Just Eyeliner + Mascara Video Tutorial

5:53 PM

I decided to record another video tutorial for you guys yesterday! They take a lot of time to record and edit but I think I'm so stoked about the high quality of my new camera that I want to share more. :D

Although, I will say it does make my recent blemishes noticeable despite using extra concealer. Ever since I switched back to Tri-Sprintec from Yaz I've been having bad breakouts the week of my period. It goes away fairly quickly but my hyperpigmentation (dark spots left from acne) have been raining on my parade. Boo, must go see the dermatologist again soon to switch pills.

I also want to mention that the music you hear in the background is by my extremely talented friend, Greg Puglese. You know how you always have those friends in local bands and you support their music because they are your friend and not because the music is actually that great? Greg is NOT one of these people. I actually genuinely listen to his albums and would even if he weren't my friend (but he's a cool guy too, I guess. ;)

Check out his music here: www.gregpuglese.com

Anyway, on with the video. As promised, this is a very simple look with no tapes, shadows, false lashes, etc. Just primer, black and white eyeliner, and mascara.

3 important tips to keep in mind:

1) Primer is pretty much invaluable for monolidders for any look (eyeliner doesn't smudge or rub off)
2) Using the best pencil liners makes a huge difference. I would [paper]cut someone if they tried to take my Urban Decay 24/7 liners from me.
3) Find a mascara that HOLDS CURL (after using a lash curler). My fav is Covergirl Lash Exact Waterproof.

Tools used:

* Too Faced Shadow Insurance
* Urban Decay 24/7 Liners in Zero and Yeyo
* Shiseido eyelash curler
* Covergirl Lash Exact Mascara waterproof and regular

* Lancome Photogenic concealer in Camee
* Everyday Minerals Finishing Dust
* Rock & Republic Contrived Blush in Call Me (LOVE this! review + swatches soon!)
* Jelly Pong Pong Lip Sorbet in Lychee Fuzz

Seriously, this look takes like 10 minutes total from bare face to finished look. Try it out and let me know how it went!

More pics of the final look:

I got a haircut (more layers) and failed utterly at taking pics of it.

being silly at my setup again

Bright face, yay!

Oh, PS, my eyes were doing a random sok-ssangkapul (hidden double lid crease) thing that day. Very weird but as you guys know, my eyes are often naturally inconsistent with their creases. Oh wells. Guess that just proves it can work for different eye shapes. :P

Ok, time for me to prepare some pics for a couple of jewelry posts that I have been REALLY EXCITED to share with you guys!!! Soon, soon. <3

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  1. Omg, I love your look without the tape and faux lashes. You look so natural and fresh faced!! Great music too! :)

  2. wow, thanks for the tutorial!
    your gorgeous with & without tape :)
    same here, i LOVE urban decay's 24/7 liners too!

  3. Super hot look! I'm loving the first pic. I'll try this out the next time I get dolled up :) Thanks!

  4. you look soo pretty : )
    nice camera btw !

  5. This is great. Very simple and still glamour! I agree a nice liner makes all the differences. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. glad you're doing more monolid tuts :)

  7. hey jen! i love it when you do monolid looks. there's not enough of these tutorials out there for us! i actually think you look very nice without the tape and glued lashes..very natural and real :) i use to be upset that i had monolids, and people would pressure me to get surgery (i'm Korean too)...but i did a lot of thinking and decided not to. before, i used tape like you too, but it was just too much work to do that everyday...im lazy so i stopped :P im thankful for the features i have because it makes me unique. yes, inconsistent lids can be frustrating cuz mine sometimes turn into doubles, but im fine with them now. hope you'll do more monolid looks cuz those are the most helpful!!

  8. love the monolid tutorials..!!! they are easier to follow. ive got the same monolid eyes as you.. big on their own but the eyelashes disappear into the folds. great recommendation on the mascaras, am soooo gonna try it. i find i can never really cover up the tape unless i use a strong eyeshadow (not appropriate for day time).. the monolid look is soooo natural. please do more vids on these with a variety of colors or different shading techniques. ur such an artist.. =) love ur fashion style too.

  9. Wooo, I love easiest looks like this! Great tutorial! Can't wait to try it out myself:)
    P.S. I didn't see any acne...

  10. I've had my blog for a while now! I commented on your blog a couple of times using it :D
    Anyway, I love this look. So beautiful, clean and fresh ::heart::

    Also, look out for something in the mail from me! =)

  11. Have you used Shu uemura eyelash curler? i see online articles and reviews have said that Shu and Shiseido eyelash curlers are as good.

    But each always have it's "better than the other" points? if you have used both, which do you like better and why?


  12. ipuda! wonderful blog.

    I'm following you. Looking forward to your new post~


  13. Lisa: Ahh, I know! Now, I realized that. When I clicked it before, it took me to your shop so I thought either you were a different Lisa (copier! ahaha) or I thought it was still you and didn't click the link. :P

    Jo: I've tested out the Shu and it's not too different from the Shiseido curler. They are both well-suited for flat, asian eyes. It mostly depends on your personal curling style. I think I got the Shiseido because my mom bought it for me for my birthday a few years ago. Lol. Best thing to do is go to the mall and try them out yourself, but the Shiseido IS a bit cheaper if you want to just buy it online.

  14. i like your monolids.
    you're gorgeous with and without the tape ♥

  15. nice simple look =) thanks for the tut.

  16. Oh Jen, that's your "not-so-flawless" look?! Blemishes?! Dermatologist?! I don't see a need for any of that! Your skin looks freakin' flawless so I have no idea what you're talking about. You should really do a tutorial on how you do your foundation so nicely! Oh, & you look beautiful, but I'm sure you already know that from all the comments here. I love your monolid looks because I'm a monolid myself, and it brings me hope of having perfect makeup one day, like you :) haha you're just really good at applying makeup & know what's best for your face, & I'm totally jealous. ;)
    Keep up the amazing work, Jen! <33

  17. thanx for the tut! (i have inconsistent lids)
    love your voice btw! :)

  18. Thanks for the moodlid tutorial! You look gorgeous as always:]

  19. Thanks for the great tutorial! You look gorgeous in any type of makeup!

  20. i'm gonna try this out even though my pencil liner kinda sucks lol hopefully it'll work for me.

    one thing i hope to ask from you is, do you have any tips for people with hidden eyelids?

  21. seventoes: I would apply your makeup as if you have monolids. One of the hugest tips I can give is to check how your eyelid looks after each move... Like when you apply shadow, apply with your head tilted back so your lid is flat, then look forward to see how it looks. Then apply more, then look again. That way, you can create an appealing shape gradually instead of trying to make it like it is meant for someone else's eye. Does that make sense? It's a bit tough to explain, but checking a lot does help. Oh, and use eyeshadow primer every time so your eyeliner doesn't crease and rub off. ;)

  22. OMG, thank you for all the monolid tutorials! I never know how to do my eyes.

  23. i love this look!
    and the blooper made me laugh haha

  24. This is awesome! You should do more tutorials for monolid people. :) I've always had a problem with eyeliner smudging because there was so much fat above my eye...I eventually bought liquid eyeliner, which worked really well for me. I should invest in buying some primer as well. Thank you for this~ it's very helpful!

  25. hi!
    I love ur tutorials. I have a mono eyelid too and always thought it was fruitless to wear eyeliner. totally changed my mind now. =D loved the look but was wondering what other eyeliners are good liners? something possibly a bit cheaper.

  26. hey~! i'm glad i stumbled on your site... korean eye makeup tutorials = awesome. for some reason the primers i usually use stopped working... is the one you use here your favorite? i think i might need to buy some because i went from okay to smudge central (apparently my eyelids change constantly... aghhh....). also, unrelated but do you happen to have any sweater boots (like the ones from uggs) and could you post various pics of you wearing them? i just got some and they look weird with most of my clothes -_x thnx!!!

  27. you're so pretty. *sigh* can you take a photo of the ring on your right pointer finger and email it to me? I like it! kelliealtieri@gmail.com

    PS. Thanks for the tutorial. Very simple .. and I never thought to use primer! I'll try it, my liner smudges like crazy!

  28. I hope this tutorial will work for me
    my eyefold is like hiding somewhere..If I apply eyeliner it will just smudge..paulamyka

  29. I just saw this video and really like this look. How do I avoid getting panda eyes in the afternoon? I have oily skin and whnever I line my lower eyes, I often liik like a panda in the afternoon. Hate it!

  30. this is a great tutorial really good for people who are in a hurry!i love it. =)

  31. Hi, I just found your videos and like them all, so inspiring, as I also have single lid eyes. I'm new on make up things, I've been trying to avoid make up for long time for some reasons, but now after your videos I decided I want to start up with very light make up. This Urban Decay cosmetics are not available in my country (Istanbul, Turkey), what other eyeliner brand you can suggest?