Lately, Pics Don't Do Nails Justice...

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Hello all! I wanted to do another nail update since it feels like I haven't done one in a while. For some reason, it seems that my nail choices have already been very much suited for Fall. Being in the "real world" (aka, anytime post college graduation) makes it seem like there is no back-to-school season anymore but maybe subconsciously I still want the feeling of it back. Frankly, Summer left far too quickly in my conscious opinion!

Anyway, here are my lying nails. They say, "Come ye turtlenecks! Come ye dark and complex colors!" And I simply comply.

I do want to mention that all of these colors, EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE, are not done any justice by my photography. There is just no possible way to capture the depth these polishes have in real life. I swear I tried though!

Starting off, one of my omg-gorgeous lemming polishes, OPI DS Extravagance. I won't even lie. It makes me actually sad how much this picture doesn't do it justice. I might have to wear it again just to take a sunlight photo of it cause it is so beautiful in real life.

Next is a little konadicure I did featuring the awesome m57 plate with a fishnet pattern. I was channeling a little rockstar that day and what better than hot pink fishnet and black tips? The pink polish had gold shimmer that doesn't show at in the pics but it was very cute in person.

I wanted to also try out another magnetic polish and I guess the edgy nail feeling hadn't left so I went with the gorgeous Silver L'Oreal Star Magnet polish, which has this amazing navy shimmer that appears in the magnetized starburst. Totally cool. I always get tons of compliments when I wear these.

Super close up to show the shimmer

Now, here is my husband's favorite Zoya that I own, Posh. It's one of the trendy matte polishes that have been so popular this season and I think Zoya does it better than anyone. I was even happier with this in person since it is so CLASSY. I stared at my nails a lot with this on. (cue artistic photo since I happened to be wearing a red dress that day)

And finally, my hands-down favorite Zoya and the same polish that I have been wearing for a record 13 days, Roxy. Seriously, this must have been some kind of fluke. 1 coat of seche clear, 3 of Roxy, 2 of seche vite to smooth out the glitters. Half a month of wear? I am having to change my polish now due to nail growth, not chipping! Normally I would've gotten bored with a single color before this too, but Roxy is just too amazing and again, these photos do it absolutely no justice. None of these show the hot pink glittery, flashy goodness that is Roxy.

Almost, but nooop, still too dark and it doesn't quite show the jelly quality.

This shows the color best, but doesn't show the glitter. :(

This shows the density and depth of the glitter.

And here are my nails yesterday, day 12. The proof is in the pudding. Crazy nail growth, a bit of tip wear, but no chips. CRAZY.

Oh, and having taken Roxy off, I will say it was unpleasant to remove, even with using felt. Dang glitters.

Now I just applied Zara, with the left hand using Seche Clear base coat and Seche Vite top coat and the right hand using my new Zoya Color-lock system that I won from Zoya's Twitter contest. We'll see how they compare, but I can already tell that Seche has tinted the color of the polish lighter a shade. HMMMMM....

Anyway, the real review + pics of that will be coming soon. Now I need to go finish my packing for a weekend road trip to South Dakota for the Lifelight Festival/Concert. Anyone gonna be there? If you see me, say hi! I'll be the one stalking Family Force 5. :D

PS- One more reminder, don't forget to enter the Mineral Magic Cosmetics Giveaway!

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  1. beautiful colors!!! love the fishnet one!! very cool idea! Where do you get the plates from?

  2. Jen, do you have any tips for growing longer, strong nails? Do you think the biotin supplements help? Also, and suggestions for a terminal nail biter? :\

    Thanks love.

    I love the Zoya Roxy btw.

  3. those cranberry colors look great for the fall. the zoya matte series seem really popular lately, and awesome, but i'm apprehensive about using any matte nail polish. i'm under the impression that they lose that texture once you put on lotion or cream so you have to be really careful not to get any on your nails. but this notion is based on my experience with matte colors back in high school and that was like 15 years ago LOL (holy crap i am OLDDDD T_T )

    i wanna come over to your house and play with nail polish LOL omg do my nails for me kthx <3

    lisa, have you tried wearing vinegar on your nails? the pungent taste will remind you not to bite and it's also a great nail treatment.

  4. love the zoya posh! it looks gorgeousves

  5. alienman:
    whoa, never heard of using vinegar! i'll probably try that out-- and specific kinds? i've seen the darker asian ones-- do those stain the nails?

  6. I seriously want to get my hands on Zoya/OPI polishes but they're so damn expensive! I don't know how you spend so much money on these stuff, Jen! Nevertheless, awesome polishes; they look gorggg. :)

  7. OPI DS Extravagance Reminds me of China Glaze's OMG holographic ones. Check those out :)

  8. I would love to try the L'Oreal Star Magnet... but its not available in my country!
    It really looks amazing!

  9. I remember emailing you first time I saw you posted about L'Oreal Star Magnet. I still don't have them :-( The silver looks awesome

  10. hi jen, what is your all time favorite nail polish color?

  11. woww, i've never even heard of magnetic nail polish before, i don't think we have it in the UK o-o

    and the roxy polish looks divineeee <3

  12. Star Magnet is amazing! Wish i had a polish like that :)

  13. LOVING the Star Magnet and Red Matte Polish, must get my hands on some!

  14. your nails are always so pretty. is the kondicure hard to use ? cause the fishnet is so cute

  15. Hey this is Cutiepie from lensaholics. I liked your post. Especially the matte red polish, that's very classy.

    I was hoping you could tell the moderators on the board that my account's been deleted or something, and I can't login. So I registered with a new name as cutiepie2 and hopefully let them know to accept me?

    Thanks hon.

  16. Hey this is Cutiepie from lensaholics. I liked your post. Especially the matte red polish, that's very classy.

    I was hoping you could tell the moderators on the board that my account's been deleted or something, and I can't login. So I registered with a new name as cutiepie2 and hopefully let them know to accept me?

    Thanks hon.

  17. I love the matte polish!
    How does the magnetic polish work? It looks great on your nails! How did you do the fishnet one? It looks like it would be hard to do.

    Family Force 5 is amazing! My friends and i hung out with them at a restaurant/hang out place after they played at a Prom, they are super friendly!

  18. omg, its so cool that you have such a huge range of cosmetics there!!! =O So many interesting products and good brands! Beautiful polishes by the way!!! ;)

  19. i think i'm in LOVE with star magnet. holy crap!

  20. omg the zoya in the last pictures is so pretty!!!

    every time i visit ur blog it makes me wanna buy more nailpolish XD!

    ugh i should totally do my nails being too lazy right now @_@ i only got my toes painted..and even that needs some repainting.

    is zoya only available online? or can i find it at Sally Beauty or Ulta etc?

    thank you!

  21. hi jen :] i've always wanted to try konad after reading your blog but they're so expensive >_<
    but this 30% off coupon really helps a lot :DDDD
    and i have a question, do you know use the special konad polish? do u just use regular polish?
    and is it bad if you do that? lol
    the special konad polish is a bit expensive and i don't think i've ever seen you mention special konad polishes? xDDD