Weirdness, Topcoats, and Konad Coupon Code

8:27 PM

So these last few days have been pretty strange. I must have been feeling really stressed out because I keep waking up 4 or 5 times throughout the night, often from nightmares. It's probably because my husband just went through surgery on his toes (ouch!) yesterday morning. He is the one who should be feeling crazy but I really, physically, am. Does this happen to any of you guys? When you are so close to someone that when they are suffering you feel their pain too? I actually woke up crying from a dream at one point last night and I haven't even cried in a long time! >_<

I've also recently been dealing with some photo-stealing issues, to the point where a company cropped out my watermark and then put their own watermark over my picture to use for selling a product. Needless to say, it hurts to feel used that way. I put a lot of hard work into my blog entries and photos and for someone to remove my own identity and claim it as their own like that... One part of me wants to warn everyone not to do business with them but another part of me just wants them to sincerely apologize. They still claim to have done nothing wrong. T.T

I know I usually don't post anything negative on my blog, so I'm really sorry for bringing the tone down here! I will try to cheer up the mood with some photos and news about nails.

First of all, I did finally try my Del Sol color-changing polish in Surfer Girl. I'm glad to say that the color change was noticeable and did happen, but it sadly isn't the most flattering shade of orange on my tan skin. It would be so cute on someone fairer than me! I think I'll put it up for sale. Please let me know if you'd be interested. :)

Suuuuuuuuper cute pale pink before the color change.

Pale orange is a little too close to my skintone. :(

I also happened to win the Zoya Colorlock System from Zoya's Twitter giveaway not long ago, and I was super excited to try it out. I'll probably go more in-depth into the whole kit later, but I did a quickie test with Seche Vite vs. Zoya Colorlock using Zoya's Zara polish.

Here is Seche Vite after application. I used Seche Clear base coat, Zara, then Seche Vite top coat. Smooth and shiny, and dries crazy fast which I need to prevent dents! Seche does tend to be goopy and thick during application so you do need to learn how to apply it right.

Here is Zoya's Colorlock system. Sticky base coat on 2 fingers and Get Even on the last 3, then Zara, then topped with Armor. You can already see that Colorlock is a shade darker than Seche Vite and not as glossy. It also took much longer to set, but it was thinner and easier to apply than Seche Vite.

After a ridiculously long time of wearing the same polish, I took these photos almost 2 weeks after application. Obviously, this was an impressive run. Seche was on my non-dominant hand so I expected it to hold up well, and it didn't disappoint. Nail growth shows more than anything, and moderate tip wear.

Here is the shocking result of Colorlock. The large dents I got shortly after application, but the rest appeared throughout the time I wore the polish. After 13 days, my polish was nearly matte! It looks like there are a bunch of tiny cuts all over my nail. I'm used to Zoya having very good quality products so this was rather disappointing. Granted, this was my dominant hand and had more wear than the left but I still prefer my topcoats to stay shiny throughout wear.

Overall, both systems work well to lengthen the wear of polish but for now I will stick to Seche products to keep my shiny addiction satiated.

Like I said, I will go more in-depth to Colorlock later, but I will say in its defense that Remove+ is the BEST polish remover I have ever used.

And finally, I have my current polish and Konad to share with you. I haven't done a konadicure in what seems like forever and after doing a few dark polishes, I thought the pearly OPI Who Needs A Prince? would be perfect. It's the coolest polish. Semi-sheer pale pink with fine, red opalescent shimmer. I like my polishes pretty opaque and this was fine at 3 coats but I did 4 to get this milky shade.

I thought a holo would look fantastic Konaded on top, but Extravagance wasn't opaque enough to show the shimmer.

So I ended up dabbing on streaks of China Glaze's How About A Tumble on top of the konad here and there, which did the trick quite nicely. Here is my final konadicure.

Speaking of Konad, I am totally honored to share with you guys my very first coupon code! The website I buy all of my Konad supplies is now offering the code frmheadtotoe for a huge 30% off your total purchase at This only excludes the "Build Your Own Kits" which are already steeply discounted. Not only that, but you receive FREE SHIPPING on orders over $20 after the discount!

I just think this is so cool because they are -the- best website for Konad out there, period. In my experience, I've never seen better customer service. They literally ship out your order asap, I'm talking sometimes the same day you order. Crazy! (And no, I am not receiving any $, product, or discount for this, they are just my favorite and I've ordered from them many times! ^^) I highly recommend buying the Konad Special Polish in black and white since they work the best for stamping.

Okay, I'm going to try to get some good sleep tonight. Wish me luck for sleeping through the night!


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  1. Love your konadicure! I have been super curious about the Konad system. This sounds like a great reason to try. Thanks for sharing the discount! :)

  2. also.. im having a giveaway on my blog..


  3. How can they claim they didn't do anything wrong still -_- If they were so sure they were right, they wouldn't have cropped out your watermark while still having the audacity to stamp their even LARGER red ugly font watermark on them which imo is super hypocritical cuz it shows that they know the usage of watermarks and so cropping yours out would be a deliberate action of theirs.

    The least they could do was ASK. I hope they took it down already hmph.

    btw, I LOVE the pale pink color! If it didn't change to orange I would buy it in a second XD Love your konad too its always so pretty <3 My nails are really tiny and its a pain for me to get really a really nice konad. The designs keeps getting cut off XD

  4. Awww, i hope you feel better jen ):

    I've been interested in konad ever since i saw it on your blog. i'm tempted to order a starter kit :)
    the konadicure is really pretty, i love it!

  5. That pattern and the colors are absolutely genius and gorgeous.

    I've added your blog on my favorites list and am a follower. Please feel free to take a look at mine:

  6. Aww, sorry to hear about the stress & the photo-stealing. I had a period of time I was waking up 4-5 times a night earlier this summer and it really sucks!! Hope you get a good night's sleep soon. =/

    LOVE your konadicure - so cute!!

  7. Wow pretty! I've been looking for a site that has these nail stamping things!

    That's pretty messed up that they used your pictures and took off your watermark! Your watermark is there for a reason!

  8. I hope you and your husband feel better! I have the same Del Sol (a very generous gift from a girlfriend of mine) but it really isn't the most flattering color and I hate frost finishes. Did you hear about Zoya's one day BOGO?

  9. Those are just soooo gorgeous!!

    Sorry to hear about the nightmares, it sounds bad. I only have bad nightmares if my mind is constantly thinking about the same thing over and over again. So I reckon you do it consciously, it happens unconsciously as well? Not sure, but I really hope you will feel better sooon!!

  10. i just used your promo code and made my first konad purchase! been tempted to try but never have until now. thanks so much for the promo!

  11. Love your nails!!!!
    You did it darn well.:-)

  12. loving the konad you picked out!

    and what a jerk to steal your images :( people have no respect!! OR common sense. >__<

  13. nice review on the polishes! The konad is so pretty! I totally appreciate that you're making clear that you're not being sponsored to say certain things about the products, kudos! BTW, I posted up my recreation of your bridal look on my blog - obviously you do it better, I also linked it back to your blog, hope you don't mind :) Thanks for all the tips!

    Hope you stop having those dreams - it's because you're anxious!

  14. great review. Thanks for showing us the polishes, so pretty!

  15. that is so steal your photos, remove watermark and then claim it's OK? ugh ~ stupid~! sorry to hear that it has been going on....!

  16. So sorry to hear about your nightmares and lack of sleep and dealing with unethical companies stealing your work. Don't worry about bringing the mood down on your blog -- you are a sweetie, and being honest about what you're going through only endears you to us. It's classy of you to take the high road regardless of their immaturity. I hope your hubby feels better soon -- I feel the same way when my hubs isn't feeling well.

  17. Hey Jen! I have the Del Sol nail color in Surfer girl but it doesn't change color on me! Even the bottle doesnt change color =( Maybe mine is broken

  18. Hey jen, WOW. I can't believe people would actually steal your photos and make it their own! That's plain rude, plus the fact that they aren't apologizing or recognizing they did anything wrong. I'm sure they would be upset if any other company stole their ideas.

    Nevertheless, you have such amazing talent with making everything look so beautiful and glamorous. I really enjoy reading your blog and want to wish you the best of luck with getting lots of rest and peace. I'll be praying for you (:

  19. omgosh, jen the OPI who needs a prince? polish is absolutely gorgeous!! It is such a pretty and fragile pink, I must find it : )

  20. Surfer girl is so pretty! and the Konad Design is gorgeous too!!! Hope your nightmares stop soon =T

  21. very pretty! I really love your nail polish collection! (jealous)

  22. Great work Jen! I finally purchased the Seche topcoat myself and it is amazing!! I've used so many and this dries in a heartbeat and keeps my dark nails chip free for a week!! Your nails always look great! XO

  23. Hi Jen,

    I am wondering how do polish your nails so neat!!! Seriously I could never do that!

  24. i love the nails! i love the swirly design of it and the color choice.

    thank you for the coupon code! i was wondering, is there an expiration date for your code? Im so low on my money right now and was hoping to buy it maybe for christmas :(

  25. hi there! I've been lurking ur blog, first time commenting. Today I saw your writing about Konad. I thought I won't be able to buy it here in Australia, but when I went to the night market in Chinatown, I found them! actually the seller been there for long but I didn't know what it was :D so I bought my first Konad kit, have it on already. It's still look crook now, but in time I'll be better ^o^

    thanks for all your make up tutorial too! me and my girlfriend has been trying to copy your look, but we still amateur at the moment, but I will keep my eye on your blog for updates ;)

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