Del Sol Polishes and Girly to Rock Transformation

8:49 PM

Just wanted to share a couple of pics of some Del Sol polishes I ordered. For those of you who haven't heard of them, Del Sol polishes actually change color in sunlight. Pretty cool idea, and has the potential for mega awesomeness.

Here are the polishes indoors:
*heartbreaker - red to purple with glitter
*surfer girl - pink to pale orange frost
*ruby slipper - silver glitter to red
*vanity - pale pink to lavendar pearl
*rock star - blue glitter to deep green glitter

And outside in direct sunlight:

Obviously, some polishes "work" better than others. Vanity is pretty awesome (although I bought it for a friend, so it's not even mine!) and Ruby Slipper works quite well on the nail. I was the most disappointed with Rock Star because I was looking forward to it a lot and it doesn't appear to have changed at all. I haven't actually tried this on my nails though, so it might just be stubborn in the bottle.

Speaking of rock star, I wanted to also share a funny little fashion transition I had one morning.

I recently bought this beautiful belt from Urban Outfitters because I found that it actually fit my petite waist. Waist belts never seem to fit me (although I can find a plethora of regular-hip-fitting belts, now that I never wear them) so I grabbed it while I could.

I really wanted to wear it with a new floral skirt I bought from Wet Seal with one of my Forever 21 oversized t-shirts, and came up with this pretty, girly combo. Then, as what happens many mornings, I decided my shoes were too uncomfortable and kicked them off.

And I replaced them with my Frye Harness Pull-On boots. MUCH more comfy, but wait, something is missing...

Oh yes, oh yes. My moto jacket. I think it completes a nice balance to the girly skirt and belt. Much more of a reflection of how I was feeling that day.

Don't get me wrong. I love my girly-girl looks but I just wasn't FEELING it that day. I just can't leave the house feeling out of whack with my outfit. It feels WRONG sometimes, you know? (Or maybe you don't know and it's just me being quirky. In that case, YOU LIAR!! At least this is what I will keep telling myself.)


If I am, please tell me your own fashion quirks so I don't have to hug myself to feel normal again.



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  1. These polishes are awesome!

    If you wear them, can you post your thoughts on them? I might get a few if you recommend them =) (not easily chipped, smooth, etc)

    Thanks <3

    * I sent out your earrings today as well =)

  2. wow..I love ur belt and outfit..u look so beautiful^^

  3. Love your outfit and I totally, totally do that all the time hehehe. I have a lot of trouble finding waist belts too! Might have to check out UO if I can find one near me. =)

  4. I've seen swatches of Rock Star and the colour did change in the sun. I heard Del Sol has good return/exchange policy that if the colour fails to change, you can exchange for another bottle.

    A reader of mine mentioned the colour she bought didn't have good staying power, so please update of how they wear on your nails :-)

  5. You're not alone!
    I totally know what you mean, I feel so silly sometimes too, if my outfit doesn't do just to self-express.

    BTW the nail polishes are so sparkly and awesome I think I almost fainted...well, on the inside at least. It makes me want to go nail polish shopping now!

  6. wow. love your outfit.

  7. ahaha you're not alone, i'm the same way. i always love your outfits, the combinations are always so cute

  8. Jen, I'm sending the Lemonade Stand over, please accept :-)

  9. I love your outfit! Oversize T with a floral skirt, nicely completed with a big belt! Well done!

  10. haha. Don't worry you are not alone. I have weird quirks too, haha.

  11. i love that outfit!! you are super stylish ;)

  12. I love your outfit! =)
    I went on De Sol today, but they no longer carry vanity =( So sad...