A trip to the Zoo!

2:09 PM

Hey guys, today was a sick day and while home from work, I visited my mom and saw some adorable hummingbirds in the back yard. This reminded me of my trip that I took for my anniversary to the famed Omaha Zoo. As the hubs and I are both huge animal lovers, we absolutely had a blast and definitely want to visit again. I thought I'd share a few pics with you all!

Here is just me being bored during the road trip. Don't cars have the best lighting? Very flattering! It hides all flaws!

And here is my look that I wore on zoo day. I didn't want anything too heavy or dark so of course I went with one of my favorite oversized-tees! I wore one of those lacey tube-bras underneath for modesty without adding extra layers.

My makeup was very, very natural. I slathered on spf 70 sunscreen on my face so heavy makeup was NOT an option unless I wanted everything to slide off. Concealer, blush, and a simple neutral eye worked well which was set with translucent powder.

Here are the zoo pics. This is a manly peacock doing a sexy dance for his lady friend.

This is what happens when lady peacock is wooed. Baby peacocks!

Hilarious otter pooping

Gorilla lady is chillin' on top of the viewing bubble

Sunbear is my favorite. His tongue is hanging out and I'm pretty sure he was twitching. 20 feet up in a tree.

happy tiger?

No-neck bird is sreepy.

Goooooooooorgeous hummingbird! I love so much!!!

Tapir looks kinda dumb.

Love the color

This giant fish was craaaazy big. It looked fake, and there were many of them.

I don't think this leaf mantis liked my pink shirt much. He did this when I got close.

Pretty seahorse!

And there's no zoo without elephants

And just because we LOVED this restaurant so much I wanted to share. It was called Blue Sushi Sake & Grill and they have the best frickin' food in all of Omaha. I need to go back just to go there again, I think. Yum yum!

Food porn. Coconut Tempura Chicken. Sweet-son-of-a-gun! I love the cucumber slice in the water, so fresh.

Ahhh, I love reminiscing over good photos and good memories! Speaking of memories, REMEMBER to enter the big Mineral Magic Cosmetics Giveaway I'm holding. It's some really great stuff, that I actually do use myself.

That's all I got for now, but I have lots of good things to share coming up including new lenses and jewelry, and a bridal makeup video tutorial. I shot the footage yesterday, now I just need to edit everything! Talk to you guys soon!


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  1. great zoo photo's. i like the sunbear, he's a cutie.lol_thanks for sharing.

  2. what brand of sunscreen do you use for your face? my aveeno spf 70 is horribleee

  3. love the zoo photos! ur soo pretty, and i love yoru skin, flawlessss!

  4. Ahh! Jen! This makes me want to go to the zoo! I'm heading down to San Diego next month and I'm hoping that I'll be able to visit the zoo there.

  5. poppy'sbeauty: Oh I know, he was so cute in real life! Really high up in that branch too.

    Anonymous: I used Aveeno! And yes, it's not that great so I only use it for special occasions when I know I will be in the sun all day. Otherwise I stick with my daily Clean and Clear moisturizer with spf 15. I need to find a better alternative. Haha.

    KRYSTAL: Ahh, thank you...I was having a good skin day then. Not so much now! >.<

    Lisa: I always wanted to visit the San Diego Zoo! It will be on my list for the future. I've heard it's awesome too. :)

  6. Aww, I LOVE zoos! You got some really great photos! So nice to look back on. I should really get SO to take me to the zoo before summer ends.

  7. HEHE pooping otter and peacock sexy dance. your captions are pretty awesome :D


    As opposed to just cute :]

    Ahhh I love the zoo as well.
    It always smells like ...crap
    No pun intended haha

    & you ALWAYS manage to look so effortlessly flawless.

    I'm pretty sure your crappy days = my best days :\

    Love your blogg!

  9. are you really a "huge animal lover" if you go to a zoo to eat animals? just curious...

    cute outfit by the way :)

  10. great photos! My zoo photos weren't nearly as good.. everything was so far away. That pooping otter was hilarious!

  11. Great photos hun, girl u are gorgeous xxx

  12. Sushi tastes the best after an aquarium visit. "Oh, Nature is beautiful!" OM NOM NOM.

  13. oo Omaha zoo is the best! I always try to visit there whenever I go home. Maybe I'll bump into you one day :) I love visiting zoos too :)

  14. omg i've never seen baby peacocks before and they look so adorable.
    i love your fotds, you look so flawless and radient all the time

  15. aww you take the cutest pictures
    that tiger is so cute<#
    so is that pooing otter lmfao
    you're so pretty

  16. Sorry you don't know me but youre SO pretty! And love the tutorial.

  17. river otters are my favorite animal : )

  18. where did you buy ur oversize shirt? it was soo pretty:)

  19. :O You came here to Omaha?! When!? Haha you like our zoo? It's kind of expensive, people here don't go too often. Our animals are kind of lazy but thats what makes them even cuter in my opinion. YESSSS BLUE! Their sushi is AMAZING, have you tried their fried icecream? Absolute love.

  20. Jen is that your hubby in restaurant in picture