Paul & Joe Alice in Wonderland Set and Interchangeable Lipsticks

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This review has been a long time coming. Sorry for getting it up so late! Sometimes it feels like there is so much I want to cover and not enough time to get everything posted in time for it to still be interesting. I'm sure you have all seen everything about this set and are totally bored of it already! Well, for those of you who haven't seen it I wanted to share a little more eye candy. :]

My review today is on the Paul & Joe Beauty collaboration with Alice in Wonderland. I believe this set came out around February or March of this year and includes a collector's tin with a blotting paper case including an extra set of blotting sheets, and it also has a clear lip treatment stick. I got the blue set, 02.

I bought mine from If you make an account and add it to your wishlist first, you get 10% off, plus they have free shipping standard so it was only about $43 shipped (compared to about $60 shipped that I had seen online.) The actual page for the one I got is here.

Obviously, this was still quite a splurge for me! I justified it by thinking that I'll definitely be using everything in the set, and the blotting sheets already come with a refill. Paul & Joe blotting sheets with the case are $25 and the refills are $6. Lip treatments are $20. That's everything with no Alice on it as well, so... Yeah. :)

Here are some stock images of the set, starting with the tin.

This is the front of the blotting paper holder

The refill pack

And the lip treatment

I was just disappointed in the lip treatment because the casing was cardboard which is just cheap for such a nice brand. At least it does feel nice on the lips. I rarely take it out of the tin since I don't want anything to happen to it but I do grab the blotting sheets often so it's definitely not going unused.

All in all, like I said in the video, it's a splurge purchase for those who are into cute packaging. I've always had nostalgia for Alice in Wonderland from reading the books in my adolescence so it's special to me and I'm glad I bought this set. ^.^

Hope this helps anyone who is thinking of buying this! Let me know in the comments what your last splurge purchase was. I'm not the only crazy one spending money on blotting sheets and lip balm, right? ;)

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Disclaimer: I purchased everything in this post and video with my own money. I am not affiliated with any companies or stores mentioned in any way. As always, my reviews are my 100% honest opinion.

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  1. The packaging is really adorable! I prefer this to the morbid look that urban decay gave to the Alice in wonderland makeup. The oil blotting sheets are super cute =) I love the design.


  2. The packaging is tooo adorable! And I had no idea the lippies were interchangeable! Even the shu uemura ones! how cool! Before you made this post, I was eying some P&J stuff. It's a sign that I must get something soon... ^_^

  3. I love this set, it is too cute!!
    I splurge on Chanel lipsticks and glosses, and with the new Summer 2010 collection I will probably be spending too much again :P

  4. this collection is dedicated to packaging junkies hahaha how do you like the lip treatment? :)

  5. I love the Paul and Joe Alice in Wonderland collection. The design is soo pretty, I wished they had more things in them though. Anyways I just wanted to also tell you that I saw a strange white-tish orb? float by the right side of the screen by 6:32, It's probably nothing and you probably think I'm crazy :P BUT it caught my eye and as embarassing as it is I just had to tell you. Ummm yeah you probably think I'm crazy,but oh well, I'll just stop talking now.... ^-^

  6. Soooooo cuuuuute! I know that P&J's LE lipsticks are all cardboard packaging, but the prints are all so adorable.

  7. i love how excited you look on this vid lol and thanks for the info i didn't know their lipsticks are interchangeable! did u jus find that out by urself? oh and it's my 1st time on your blog and loving all your posts! :)

  8. I can't believe I haven't found your blog sooner. I just read your entry about "selling things and graduation" - I know I'm so behind. But I can't believe you have size 4 shoes. You don't know how happy I am. I feel like I'm the only one with such small feet. OH yeah, and you're beautiful and keep up the good work!

  9. The packaging is adorable! I'm a sucker for cute package designs XP It's a pity that the lipstick exterior is cardboard, that seems like a bit of cheating on P&J's part, especially with that price tag! I love how it's interchangeable though! You'll be able to use the cute packaging even when the lipstick is gone now! =)

  10. thank you for the website! i hate paying for shipping lol! now i'll just wait until i need to stock up for skin care for $100 free shipping =/

  11. The packaging is really cute. But if i were to get it, i probably won't want to use them =)

  12. yea! what is WITH the cardboard packaging? i rarely use my disneyland blush because it's so fragile (well, comparatively), i never want to take it out.

  13. i loveeeee things with great packaging. i get so easily influence by packaging. great post! :D your makeup is pretty in this one.

  14. Cute packaging. Was it worth the price?
    Stop by for giveaway time! xoxo