Primary Colors FOTD and Lime Crime

8:34 PM

To support my alma mater's current attempt at the NCAA basketball tournament, I have for you a red, yellow, and blue FOTD. I'm not gonna lie, a big reason I did this look was just because I'm obsessed with my Victoria's Secret PINK collegiate hoodie and it inspired me. REGARDLESS of the reason, it gave me a chance to do a really fun look, using one of the fantastic Limecrime shadows that I got the opportunity to try out.

The main tools used:

Urban Decay Primer Potion
NYX single eyeshadow in Atlantic
NYX single eyeshadow in Hot Cherry
Limecrime magic dust in Circus Girl
NYX Jumbo Shadow pencil in Cottage Cheese
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack

Apply the golden-yellow circus girl shadow to the inner half of the lid. Then, apply hot cherry to the outer half, blending into circus girl in the middle. Take atlantic (royal blue shadow) and blend into the outer-v and along the bottom lashline. Add a highlight color to the brow bone and frost tearducts with the NYX shadow stick in cottage cheese. Apply liner and mascara as usual.

How amazing is Circus Girl? I've been really searching for a good, pigmented yellow since it's hard to find one that will look good on my strong yellow undertones and this one is just perfect. I've already used it a few times and it always looks great.

LOOOOOOOOVE this hoodie!

Here are the swatches of the Limecrime shadows I received. I got Circus Girl (yellow), Empress (purple), and Princess Caraboo (dark green). All of them have beautiful pigmentation and feel very creamy. These swatches are using the little bit of shadow from the lid of the containers.

Top is one swipe with no primer, bottom is on UDPP.

I really wish I could show a look with all the shadows on but I realized after I swatched that it looks like Mardi Gras! Oh well. I know I will definitely be using these a ton in the future. If you are thinking about ordering, DO IT. Really. Not only are the colors available amazing but Xenia from Doe Deere Blogazine is incredibly nice and her blog is beautiful and insightful. Go visit it, you won't be disappointed. :)

I also got my NYX lot haul in. OMG SO OVERWHELMING.

Santa, is it Christmas???


Shadow Trios

43 Eyeshadows D:

I will have to do swatches of all my NYX shadows sometime. I have a ton now. Hehe.

Okay it's super late so I'm going to bed. Goodnight everyone!

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  1. OMG that is soo cool!

    and wow! that is alot of stuff u got! *u*

  2. wow, are those black/purple lip glosses I am looking at? Pretty!

    The NYX shadow looks pretty! (I didn't get any of them during free shipping at Cherry Culture though...what a bummer!)

  3. Hi Jen, you have so much makeup, how do you store them??

  4. I heart this look, so pretty!
    and girl oh girl! that's a lot of NYX e/s and trios and lip products! WOW so much fun!

  5. ah i wish my school's pink hoodie was as cute as yours! i can't wait to see the looks you do with all those new shadows! (and i look forward to seeing how those glosses look on)

  6. Hey Jen,

    Do you know where I can find a list of all the colors in the 43 eyeshadow set? I went to the NYX website and it won't let me click on the picture because it's sold out :(

    I'm getting my haul tomorrow! SO excited!

    - Sylvia

  7. That´s a lot of stuff you got!<3
    Love yellow eyeshadow you used to do your eyemake up!:)

  8. I love this look! So fresh and colourful, but not over the top! ;)

    Also love your e/s trios!

  9. You were right not to get the lipstick set. They had a slight perfume-like taste :( I'm sensitive so it really bothers me. Bleh.

  10. hi,
    you r so lucky cause you ve them :) i need some nude base color from nyx single eyeshadows. could you swatch these colors if you ve ,first of all plssssss.i m looking forward to see swatches all of them :)))


  11. Wow, I need Princess Caraboo. And great haul!

  12. hey jen, im just wondering. what brand of eyelid tape do you use? i think you've mentioned it before but i cant seem to find the post. thanks

    btw.. how does that purple nyx lipgloss look like? ...isnt that a weird colour for lips?

  13. Citrine: Yes! There is a black and a purple. I'm excited to try layering them. :)

    Anonymous: I have stored my makeup in 2 stacked sterilite mini-drawers but now that I got this haul I don't know if it will all fit!

    Sylvia: I'm not sure... I didn't list mine either. :[ Hopefully you already got them in so it's not a problem.

    Lili: I have a few NYX lipsticks already and I actually like them but I don't think I could possibly wear that many. I barely even wear the ones I own. lol.

    Cindy: I use Eyecharm eyelid tapes. I haven't tried the lipglosses yet but I will post swatches when I do.

  14. I did this look was just because I'm obsessed with my Victoria's Secret PINK collegiate hoodie and it inspired me. cid episode 2015 dailymotion