Summer Fashion: Part 1 Casual Wear

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Whoo buddy, it's been a long time since I did a fashion post hasn't it! Well, it's unfortunate because I've totally been taking photos of my outfits and they have been accumulating. Since I don't actually put together outfits for photos (they are just shots of what I've been wearing day-to-day) I haven't found a very good system for taking outfit shots. Please forgive my crappy self-cam mirror shots. ^.^ I'm just not as cool and sophisticated as some of those fashion bloggers out there and I lost the plate on my tripod. Pretty sure I tried the tripod thing and failed pretty badly anyhow. ;D I just have to train hubby to be a really awesome fashion photographer, and follow me around like paparazzi, photojournalistic style.

Yeah, right. LOL! Until then these will have to do.

As I said, I've been taking a lot of pics so I'll be chopping up the fashion posts into a couple of smaller posts, by style of clothing. Theses are my more casual outfits.

Here was my attempt (fail) at the tripod. I don't know. These were okay but some of the other shots were a little lame-o and washed out. Lucky for you, it's all down hill from here with snapshot city. LOVE this dress though!

steve & barrys denim jacket xs (similar here)
american eagle dress size 00 (similar here)
michael kors knee high socks (similar here)

I flippin' love this necklace. I'm sure you'll see it pop up numerous times in this post, in fact. Nothing like a sparkly skeleton key necklace to make any "I put less effort into this outfit than a vegetable sitting still" outfit a little more snappy. See what I did there? I'm really just finding excuses to wear t-shirts to work.

black jacket from juniors' section at macy's xs (similar here)
american eagle "boyfriend fit" t-shirt xxs (similar here)
abercrombie kids landon skinny jeans 12 slim (similar here)
bcbgirls t-strap wedges size 4 (similar here and here)
kimora lee simmons for hello kitty necklace (similar here)

This outfit was when I was feeling a little more summery and adventurous. I wanted to look a little less put-together, hence the cray-cray hair and weird layers of clothing. Maybe my nails were yellow, who knows, but this outfit makes me feel like skipping.

old navy cardigan size xxs (similar here)
drapey ruffled tank dress from tj maxx size s (similar here and here)
7 for all mankind kids jeans size 10 (similar here)
random yellow wedges I never wear size 2 kids (similar here)

A FOTD from the same day because I wore MAC Viva Glam Cyndi and was loooooving it. Just a light beige shadow with black liner on the eyes to balance the bright lips.

Looks like I was in a yellow mood because the weather is all warm. Funny fact: I used to never wear yellow because I was afraid it would make me look really sallow since I'm already so yellow-undertoned. Boy was I wrong! I think yellow is lovely on Asians and an instant mood-lifter to boot. I have two different shoe options because I wanted to wear my new killer Sam Edelman wedges but it looked waaaay too risque for the office. My legs look longer with the nude sandals anyway. ;)

banana republic cardigan size xxsp (similar here)
bcbg dress size xs (similar here)
michael kors woven leather wedge sandals size 4 (similar here, here and here)

Ma' beloved kinleys. I have a sick misunderstanding that these shoes match everything. I love them. I am, like, almost 5'2" with these on (har, har). Obvs still too big for my petite size 3.5-4 tootsies but I couldn't help but buy it. The buckles make them tight enough to wear comfortably and shoes this cool don't come in my size. :( Also, my feet look like clompy pony feet when I wear them, it's basically amazing.

And ma' accessories. I love gold! This is basically the least amount of rings I'm ever wearing at any given time. Gosh dang, I am so gaudy. But not here! This here is classy jewelry.

A one-off outfit that I'm not sure I like, looking at it now. The black lace tank is doing weird triangular things, but at least my shoes look good M I RITE??

marshalls lace tank (similar here)
abercrombie landon skinnies size 12 slim (similar here)

This is another outfit that makes me want to skip around. Something about delicate pink nighties makes me want to wear them during the day, frequently. Gotta balance the sweetness with a blazer and my pony shoes.

bb dakota jersey blazer xs (similar here)
forever 21 nightie and tank top xs (similar here)
forever 21 marbled leggings xs (similar here)

Hey this looks a little familiar. Same outfit as the first one, but with the cardigan from outfit #4. I know you can't tell but it's navy blue and has little tucked details in the front. I do want to note that this dress shrunk in the wash from the first photo but it actually fits me better here. I love dresses + boots!

banana republic cardigan size xxsp (similar here)
american eagle dress size 00  (similar here)
michael kors knee high socks (similar here)

This is one of my favorite outfits from the bunch and it's actually pretty funny because some of the petite fash' bloggers seem to be on the same wavelength lately in terms of jackets. Extra Petite just posted about a Lucca striped jacket here and Alterations Needed posted about her seersucker one here. Mine is actually Lucca Couture kids. :) Unlined jacket and the waist is too wide but it fits great just draped open. Oh, and shoes are from a new website I stumbled upon that makes petite shoes I bought 3 heels during their summer sale and fell in LOVE with the company! The cut is perfect. ^.^

lucca couture kids striped blazer (juniors version here)
old navy lace top size xs (similar here)
american eagle t-shirt size xxs (similar here)
7 for all mankind kids jeans size 10 (similar here)
pretty small shoes 'classic' heels size 32 (similar here)

Another Lucca Couture kids item I grabbed was this Chanel-esque cardigan that literally fits like it was made for me. It's so rare for that to ever happen! And the dang pony shoes again. Sometimes I think I mix together randomness that doesn't make sense because shapes and colors just pop into my head and I need to dress how I "feel" that day. My colors-clothes-shapes-ideas mood.

lucca couture kids cardigan (similar here and here)
urban outfitters ribbon tunic tank size xs (couldn't find a similar tank but this bow tunic is cute!)
abercrombie kids grey skinny jeans size 10 (similar here)
rampage striped bag (cute striped bag here and one at UO here)

More drapey-ness, cardigans, and lace. If you can't find a belt that fits, just make one! Wow, I didn't even realize how often I've been doing braids until I went through these.

cardigan and tanks from tj maxx (gorgeous draped tank here)
nine west kids sandals (similar here)

And finally, this one probably deserves its own post butttt oh well. 80's inspired, pink, cheetahs, the perfect nude heels... What's better? Probably nothing.

target black leggings xs (similar here)
pretty small shoes 'eleganza' heels size 32 (similar here)
HQCD hello kitty earrings (similar here)

I was playing around with my Goody Spin Pin and did this messy bun action. Seriously dudes, I love these things. I know everyone's already talked about them before but would you want a hair how-to vid on them?

My hair looks so brown when I put it up. 0_o

I feel like I always look so dark tan when I use flash. Everyone else seems to look fairer. Very weird.

I still like natural light best. Check out my sweet bejeweled bunny ring from Claire's. Bought this when I bought my mood polishes. I am such a kid at heart! Hehe.

My eye makeup for good measure. I want to say I used MAC Satin Taupe or maybe some kind of purple blended just into the eyeliner line. I also used a good bit of MAC fluidline and Shisem falsies for a bright-eyed look.

ANYWAY, enough of my bad photography for today. That is, until Part 2 with my slightly dressier outfits. Hope you weren't too annoyed by the bajillion photos!

Let me know in the comments which your favorite outfit or piece was. ^.^V

Disclaimer: This blog post contains some affiliate links. All clothing items were purchased by myself.

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  1. Awww...You look lovely in every outfits. I am in love with your first outfit. Super cute and feminine. I would never buy those big bulky shoes for myself but you make everything look lovely :) Thanks for sharing. I look forward to upcoming outfits

  2. Wowie! All the outfits are so cute! ^^
    O: You're so small! (in a good way ^^)
    *envies that you can fit size 10-12s in kids*

  3. I have the same Cyndi lipstick from MAC and I love it just the same! Perfect for the people who are scared of the bright, siren red lipstick.

    Drapey, bold looks! I had so much fun looking a them!! More looks will be coming up, I'm sure?

  4. ha, I love ur lil bejeweled bunny ring--too cute! ^.^

  5. lovely pictures! I can't believe your feet are a size 4! I love Viva Glam Cyndi! It's such a wearable shade.

  6. Wow, so many pics - love it! My fav is that yellow dress, those high boots and chanel-esque sweater. You're feet are so tiny!

  7. wow where do you find shoes?!?! i fit size 4 usually...sometimes even 4s r big :-(

  8. I loved all your outfits =) especially the first dress and your makeup, so pretty .

  9. Jen! I miss you tons.

    Okay, first off you are too stinkin' adorable and sexaay!

    Haha I'm lovin' the use of cray cray. You gotta incorporate it.

    LOVED all the outfits. I remember the yellow tight dress. I love it! It's sassy.

    I also love the turquoise-colored cardigan with the white lining.

    Okay, yeah. I just love you.


  10. love the outfits, your too cute!

  11. you have such great style! loved all the outfits =)

  12. I've missed your fashion posts! Can't wait for more! :)

  13. yes to the hair tutorial please!

    i love your style

  14. I didn't realise you are THAT petite, because I never thought petite girls can look that good in what you have just worn. And you look awesome. I'm petite.You give me hope that I can look good in fshionable clothes too.

  15. Yay, fashion overload! Why is the first one a fail? I love the look of the tripod photos...prairie skirt plus long socks under boots is a look I've always loved.

    And oh! The lucca couture kids blazer. It's super cute and I like how shrunken fit it is.

  16. gorgeous! Seriously, how pretty can you be?! I love all your outfits but since fall is coming I really love the last pink one, adorable! You forgot to mention what perfect-shade-of -pink-lipstick youre wearing there ;)

  17. I like them all~ but the last one and lace one best

  18. I want your wardrobe... please ^^ Haha you're outfits are adorable and you are so pretty!

  19. You are soo cute! I love your sense of style!

  20. Ooooh I can't even pick a favorite outfit!! Love the Chanel-esque cardigan and the pink cheetah sweatshirt and the flowy tops and EVERYTHING LOL! :D

  21. i am in love with the striped blazer!! you are gorgeous, as usual .

  22. whoaa long post. I love long posts :) Your hair looks so good in every single one of these pictures. My favorite is the one with the Chanel lookalike cardigan. hehe I lovee wearing heels too, but I'm a supertall Asian (almost 5'8). Doesn't stop me from buying them though :)

  23. HOW GOOD ARE BIG CLOMPY HOOF FEET? Our friends on XM just don't get the appeal of stompy wedges!! I love them <3
    Looking beautiful as always Jen xo

  24. omg i loveee your last outfit. i want that shirt so bad! i love your fashion posts, please do more :)

  25. jen, these outfits are all so great! you don't look petite at all in them (good thing, eh?) those nude pumps work wonders and i love your fitted/cropped blazers. my fave is the pink retro outfit ^__^

  26. oh my gosh Jen
    You are so gorgeous, I ve been reading your website for days and love love your make up and dress up styles <3

  27. wowowow, i love all the outfits of urs... i love your style :D

  28. I think the tripod pics turned out really well! It helps that I love that outfit as well :) My favs are the AE dress and the Chanel-esque jacket!

  29. HAHA i was about to ask you to do a hair tut post and you asked if we wanted it.


    i want that goody two pins shoes whatever it is thingy XD

    and a how to vid :D

    my fav is the last one cuz its so simple but oh so cute <3333

    its the style i always wanted to wear but never get to cuz i look weird in it. so sad :C

  30. Your photos are fabulous darling <3 I can't even set up a tripod so eprops! ;D

  31. Loveeee tis post :)))))
    Please keep more of these coming!


  32. woow i loved how you mixed your boots with those summer dress's and made those really risky platforms look classy~ and please do a video on those hair things ;)

  33. Oh, you're so pretty! I love the first outfit the most, dresses and boots are the perfect combination:)


  34. you are so petit and cute! :)

  35. Yes, please do a tutorial on the goody spin pins please! I always see it at walmart and I wonder how to use it ><

  36. Every outfit was SUPER cute~! I wish I had the same proportions as you :( I've got wide hips and thighs so I'm pretty self conscious about the types of pants I wear. PLUS I'm really short and it's because my legs are short so...LOL
    Anyways, you look SUPER awesome (like always~) and I am definitely looking forward to future outfits~!
    P.S I would LOVE a tutorial on how to do the messy bun! :D

  37. Cute Cute Cute CUTEE!!! :) I love your animal print outfit! :] Thanks for sharing!

  38. Fab as always Jen! It's about time we see some fashion from you! =)

    OMG...that stripy Lucca jacket is so freakin' cool! I love it! I'm also really glad you tried Pretty Small Shoes! I've been curious myself since on the website their shoes look awesome. How's the quality? I've love to see a close up on those babies.

  39. Yeah I love this post! I'm a petite girl too! I'm amazed that someone has tinier feet than me! I shop at Nordstrom's Rack to find shoes in my size and even still it is really hard. I love your pics! Thank you for posting the petite shoes website!

  40. You have such a cute, graceful style! :) The kinleys look sexy on you no matter what you may think that others think.. LOL :) The toughness matches well with your delicate petiteness :D

  41. Why did you include the sizes?

  42. Wow, you are very slim and petite! Hehe. :)

  43. I love your outfits! Very cool..I like the bunny ring!!! You and your hubs should have a kid! :D haha

  44. You look so freakingly adoringly GORGEOUS in the first picture!! And I love your outfits! They are indeed casual, but I like how you don't mind wearing a jacket or something a little bit more edgy it unique :D

  45. Alterations Needed: I was very impressed by the quality. Compared to other petite shoe companies, PSS comes out waaaay ahead. They are really similar to the other shoes I've bought at Nordies for the most part. One of mine had a footbed that was too big for the shoe inside so the toe part had a bit of overlapping footbed material, but other than that the leather quality and stitching is lovely. They also don't hurt my feet to wear! Even the higher nude pumps I wore to work all day no problem, without breaking them in. :D

    Daphne: I included sizes to help others in the petite fashion blogging community (as well as petite readers) to help to see how things fit and where to get xs and xxs itmes. :)

  46. You are so cute! I love your pink baby chettah outfit, and your hair wearing Goody spin pin. Can't wait to see ur how to vid :)

  47. 80's inspired looks amazing! And tutorial how to use spin pins would be good, accidentally I've also just bought them (3 pieces for $0.99 on ebay).

  48. oh me oh my - could you get any cuter?!~! =^_^=
    i usually don't like fasion post - but i LOVE this post!! my fav outfits were the yellow dress and the cheetah top with nude heels. cute.
    love the blog

  49. jen, what sizes are the lucca couture jackets?? thanks!!

  50. I love those outfits!

  51. I love all the looks especially the yellow BCBG dress! Fits you like a glove! Love seeing all these outfits!

  52. in love with the first outfit :)

  53. Sooooo cute! But I think my fave is the first outfit! Love your fashion posts! :D

  54. love the lst outfit the most and the hair and mu too! everything looks so tightly put together.

    DH had a peek at your blog once and said you are such a gorgeous lady and i got jealous! LOL


  55. So cute and pretty! My fave is the second one :)

  56. Hey! I saw that you love the spin pin too! Have you tried the other Goody simple solutions products?
    One that's as awesome as the spin pin is the Modern Updo pin. It give the illusion of a french twist with one step!!! It's absolutely amazing!

  57. Love the one with items from TJ Maxx drapey cardigan. You're so lovely in all of them tho. Found your blog thru Alterations Needed - glad to have found other petites!

  58. Loved that post. Anyway, I kinda prefer those camera in-hand, self portraits to the "fashion bloggers" you describe. There's something great, unpretentious and natural about it. Like, "Oh I look cute today, let's grab the camera and take a quick snapshot."

  59. best post ever :) i love your fashion posts

  60. Love the BCBG and american eagle dress! U look great in all the outfits. Great post!

  61. Everything is SO pretty! Love your style =)

  62. great outfits! i love how your style varies from day to day ( :

  63. i love the american eagle dress. i like how you pair your clothes they are so cute

  64. ahh! love your physique! you're tiny yet you still manage those feminine curves around the hips =D love the layering, the colors, etc. and you are totally rockin' your bow legs! think they're super sexy in my opinion...

    great post--thanks!! xx

  65. love this post!!! you're such a great stylist!!

  66. I love your outfit post especially that white dress with Michael Kors Socks!!!

  67. Your outfits are super adorable! I'm so inspired ^^

  68. You're so tiny! Lol sorry. Do you workout at all?
    Your collar bone is lovely...sorry I love beautiful collar bones since mine is ugly.

  69. i loveeeeee your outfit/fashion posts!! more more :D i know they take a great deal of time and effort, but still. i really do love them (: it's a nice reminder to remember that i CAN wear tshirts everyday (haha) but just to change accessories or jackets/etc to make a different look.

    less effort than a vegetable sitting still.. hahahaa <3

  70. WHOA that last outfit is so nice. You're beautiful

  71. love the sam edelman wedges, they are so cute and go with so many different outfits. though I envy your small feet, you can probably comfortably fit into one of the larger kid shoes.

  72. whoa, you're so pretty. you have nice cheek bones, skin, clothes, everything. this is my new favorite blog... eee!

  73. Love yout style, and you look so good in every outfit!

  74. The franco sarto boots look KILLER with the knee-high socks.

  75. i mostly wear the casual dresses I think my fave is the first outfit! Love your fashion posts you're such a great stylist!!

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