Silver Smoke FOTD

8:30 PM

Hey guys. Is anyone else freaking out about that NYX sale still? I just got shipping notification today and I am SO excited. Haha.

Anyway I have another FOTD to go along with my rock star theme lately. I actually did this smokey silver look for a shoot, then came home and changed. The makeup actually went surprisingly well with simple, casual clothing as well as with the glamorous look of the shoot. I absolutely think this type of makeup is great for those who need their makeup to take them from day to night.

The key ingredients:
NYX Star (greyish-purplish-slate) on lid
NYX Opal for highlight
Revlon Colorstay Quad charcoal color for outer-v
MAC Fluidline in blacktrack
Shisem Falsies x2

smile, smile :)

Close-up of the thickly winged eyeliner. I was going for a vintagey glamorous look.

To give the lashes a little more drama, I layered half-size winged lashes on top of my shorter shisem criss-cross falsies.

And my outfit.
T-shirt - Urban Outfitters, Jeans - Sirens, Peep-toe wedges - Nordstrom kids' section

Just practicing my Olsen-twins duck lips. (Heehee)

Speaking of the Olsen twins, I just bought their coffee table book, Influence.

You may love them or hate them, but you can't deny that they have great access to some very influential people. There's really great photography as well as interesting stories and interviews. I can't wait to just chill and read through it!

As I sit here and wait patiently for my online orders to come in, I will also be preparing loads of nail polish swatches that I will be posting soon. Until then, please tell me, what is currently on your coffee table?

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  1. Wow..That's a really pretty FOTD, your makeup skills are amazing!I wish I could do my makeup like that. :( You made me laugh so much when you imitated the Olsen twins duck lips, I almost fell out of my chair. And I thought I was the only one who felt that the Olsen twins had weird lips. LOl. Anyway I really like your blog, all your FOTDs are wonderful and you're very beautiful! Keep up the good work!

  2. i love your FOTD.. saved your eyelid tape tutorial and hope to do it soon :) i just keep forgetting to buy tape! i LOVE your shirt btw :) it's pretty kick ass and pretty much my definition of "rock".

  3. great FOTD! love how you look with curls too :)

  4. I really like your outfit =)
    And great FOTD! Your eyeshadow is always applied in a way that really suits you!
    I hope you can post more fashion posts in the future!
    Thanks and keep up the good work

  5. Wow, I absolutely am in love with this look! I think it's an easy-to go look that still makes one look fresh looking. :)

    I know, you never do without that eyelid-tape, but since I'm monolid, I'd love to see you doing an eye makeup on your bare lids.

    Would you probably consider? ;) It would be great to see!


  6. cool FOTD, i might use that look sometime. and to answer your question, i have like a million magazines on my coffee table and five (maybe four?) nail polishes and some pens. and can you tell me how long it takes and to ship? (i'm like dying here from waiting!) thx! :)

  7. looking beautiful as always. could i request a blue look? i bought the NYX trio in sweet lagoon/aqua/ocean because i thought the colors were so pretty but i'm not sure how to apply blue eyeshadow without it looking tacky! (with or without tape. i wear tape as well so seeing it done either way would be awesome.)

  8. hey jen, how much do you spend on cosmetics? mind showing us ur make up collection? XD .

  9. I love the twins. I used to do the prune lips without any conscience of doing it until my sister pointed it out and so now I'm always very aware of how I smile! haha. Anyway, I can't wait til my NYX order comes in too! I've never tried Nyx shadows!

  10. I just recently started reading your blog and just wanted to say hi!

    This look is so pretty on you! I love the lashes, too. I wish I had the motivation to try falsies, lol. I keep thinking about it and then deciding against it, lol.

    Also, love love love those peep toes! SO CUTE!

  11. Jess: I can totally do a makeup look for monolids. Is there a certain color you'd like to see?

    nailpolishfiend: I think it depends on how far you live from their shipping locations, but cherry culture takes maybe a week and a half for me, while everydayminerals seemed to ship within a week.

    Anonymous: I don't have that actual trio, but I am getting sweet lagoon and aqua from my nyx order. I already own ocean. I will try to do a look with those colors when they come in. :)

    Anonymous 2: I am a pretty thrifty spender in general but I do love shopping and I LOVE a good deal. I would guess I spend an average of $30 per month on cosmetics, but I really have no idea! It's usually more like I spend nothing or I spend more on a sale. I will try to do a makeup collection post or video soon!

  12. Hi Jen,

    Can you do a tutorial on curling your hair? ^^ Your hair looks so bouncy and pretty!

  13. I love the winged eyeliner! your eyelining skills are amazing. Nice FOTD.

  14. You look great with the silver make up. Got a question about the eyelid tape though. I guess that people around u do notice you've got tape on your lids. How do u respond if they ask you what it is?

    And keep doing your thing!

  15. hi. i clicked on the link on the wedges u wore.. Nordstrom 'Allison' Wedge..

    u got the 'big kid'sizing?
    I thought the nordstrom kid's website was for kids only!

    ur FOTDs were really really nice.. u look unique even w/o makeup. some people weren't suited for makeups and they look better w/o. but u look even much better with makeup and i tink it's great!

    i saw ur link at a forum and i didn't know u are a korean. i saw ur profile about boA's new english song and i like it too!

  16. Can you please tell me which curling iron you used? I love your hair!!