    Wow, I am writing so much. Maybe I should just blog aboout wedding stuff soon again. :)

    Anonymous: You should be able to do the same looks on my site with thinner liner! I just make mine thick to help camouflage the tape. Definitely experiment with colors...start with green or purple as they seem like an easy step from brown. :)

    Diane: I am absolutely 100% against the "Asians can't wear yellow" thing. Haha. I used to think that too, but it's so not true. I wear yellow ALLLLL the time! Love it!

  5. Hi Jen!
    The Photoshoot look amazing. Are you a model ? because it really makes me want to try it too. (':

  6. Hi jen.
    Didn't you say, you will try more diff. make up techniques ?
    Its still the same and its kinda boring ! You should try more things cause your eyes and face are awesome.

  7. i really like the flower! How did your friend make it?

  8. kim: I do some random modeling for fun. Nothing too serious, just a hobby. :) Try it! It can be a lot of fun.

    Anonymous: Haha! Wow. I can't tell if this is a diss or a compliment. I indeed will try things that are different but you have to understand that I work M-F full time and I am VERY busy so most of these looks are things I wear to work. Can't do things TOO crazy and trust me, things are much more intense in person than in photos! I have to integrate the "different" looks with the natural looks too. I get as many people who request toned down looks as people who want crazy different looks so please be patient. I promise I WILL do some more interesting things!

    lilly: I'm not really sure how she made it but I believe she took a zipper and twisted it into a flower shape, then hand sewed it. She put felt over the back and added a pin. If you try it out let me know.

  9. Jen, those leggings are hot! May I ask where you got them? Thanks!

  10. Anonymous: I got the leggings from Target a few months ago. Actually, all of my favorite leggings are from target. I find the xs fit to be great!

  11. For eyes, I hesitate to wear dark shadows. They shrink my eyes and weirdly enough, make me look dirty.

    For clothing.. I don't really like Red on me. It's awkward with my skin tone for some reason, I don't really know why.

    Cute outtfit ( =

  12. Hi Jen
    I'm from Australia, and I just discovered your site. I just really wanted to let you know how much I love it! I honestly never knew you could apply eyeshadow over tape (I wear it almost everyday, but with liner only to disguise it).

    I'm so excited about eyeshadow now! Thanks so much for the helpful hints.
    I honestly really appreciate it.

    You look beautiful in all your pictures!

    Can I just ask you though - do your eyelids ever fold on their own? You seem to develop the double fold really easy once you put on tape - sometimes when I do it, the fold is still very small... I guess I'm just wondering if your eyes develop the fold easily after the tape, or if your tape is extra great and strong!

    I'd really appreciate it if you could let me know. I already saw that you use Nexcare and I'm going to check if they supply it in Aust.

    Thanks so much!

  13. Hey Jen, u look so your hair. Perhaps you should do a tutorial on hair styling ^^

    Oh..nice photoshot btw

  14. Hi!
    I was just wondering how you get your eye make up to blend so well over the eyelid tape. I've just gotten into the whole idea but I have not yet found a way for everything to blend in enough. Is it the type of eye shadow you use?

  15. Hi Jen!
    First of all, let me tell you that I just loooooove your videos and posts.
    I'm a Brazilian Japanese descendant based in Japan, so some of the products you show are available here too.
    It's been so long since you've posted this blog, that I'm not sure if you'll get my comment, but... I was just wondering if your bestie would have a tutorial for that zipper flower pin. I just loved it!
    I made one for myself by following another tutorial, but they all come up without that metal "pull" part. (I have no idea what it is called in English.)
    Fingers crossed to get back from you on this.
    Wishing you all the best.