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So a couple of months ago I got the opportunity to be the makeup artist on the set of Building Rome's music video for their song "What Are We Fighting For?" If you haven't heard of the band, they are an alternative rock band based out of St. Louis, MO. They are comprised of 3 very talented and hilarious guys who were a lot of fun to work with. :D

The director of the video, Amy McClung of Blue Wave Video Production, had contacted me saying that she wanted a look on the guys inspired by Green Day's "American Idiot" makeup. Even with freelance makeup artistry there aren't a ton of opportunities that call for such an intense, all-out look especially on GUYS so I was, of course, totally stoked.

To read an article Amy wrote about the experience click here.

This is a behind-the-scenes photo I nabbed from Amy's article:

I know you can't really see it but I was wearing my faux fur scarf since it was FREEZING inside the warehouse where it was shot! This is TJ, the main actor of the video, being a good sport while I put some shadow on his lids. I always feel delightfully evil when putting makeup on guys! See what us ladies go through? See? Mwahahaha!

Here is the official video for "What Are We Fighting For?" by Building Rome:

Here are some snaps I shot of the guys.

TJ, the main actor. He had amazing blue eyes and looks quite young for his age (early 20's) so we had to give him a rougher, weary look. Some contouring, dark undereyes, and taupe shadow did the trick.

This is Tom, the bassist and backup vocalist. He is probably the funniest person I've ever worked with and does a fantastic over-prideful grandma impression a little TOO well. "My grandson invented the scuba!" We went lighter on his smoky eyes since he's already so fair and has amazing red hair!

Meet Brian, the drummer. Classy tie and Gucci shoes. Can't beat that! This is so weird to say, but his eye sockets worked really well with the shadow, so I added the pic where he's looking down to show it off.

And finally we have the lead vocalist and guitarist, Jon. You are a rock star Jon, through and through! For kicks I added his before shot for comparison. We wanted an especially grungy look for him so we went all out with the black guyliner and shadow as well as contouring. Did you also notice how much more neutral his lips are in the second shot? It's funny how these quite pretty guys all came in and when I finished their makeup I realized they all still had cherry red lips! I made them all sit back down and put concealer on their mouths to match the heroin-chic look. ;D

All the guys together. What a good looking group. ;)

I just love Brian's face in the back here. Haha!

And behind the scenes during shooting.

My shortness with the band. 

The guys sporting an "Asian" pose to humor me. Awesome.

Just for fun, here's a little behind-the-scenes video I took on set. ^.^ Sorry that I look rough, it was a looooooong day!

Hope you guys enjoyed this peek into a particularly fun makeup job. ^.~

Tell me what you think in the comments! If you want to check out more about Building Rome, visit their official page at and youtube channel or follow them on Twitter. :)

I'm off to pack for my Memorial Day weekend trip to the lake. Hubby's family has a small cabin so I'm totally stoked to relax for the long weekend! The plans include watching Totoro on DVD, reading a good book in bikinis on the dock, riding the waverunner, and of course doing some sweet outlet shopping. :D :D :D

See you next week after my break!

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  1. Looks like a lot of fun! You did a great job :) Sometimes I wish my bf would let me practice on

  2. Beautiful work, Jen! :D The boys look great <3

  3. What a fun gig! You did a great job on them & the final vid looks great!

  4. I love seeing guys with makeup on! great work girl!

  5. wow u did a great job on doing the boys' makeup! they look oh so pretty with their smokey eyes lol. keep up the good work!

  6. woow amazing job jen! that looks like soo much funn, i hope you have a great memorial day weekendd! :)

  7. Ahh awesome! Great job! I also love seeing guys with makeup on.. hehe :P

  8. Great job!! :] The makeup really worked well for the video

  9. how fun! i love seeing a post of make up on guys xD

  10. you did a great job! thinking working on guys would be intimidating & challenging! u did awesome on their makeups!! I've always asked my man if I could do makeup on him, atleast his eyes... he's always rejected the idea... haha... =) oh well!!

  11. Oh this is fun putting makeup on guys. I always wanted to do this but no volunteer yet.

  12. That is one edgy look for the boys!! Way to go Jen.


  13. Oh this is so fun Jen!!! :) Great job!

  14. wow they look great. haha

    men and make up.. to me.. hmm.. but they actually looked really good !

  15. Jen, you did a great job on the guys. They're good looking and u added an extra whip on them! :)

    Were they being skeptical when u put the makeup on them? Or they were eager to try it out?

  16. excellent work on the boys's faces. i hardly see men with makeup on and this post is a fresh cnage. love it!

  17. makeup on boys. the thought is weird lol! but they look great!

  18. That's you looking rough? You look gorgeous! Great job on the makeup you did on the guys. They certainly are a good looking bunch!

  19. You did such a fab job on the guys makeup. They all look so cute!

    Sounds like you're going to have a fantastic wknd. Happy memorial day!

  20. I like how you did their makeup! It doesn't look overdone; looks perfect and it's masculine enough to suit them.

    Also, I just wanted to stop by and say that I enjoy reading your entries and watching your videos. Not only do you give helpful tips, but I really like that you seem very genuine and sweet! It's hard to come across a blogger/youtube blogger that has great skill and also a good personality.

    Have a good evening!


  21. So proud of you Jen, that seriously rocks! love ya!

  22. Wow, amazing job!

  23. Brian's face is so funny! He is very expressive ^^ you did a good job with the eyes make up. I think it's so hard to do makeup on guys because it kinda makes them look "girly", i don't know. But somehow you made it work! :D they don't look girly at all, they all seem cool and badasses aha ;D
    keep it up Jen :3*