Tokidoki for Smashbox Haul

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I know this is ridiculously late on the bandwagon but basically, I didn't know much about Tokidoki back when Smashbox teamed up with them to create some really cute cosmetics. Over the course of the last couple of years I have really come to fall in love with the whole Tokidoki aesthetic. After seeing the Smashbox Tokidoki Soft Lights & Brush Set in "Dolce Vita" on (which I did another small haul from, eep! will post it soon.) I decided to scour eBay to see if there was anything lingering around from the LE collection from 2007.

Lucky for me, I did stumble upon a few things here and there including an auction with this whole lot. Included is the Soft Lights & Brush Set in Dolce Vita, lipglosses in Drammatica and Dolcissima, eyeshadow quad in Modella, and the Stellina makeup mirror and pouch. Total retails for $146 and I got it for just over $40! I also got a Smashbox cosmetics pouch as a freebie from the seller Dexter Trading Cosmetics, which fits everything nicely.

Probably my favorite item in this haul is the Soft Lights in Dolce Vita. It's a nice luminizing blush that looks like a pretty, rosy sweet-plum color. It's not as warm as in this picture... closer to the previous one. It came as a very generous size and has the Tokidoki heart-and-crossbones stamped into it. The brush is also very full and actually feels nice to use, which I don't usually expect in "limited edition set" items like this.

The packaging is totally amazing!

Even the inside of items had more Tokidoki detailing. Very cute stamping on the mirrors.

Here are swatches. Top row: lipglosses in Drammatica and Dolcissima
Bottom row: Soft Lights in Dolce Vita, Modella eyeshadow quad

this is in natural light indoors

in more direct sunlight

Overall, the collection that I've tried is very cute and well-packaged. I was a bit let down with the eyeshadows because obviously they aren't too pigmented on my medium NC30 skin but I think they would make a lovely wash on someone with lighter skin than me (let me know if you'd be interested in buying). The blush I LOVE and the glosses are super pigmented which is great in my book. And of course, what can I say, I'm a sucker for cute packaging!

If you want to check more out, try ebay since there are a few things going for less than retail. Let me know if any of you guys got some of this collection back when it came out and how you like it. :)

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  1. Oh, the blush looks gorgeous!
    I started following you today.. I found your Ultrasonic Lens Cleaner review to be really heplful, so I ordered it too... xD

    The tokidoki has some super cute items, that make my heart melt. But it's such a shame that those eyeshadows are not more pigmented, especially because they're not exactly on the cheap side.

  2. I just got Dolce Vita and the mirror from beauty ticket not too long ago.

    I love, loveee Dolce Vita, i'm using it as my everyday blush right now.

    I just went on ebay and got the 2 lipglosses from that seller, thanks for the heads up!

  3. cuteeee! i'm loving the packaging :D

  4. the tokidoki is really cute! i love the adorable stampings on the blushes and eyeshadows. :)

  5. Dear..

    i wish those brands were available here too =(

    what i loved about your blog are your tutorials.. me and my officemates really like your makeup videos

    love lots,

  6. wow! I want the blush! I'm planning on ordering a few items. Thanks for the review-


  7. omg.. the blush is xtremely cute!! haha... hope i have it too... haha.. nice haul.. great choice!! cute!!


  8. i've had the dolce vita luminizer for over a year and it's one of my absolute favorite blushes. at the time i wondered if i should get a second and stock up, but i don't think i'll ever finish mine :P

  9. Everything, all of them are so cute!

  10. the peachy lipgloss looks so cute!

  11. You have a very nice blog, I also love your youtube videos especially the wedding makeup look :) I followed you ^_^.

  12. oh my gosshhh those are just too cute!! thanks for posting down the seller! =]

  13. jen!! i don't have twitter but i just read some of your's so i'll comment here! don't let the demanding and ignorant ppl upset you! the majority of us appreciate everything you do! i understand that you have a life and your job isn't just to blog all day! i luv your site and always look forward to your updates!! your tutorials have been so helpful! thank you so much for all that you do!!

  14. Jen, just read your blog again...very well written and so cool for us makeup junkies.. just had to comment because I absolutely love the Tokidoki collection. I agree about the shadows, never liked them, (even on lighter skin, they still donthave an effect.. if you use Paula Dorf transformer with them they are cool, but the glosses are absolutley the best I have gone through 2 of the darker pinks so far! XO