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Hey everyone! I had a wonderful weekend at the Lifelight festival in South Dakota this past weekend and I am totally pooped. Very glad today was Labor Day because we didn't even get home until 5 AM this morning! 6 hour drive, more than half of which was through thick fog. Red lights on the back of semi-trucks look CREEPY through dense fog but we gladly made it home safe.

I tried to take a photo, but with no tripod, this is all I could get from our parking lot. Very creepy.

Anyway, at the festival we had plenty to be inspired by. Perfect weather, good music, and really cool performers like Superchick whose lead singer is completely gorgeous and had the most amazing mohawk pomp ever. Burgundy eye makeup! I totally have a girl crush. Check out the youtube vid of one of my favorite songs by them, "We Live" here

One of my bffs, Hannah, is a genius with hair and did this amazing french braided pony on her sister Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was cool enough to be our guinea pig throughout the weekend since she rarely wears much makeup or does her hair in crazy ways, although her gorgeous blonde hair is TOTALLY NATURAL! Her favorite colors are pink and purple so I did a rock star look on her.

The concerts were nice during the daytime weather, but nothing compares to the nights. A bajillion people were there. Just a ridiculous number, and it extends just as much to the left and right of this photo. I'm not tall enough to get the whole crowd!

Yummy festival food like funnel cake which we got twice. :3

Just me in my festival gear. The nights were cold but nothing layers and a silly hat can't fix.

And of course my fav-fav, Family Force 5. Last band of the last day on the Souled Out stage! Totally crazy and awesome, all while wearing football padding. So hilarious.

Here's some video I took of their performance last night. They are so crazy, I LOVE it!

I had sooo much fun and I can't wait to go back! :D

One more reminder, there are still a couple days left to enter the Mineral Magic Cosmetics Giveaway so don't forget! For now, I'm gonna wash up and get to bed. Hopefully I won't feel so jet-lagged tomorrow. :)

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  1. Wow, it looks like you had a great weekend! You look so cute in that hat, by the way hahaha. Cute enough to eat! You did a great job with your friend's makeup, too. Driving in the fog is so scary. I'm glad you guys made it safely.

    OMG @ everybody's boob comments. They are seriously cracking me up hard.

    Oh, and yea, the Orange Soda seems more orange, more nude and more pale than the Peach Passion, even when I'm wearing Crystal Soda lip gloss over it to down the brightness a bit. I'm still not quite used to nude lips but I think I'll hold on to this one. You've got me lemming Peach Passion now, haha, especially now that I know they're not the same but they're both gorgeous.

  2. It's good you had an awesome weekend!
    I love how your friend Hannnah did her sisters hair! It looks so gorgeous!
    Do you think there are any tuorials out there that show us how to do that hairstyle?
    I'd love to try it out.
    Your blog is great! :D


  3. alienman: 'scuse me, but I thought I was gonna eat your eyelids, not the other way around? ;) I think I need to order Orange Soda next time I do a nyx order! I had to tone down Peach Passion too, with that beigey gloss (the gloss is almost clear by itself though.) I loooove that photo of the model that you copied! Maybe I will have to do for-realz peach lips for a shoot sometime since it looks so good in pics.

    Katherine: I know, Hannah is so talented! She did my hair too but I didn't post pics since I unfortunately was using blonde bobby pins and they show up a lot in the pics. Not sure about tutorials, but she did 2 thin french braids down one side and 1 french braid down the other, then wrapped them around a low ponytail in the back. It works best on un-layered hair. Let me know if you try it!

  4. Wow, your weekend seems amazing. All I did was work. Haha.

    You're lucky that you got to see Superchick. And, I totally agree that the lead singer is amazing gorgeous. She really can work that mohawk poof thing. ;D I might have a girl crush too.

    But, wow. Hannah is really amazing at styling hair. What she did with her sister's hair was cute. Oh, and the eye make-up that you did for Hannah was very nice.

    Love your blog. <3

  5. Cindy Han: Thank you so much for visiting the blog! Yeah, the mohawk was even more amazing in real life because it had bounce! I don't know what she used in her hair but it had movement when she jumped and still stayed in place. I wish I could pull that off!

  6. you look cuuteee! and i love what you two did to her sister xD

  7. wish i could've gone! lucky! :P

  8. oh wow your went to my hometown?? was it in sioux falls? i was just in South Dakota for my wedding last week..and I was going to stop by your page so share some pix because I actually love love your wedding makeup tutorial and plus I have small eyes too..hehe I think you have been to my blog before but here it is again. http://yvonnetran.wordpress.com/
    I used the tape too!