My Skincare Routine

6:10 AM

I feel like this skincare post has been the most requested one out of anything I could possibly post about, even if I posted just pics of puppies and squirrels. And we all know how popular the last squirrel post was. Oh yeah, super mega popular.

Products mentioned:

Re-10 Wash (sodium sulfacetamide 10%)
Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30
Duac Topical Gel (clindamycin 1% & benzoyl peroxide 5%)
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Lioele Active Therapy Ampoule
Olay Regenerist Night Recovery Cream
Vanicream Moisturizing Skin Cream
StriVectin-SD Eye Cream
Differin Gel (adapalene gel .3%)

Sadly, no cute squirrel shots this time, just my 'ole mug. Apparently people think my skin is pretty nice although I pretty much always have one or two breakouts at any given time. Despite my being baffled at this contradiction, my excuse is that I have fairly good skin texture. This comes from a combination of good hydration, sunscreen, and proper exfoliation which could be either from a physical scrub or something like the Clarisonic, or it could be from a chemical like a retinoid (like Differin) which is what I use.

I really believe there's no magic to achieving your ideal skin, but it is really important to exfoliate, moisturize, and protect your skin. As I mentioned in the video, everyone needs moisturizer. Some people may say that they don't but I promise you, every single lady I've applied makeup on (even teens and women in their early 20's) who don't wear moisturizer, I can tell. Your skin may not feel dry but there will be wrinkles appearing on the forehead and around the eyes. Those wrinkles form through a combination of inadequate hydration and sun damage.

Thankfully, there are really inexpensive products that work well like my HG Eucerin Everyday Protection which is oil-free so it won't break me out. It also already contains spf 30 so it protects against the evils of wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Post-acne dark spots or what some people call "scars" are actually exacerbated by exposure to the sun so if you are someone who has battled hyperpigmentation and wonders why it takes so long to go away, consider that you may be able to avoid it getting as dark in the first place with this 1 small step! I won't completely prevent the spots but they do seem to not get as dark and they fade faster as well.

Sometimes it's really the simple things that work the best: products that don't have too much extra junk in them, sticking with a consistent routine, and living a healthy life in general. It's hard to see if something really works for you if you use it less than a month or on and off, and also hard if you aren't getting enough sleep or water.

Enough of my little rant, here is my daily regimen:


  • Wash face with Re-10
  • Moisturize with Eucerin Everyday Protection
  • Apply Duac (pea-sized) in trouble areas


  • Wash face with Re-10
  • Maybe apply a serum (Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair or Lioele Active Therapy Ampoule)
  • Apply StriVectin Eye Cream if I feel like being awesome
  • Moisturize with Vanicream
  • Apply Differin all over (half-pea sized, dotted on face then spread in)
I do want to mention (since I know I will be asked) that I am also taking Tri-Sprintec birth control which may be helping to keep my skin in order. It's generic for Ortho Tri-cyclen. 

As a disclaimer, I want to make it clear that I am not a doctor and cannot recommend any type of prescription medications to anyone and can only tell you my own experiences with the medications that I have personally used. It's absolutely not that I don't want to answer those questions, it's just that I really can't! I am completely not qualified to. I hope you guys understand and please feel free to ask questions about the products I do use which I haven't answered in past skincare posts. ^.^

Alrighty, time to do my own morning routine. Hope this vid and post are helpful!

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  1. Great post Jen! I think everyone has their own troubles with skincare be it in texture, acne or other problems! It's really great to hear you were able to get on top of your problems and control them =) Your skin always appears flawless!

  2. I might have to try the Eucerin lotion - I usually use Estee Lauder, including the ANR that you have, too! What do you apply to the occasional spots? That would really interest me!

  3. Re my question. Other than the prescription stuff that you use, is there anything almost as good out there that's only 5% benzoyl peroxide, not the 10% that you mentioned? ps I like your hair colour, is it natural?

  4. Hey Jen! I'm a big fan of your blog! I'm so glad you posted a skincare routine!

    Where did you get the Lioele Active Therapy Ampoule? Which one do you have? The moisture, whitening or firming? It hasn't broken you out at all? (I have acne prone skin) I love Duac BTW.

  5. This is an awesome post, Jen!! Actually quite a lot of products I never heard of!

  6. very informative post jen! you look great in your "ol mug" i like your hair a lot! :)

    i agree, everyone needs moisturizer and sunscreen. :)

  7. I totally want to try the Eucerin moisterizer. I've always been using Aveeno, but if Eucerin smells less wheat-ey, I'm all for it! I love your blouse, by the way.

  8. OMG! i cant wait to go home and watch this vid! XD

  9. hannah's lil sisAugust 17, 2010 at 9:16 AM

    vanicream is awesome. it got rid of my face excema. i use it every morning and night but the desert is super dry so i need super moisture.

  10. Thank you for posting this Jen, you have absolutely amazing skin! Your beauty is so angelic, and radiant. Everyone seems to be using the Estee Lauder ANR, I think I need to get on that! I also loved watching your video of no makeup, and your real story of going through a period of acne. I thought that was so wonderful, brave and absolutely so genuine and real of you to come out and do that. I’ve gone through that and your video just really touched me. I love love your blog, your videos, reviews, and everything about you! You’re wonderful!

  11. thanks for this...i need a new skincare routine im always a bit hit and miss with mine but theres so much on the market it confuses me lol x

  12. Café Bellini: I apply Duac to occasional spots. Nothing makes it go down right away really, but it is the best "spot" treatment for me. I'm not sure about drugstore dupes since I haven't looked at drugstore acne creams in the last few years but I've heard things like tea tree oil may be a good alternative. Yes my hair color is my natural color. :) I was going to dye it but I hadn't found the time yet!

    GweishoBeauty: I got the Lioele Amoule from and it's the moisture one. It hasn't broken me out at all.

  13. Thanks for doing this post! You do have fantastic skin and you are just gorgeous- so jealous!!!!

    I have really sensitive skin and its nice to see other people's regiments!!!

  14. hey Jen! I love your nice clean and simple skin care routine. I've seen a lot of girls on youtube and beauty blogs who put in so many steps to their daily morning/evening routines... while I say kudos to them, I personally am a bitttt on the lazier side...XD Question though: putting on duac before you put on your makeup, does it irritate your skin or have any funny reaction with your makeup? I don't mean whether duac breaks you out but more like, do you find that putting on foundation for example would appear flakier/drier over the spot-treated areas? Because I've always been a bit wary of using my perscription cream that has benzoyl peroxide in it during the daytime unless I'm not wearing any makeup that day.....Thanks a bunch!

  15. Hi Jen! So good post! congrats =)
    I want ask you, where i can found Re-10 Wash i has looking for and i can't found it :( i hope your answer =)
    BTW your hair looks so pretty and your skin awersome as always :)

  16. is there anything you reccommend for scars?

  17. I love skincare posts! I'm defintitlgoing to check out the Eucerin lotion.

  18. hi jen ! i`m in my early 20s and never had a problem with acne before [just the occasional breakout], but i think i`ve developed adult acne ! it`s most prominent on my upper lip area and chin--basically around my mouth. the worst part is is that my skin apparently scars easy, and i`m having major hyper pigmentation problems. is there anything you can recommend for this, besides the Cellnique product. Thanks !

  19. Hi Jen,
    I think it's great that you mention something as semiprivate as bc pills in addition to the topical creams/meds! Many girls just rave about how WONDERFULLLY their topical beauty products work for their skin...never mentioning a secret ingredient...that the bc pills have a large part in it also (at least for me it did; BC pills helped at least 50% in keeping my skin clear!).

  20. Re-10 Wash and Eucerin Everyday Protection Face Lotion SPF 30 sounds quite good. Will definitely have a try later.

  21. Thanks for sharing your skincare routine, Jen! & I just wanted to say, thank you for being *so* down to earth in every post you write. I really love your writing voice and style. =)

  22. Hi Jen! Awesome post! I do swear by my 5% benzoyl peroxide product too (but in a cream wash form I can get here in Canada). Thanks for listing where you got your shirt from, its absolutely gorgeous on you!

  23. Does StriVectin really work for you? I have not tried the eye cream, but I have tried the original formula for stretch marks turned into anti-wrinkle treatment. It did nothing for me. and the smell was weird.

  24. Thank you for sharing Jen. Love the ending. So adorable... too many nail polish... :)

    I do not have much breakouts excepts during hormones raging moments. I only have Laneige face wash for sensitive skin, toner, water bank essence, moisturizing gel and sun block.. I think I better invest in an eye cream too..

    Say No to droopey eyes!

  25. great video as well as blog post! but I have a question about acne products.. does everyone have to use an acne product in their skin care routine (for example the Differin 3%) in order to prevent even the occasional acne breakouts? (like 1 or 2 on the forehead). because i just get very occasional breakouts, most likely near the time when my period comes around. i never use any acne prevention products before, should i include it in my routine? I THINK i have dry skin.. "I THINK"b/c i was never sure about how to determine what kind of skin i have
    Thank you !!

  26. I actually grabbed the Eucerin face lotion a couple weeks ago to try, but unfortunately my super oily skin gets greasy from it after 2-3 hours. I do know what you mean about the Shiseido sunscreen feeling heavy, but it's super mattifying and is the only thing that keeps my oilies away for an extended amount of time.

    And I also used a couple sample bottles of the Estee Lauder serum and thought it was amazing... until I stopped using it and my skin went crazy and I seriously broke out (which I rarely do). Stayed away from the stuff since!

  27. given that your face wash is so gentle, how do you get all of the day's moisturizer, built up sebum, oil, any bb cream, blush, makeup, eye makeup, etc all off? do you use a separate cleanser? do you use wipes in addition to the cleanser?

    secondly, what products do you recommend for really, visibly reducing the look of PORES?? not cover ups, but treatments and products.

    thanks so much!!

  28. @Dominique: Try going to the derm or just a family doctor. I had very bad acne and hyperpigmentation on my chin 2 months ago and he prescribed some antibiotics (Minocycline) that helped me clear out in 2 weeks really! Almost no marks left after the infection is gone :) I didn't feel any side effects and the skin is still clear after I stopped using it~

  29. this is a great post!I recently bought a moisturizer too!just because you said its an important thing to have ^.^ thank you!!!
    ~now I can feel my skin soft,smooth and supple.

  30. Awesome post. But you forgot great genetics!

  31. Hi Jen!
    Do you find that the Differin gel dries out your skin at all? Your skin looks seriously like flawless in all your photos. I' m looking for something that will help with blackheads.. uggh =( do you find Duac and Differin effective for that?? btw, you look like you're 16! too cute lol.

  32. Hey Jen, great post! I've been in need of a moisturizer for my sensitive skin, so i'll have to try the eucerin everyday protection. Also I was wondering about your shirt and more about yuna's closet. Could you post a full picture of the shirt, and have you ordered anything else off of there website..if so what else and so i'm guessing it's a legit site.
    Thanks for your blogs. They're great.

  33. hi Jen,Pls tell me Where did U get
    Re-10 wash
    Duac Topical Gel
    Differin gel

  34. Hi Jen!
    I am curious if the Re-10 cleanser takes off all the makeup (same question as anonymous poster above :D )
    Your skin is gorgeous. I am using Retin-A right now and wondering if I should ask for Differin the next time I go..

  35. Just writing to say how great your posts are. You're sweet, honest and funny, which makes this makeup business way more accessible for someone like me who doesn't know how to do makeup. You've reminded me that I need to really take care of my skin, and introduced me to the awesomeness of Vanicream. Thank you!

  36. OMG! i feel you, dude, i used to have the worst acne,and i am allergic to benzol peroxide, and my doctor didn't believe me, so she continued to give me stuff with it in it, so i was like. ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME! hahaha but lush, surprisingly gave me an amazing recovery. but i feel as though everyone's skin is different, thank you for sharing this post! :) it makes me feel like i am not the only one that suffers with acne

    also, i had a question, is there a way to get either your youtube account of blogger account more viewed/popular, because i just started and i would love to do it for a larger audience!

  37. Very informative post, thanks Jen :) I am interested in trying the vanicream. I've already switched my daily spf moisturizer from a neutrogena one to the eucerin daily spf you recommend. I like it so far but I don't think it is oil free :/ at least the bottle I bought doesn't say so & it lists one ingredient which says something oil.

  38. Hey Jen, what a flawless skin you had. As for me, I'm struggling with my skin because I had a very dry skin with lots of freckles which kept growing recenty. I've tried quite a number of products but seems like it doesnt help me out. Hope you have any products to recommend. =)

  39. Hi Jen, thanks for sharing. I would like to know how long after your skin care routine do you apply your make up?

  40. Hey Jen :)

    I was browsing through your "acne" posts and noticed that you went from Differin cream to Differin gel after 2 years. I was just wondering if there was any special or specific reason for this?

    My doctor just prescribed me Differin gel, and I'm hesitant to get it because, long story short, my acne started getting bad mid-Sept, was SEVERE in October, and has been calming down now (by no means does that mean my skin is decent now though).

    I was trying to go on Isotretinoin but he wouldn't prescribe it to me since he was not a "dermatologist". Should I just skip the Differin and go see a derm so I could get Isotretinoin, or give the Differin a try? I read that you had initial purging with this, and I am so scared for that because my pimples JUST started going away, and left me with these nasty hyperpigmentation literally covering my face, so I am definitely NOT trying to get another pimple which amounts to another brown spot :(

    He told me that Differin is essentially like the topical form of Accutane so he told me to give it a shot. O.O Since you have been using Differin for 3 years now, does it really help?

    Sorry for this long comment, but I would really appreciate your reply!


    P.S. you're awesome :D

  41. Hi Jen,

    I would really like to try the Re-10 facial cleanser. I read many great reviews on it also. But I couldn't find it anywhere. Where did you get yours? or do you know anywhere they sell them?

  42. A decent description of the products and i wold say a great post to know about the skin care prodcuts from head to toe.
    Thanks Jen.

  43. Hi Jen,
    I read your blog about your acne history. Believe it or not, I started to have my acne since I was 10. now I'm 20. so I been living with it for literally 10 years, and I do see/understand the struggles that you're going through. Recently, I been using this cleanser from the brand "Origins". In literally two days, it clears off my skin alot. I'm so excited that I suddenly think of you, and think maybe you'd like to try it out. the cleanser made out of natural products. :) I'm so happy that I found something that works for me. Btw thanks for the Eucerin sunblock that you showed us here, cuz it works for my skin perfectly. haha sorry I'm kinda off topic, but I just want to let you know. and totally love your blog :)

  44. hi jen,i have acnes on my upper back,front chest and face maybe or can be called pimples.i have acnes on my upper back from ten or i 14,i have a problems with to 'mix'around with friends and affect my confidence badly.i had tried many products for sensitive skin but do not help much.4 months ago,i stopped using those products and juat rinse with tap turned worse now.i did not see any skincare docter cos of my parents..can't find a time to talk abt.having a sensitive skin that is oily and a bit dry...i really couldn't find a product that suit me well.always too lazy to wash all oily stuff away frm my face when gng to bed.should i go to see a skincare docter?i scared of their medicines that i have to eat to heal all those acnes.pls reply me.thanx so much**

  45. Hi! My skintype is very similar to yours, and I have acne (not that severe ). Would you say that the clearasil cleanser is better quality or the Elisha coy all in one cleanser? By the way, your skin is soooo pretty ! And I love love love your nose :D

  46. Hi Jen I also have a acne scars in my face and my body people say I don't wash my gave regularly it hurts me I don't know how I red this acne off . ;(