HG Drugstore vs. Department Store Makeup

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RAWR! This video has been especially difficult to upload. I've tried to on about 5 separate occasions and it has errored or failed after uploading for several hours except for this final time where it took over 3 hours to upload. >.< Youtube must really not want me to share my views on what makeup items are best from the drugstore or department store.

Looks like this is not Youtube's day since I have the video here anyway. ;D

Like I mentioned before, this just covers what different types of makeup I prefer buying either high-end or low-end. Not everyone may agree, but these are just my personal opinions. I'm not a department store makeup snob but if you follow my blog you probably already knew that. Hehe.

Products that I cover:

Foundation - Skin 79 Triple Functions bb cream (hot pink)
Powder - Mac Blot Powder (medium dark)
Blush - Mac Beauty Powder Blush (Note: R&R is still my HG blush, I just chose this mac as an example ;)
Concealer - Lancome Photogenic Concealer
Eyebrows - Lioele Artist Auto Eyebrow
Eyeshadow Primer - Urban Decay Primer Potion
Eyeshadow - NYX Eyeshadows
Pencil Eyeliner - L'Oreal HIP Chrome Eyeliner
Cream eyeliner - MAC Fluidline
Mascara - Covergirl Lash Exact Waterproof Mascara

These aren't the only things I use of course, but these do encompass a lot of what my go-to products are in the morning. I really feel like I can depend on Covergirl Lash Exact Waterproof mascara for instance, although I don't think it's my 100% HG-of-all-time-wtf. I don't even know what I'm going to do when my Lancome Photogenic Concealer runs out, but I am totally open for suggestions!

Here's some randomness.

I really like doing this type of makeup. It's not really a smokey eye but it's a fun way to get a nice pop of a deep color like this purple. I made a sort-of smudgey, thick eyeliner line using Urban Decay 24/7 pencil in Ransom with NYX Single Eyeshadow in Morocco over it to set the liner.

Love this Summer Rose blush! Was so excited to have found it at a CCO.

My mix-matched DSK pegasus necklace. Vitrial Medium heart is green that flashes rainbow. Ridiculously gorgeous in person.

I was having a good hair day. I should really show you guys all of my various braids in a video sometime. I wear it braided nearly 50% of the week. ;]

Ok, that's it! Hope you enjoyed the video and pics since this was really a challenge to get uploaded this time. ^.^

Question to answer in the comments: Are you a mostly drugstore or mostly department store cosmetics shopper and why? Oh, and feel free to list your #1 HG drugstore and dept store product too so we can share some product love. 

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  1. Being a college student, I mostly buy drugstore makeup, especially since there are a lot of DS products that are just as good if not better than HE makeup. My #1 HG drugstore makeup is Maybelline mascaras; I especially like their Lash Stiletto Voluptuous line. For HE makeup, I like Shiseido's mascara base. I'm all about the lashes! ;) For things like eyeshadow, blushes, etc. I don't really have a preference, I just buy whatever I think will work well based on reviews on blogs & MUA.

  2. I heard about BB creams! So they are supposed to be good for your skin but have great coverage as well? Can you post a link in where we can purchase one? Also, does it only come in one shade?

  3. Drugstore was the only place I could buy makeup at when I was younger, but as you get older you tend to want better quality and are willing to pay a bit more. So I think for most people starting off with makeup its ok to buy drugstore but for professionals or people with sensative skin high end is better. Also, america needs to catch up on the BB cream craze! it's like the new foundation :D


  4. You're so cute, Jen! I like to think that I'm a "whatever works best" kind of person, but I have to admit that I really really really gravitate towards high end for most things... if not just because of the packaging LOL.

    For base makeup I definitely prefer high end because I highly value being able to try on a product and get color-matched (or take samples and color match myself). For powder products, I am really big on texture and packaging... not sure why for the packaging LOL, so I'm not actually sure I own any pressed face powders that aren't high end... I also definitely go high end on lipstick because I've only found two lipstick formulas that really work for my lips (and not for lack of trying!!!) and they both happen to be high end. For lipgloss I refuse to spend a lot on because I rarely wear them and I'm paranoid about keeping them longer than a year or so (especially the doe foot/brush ones). I buy Japanese drugstore mascara, so it's more expensive than US drugstore, but still cheaper than US dept. stores and for eyeshadow I haven't found US drugstore ones that really work for me yet... unfortunately NYX ones fade and crease pretty badly on me no matter what combination of eye primer I try. But I love etailers like Fyrinnae and Everyday Minerals for loose eyeshadows and setting powder.

    I do adore several drugstore skincare products though, including Kanebo's Olive Deep Cleansing Oil, Neutrogena's Anti-Wrinkle Anti-Blemish Clear Skin Cream, Alba Botanica's Mineral Facial Sunscreen, Avalon Organics Skin Renewal Serum, Vichy's Thermal Spa Water, and ooh, I do love Hard Candy's primer.

  5. I've been contemplating whether to get the hot pink skin79 one or the brtc healing bb cream... I really want to try the skin79 one, but I haven't heard anything about its healing properties for troubled skin; have you noticed a difference or heard/read anything on it?

    thanks :)

  6. gaaaah you're sooo pretty! and i totally agree with you on which products you should choose to splurge on. the skin is too important.

  7. Oooh Jen you neeeeed to try Shu Uemura's Basic mascara! I have stick straight Asian lashes too. Other mascaras do not hold my curl, gives me nasty black smudgies under my eyes, and are grossly clumpy, but I swear this is none of that and is my favorite of all time. I was actually at a Nordstrom event where the head makeup artist for Shu Uemura from Japan was speaking and I talked to her after the event and she recommended me this mascara.

  8. I'm probably both. I do the same thing-- some things I have to get high end, and some it doesn't matter, so it's on the low end side. And I personally LOVE that Covergirl mascara and the fluidline. It's probably my hg's too! I haven't found anything else that are permanent though. I'll definitely check out all the stuff you listed though!

  9. Wow... i really like your make up for this one. Long awaited but it's really worth it. I haven't seen the video yet (still at work XD), so just browsed thru the pictures.

    Personally in the place where i am from, we don't have a lot of department store brands. Gotta drive to another city just to get it or get them online (always hoping some sites do ship internationally). I used to be The Body Shop lady cuz i thought they have really good makeup products in town but they're quite expensive. Considering me someone who only uses makeup when she feels like it. That is why i like to read your reviews about certain products or what is required in a basic makeup, before making any purchase...

  10. Some I prefer high end, some I don't mind drugstore... Face - I'd go higher end (I'm just particular about getting breakouts as well), Lips - either and been loving NYX Jumbo Lip Pencils & Lipsticks lately, Blush - both ways, lately ELF Blush & Bronzer Duo has impressed me. While for mascaras, Maybelline Full 'n' Soft Waterproof is great & CoverGirl Waterproof ones! So does YSL Everlong Waterproof (the only high end I love so far), but I tend to repurchase lower end. =) Great video! We all want longlasting, nonsmudging, pigmented products so I think if I can find those in lower end then that's awesome.

  11. You look lovely as always, Jen. I have the same thoughts about getting make-up product at high-end stores vs. low-end stores. The only product I care about the most is foundation. Like you said, it goes on your face so I need to be careful about selecting the "right" one. Other than that, I do not care too much about eye shadow, eyeliner, etc.. Thanks for the review. It is very informative
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  12. I'm more of a drugstore makeup lover, getting high quality products at a lower price is always a plus for me! Except for my blot powder though. I also use that Mac Blot Powder in the same shade.
    I also use that Skin79 hot pink bb cream! When I first went to Korea, it was the 1st thing I bought and I am so in love with it.

  13. Hello ^_^ i'm ur new subscriber.

    I really love the way you put make up on.I want to learn a simple make up like that.

    I always want a natural and how you put eye liner too.^_^

  14. Hi, did u put on double eyelid tape in this video?

  15. what's your nail polish color? love it!

  16. Great post! I've tried love half of the products you've shown here!! =) Would love to try the BB cream but I'm so pale I don't think they would work on me =/

    I think I'm very mix and match but I would tend to lean towards high end I think, I'm not willing to pay ridiculous prices though so it really depends on the quality of the product!

    One item I swear by is Benefit's Bad Gal Lash! It's very volumizing and it lasts =)

  17. haha your bad hair day looks perfect to me! My UDDPP is holy grail for me too! I for sure thought u were gonna say ur R&R blush was your fave but now I want that Rose Blush from MAC lol.

    Thank you for your comment the other day, it made me feel all warm in squishy inside ^^

  18. I guess I would say I am gravitating towards department store... mainly because I have gotten so many terrible/useless drugstore items lately. The continuous disappointment is just not worth the price. Now I am working more towards the idea of quality over quantity.

    Although there is one makeup item I will continue to buy as long as they are in stock: Rimmel mascaras (they are amazing!) for my asian eye lashes that are typically short, straight, and cannot hold a curl to save their lives... I have actually gotten a lot of compliments when wearing this that my lashes look fuller AND longer. haha so I was pretty excited

  19. After troubling myself with d/s foundations, I finally called it quits and now I only do h/e when it comes to foundations and tinted moisturizers. You actually turned me into an NYX-aholic so when it comes to eyeshadows and blushes, I mostly use NYX. I'm not that into lip products so that's mostly d/s. Skin is most important so I usually go h/e for that one.

  20. I forgot to mention nails. I like to use OPI and China Glaze 90% of the time. And mascara - Maybelline's The Falsies waterproof is my HG - I'm actually considering getting backups in case they discontinue it. Brushes - I used exclusively Sephora brushes but lately I've been digging Sonia Kashuk to fill the holes in my collection.

  21. I love your eye makeup in this video - tutorial?? :)

  22. Very informative! Thanks Jen...I love your reviews. I will definately keep some of the products you like in mind as I also have oily skin :)

  23. You look lovely in the video and photos!!

    I buy drugstore products. I'm quite poor (haha) so I like to stick to the cheaper products. I also have the same BB Cream and I love it very much as well!!


  24. Absolutely lovely, Jen!!
    I'm into drugstore and high-end products. I guess if I could choose a cheaper alternative and I'm somewhat happy with it, I'll stick to the drugstore HG. Sometimes it's fun to venture out and try something that's pricey too. I love Laneige makeup. It's been doing great things for my skin! LOL. and I absolutely love Lioele products.

  25. Great vid and I see you're wearing the Revlon peach polish again (or so I think)! I wanted to pick it up last weekend but couldn't bring myself to pay all $4.99 : ) I'm waiting for you to find your absolute favorite bb cream before I dip into that realm. I'm so tired of my ole mineral makeup...it barely makes any difference. Your skin looks flawless and glowing here so I am super eager to try one.

  26. I have stick straight lashes and I also found Dior show to not hold a curl. I like Maybelline mascaras

  27. I agree with another poster that Shu Uemura basic mascara is the best for stick straight eyelashes. I even perm my eyelashes so I don't have to spend 5 minutes every morning trying to get them to curl!

    I'd like to know where you purchase the foundation you mentioned and is there a color? I can't believe you use medium dark MAC powder since you look fairer skinned than me.

    Thanks for taking the time to do these videos. I've learned a lot from you!

  28. I kind of have to disagree about using high-end products for your skin. I have extremely acne-prone skin, and I love using Covergirl's Aquasmooth foundation and Loreal's loose mineral powder. For mascara, I love Maybelline's Colossal Volum' Express. For high-end... I LOVE Kat Von D's eyeshadows and Mac fluidline in blacktrack.

  29. i love your makeup here!
    i noticed the lower eyeline is thicker..i think it is pretty!
    can you do a tutorial or something on this?
    thank you!

  30. You are so gorgeous I love your blog! It's so helpful! I like drugstore brands like NYX but prefer MAC for foundations.

  31. love the post, cool blog

    come follow the first ever fashion blog from a Guys POV, let He know what you think


  32. could you get any cuter?! your hubby is a lucky man =)
    mascaras: high end - chanel inimitabe / lancome hypnose. just love the formulas keeps lashes oh so soft.

  33. loved this vid. you look gorg!!!!!!

  34. you're absolutely gorgeousss! i just had to say it! <3

  35. I mostly buy drugstore makeup unless it's foundation or powder. I have acne prone skin so I have to be careful what I put on my face. As far as eye shadows, I think drugstore brands are as good as dept store brands sometimes.

    My HG products!

    Face: BRTC Blemish Recover Balm - no breakout, oil free even after 12 hours and I have really really really oily skin.

    Blush: NYX Mosaic in Dare

    Eye Shadows: Eye palletes from Maybelline or NYX single shadows.

    Lips: Not a big lipstick person but I do like the tinted lip spas by NYX.

    Powder: Clinque

    Shadow Primer: ELF - works just as well as UDPP or shadow insurance

    Eyeliner: Also bought from drugstore - maybe O'real...

  36. I can't agree more with your for the mascara part. Also, since you can't keep mascara for too long, buying it at drugstores is def a more affordable decision :P

    Oh, a video on how you do your braids would be such a great idea! I think braids really suit you ^^ !
    (p.s : I've started to really get addicted to your blog so I'm not gonna be a silent supporter anymore ^0^ )

  37. I really want to try the mascara you've been raving about :) You've mentioned that mascara numerous times and I always end up buying the wrong one! LOL I bought the yellow lash blast and then came home and noticed you were using a different one :p Lash exact, lash blast...they all look the same!!

    For concealer, Lancome also has the squeeze tube one called Effacernes waterproof. I use that one a lot! I also have Camee too! I got it as a gift awhile back and the texture kind of reminds me of the MAC concealer pots (they have 2 kinds, a drier one and a wetter one - I have both!). Good luck on your finds! :)

  38. Agree! Been trying to find a replacement for Lancome photogenic concealer to no avail~ I've been using Lancome Maquicomplet concealer but it's just not as good. :/

  39. I have a good mix of things bought from the drugstore and things purchased at sephora. I tend to avoid really high end products as I just don't yet have the cash flow for $45 Tom Ford lipsticks. For drugstore products I like: Revlon matte lipsticks, Maybelline mineral power concealer. Higher end I like Tarte cheek stains, Lorac eyeshadows.

  40. You don't talk a lot about mineral makeup. What is your take on that?

    I stopped using MAC on my face b/c I heard it is really bad for your skin, but mineral makeup is a good everyday light coverage and is healthy for your skin.


  41. Yay thank you~
    This is really helpful! I am a skin paranoia too and I hate putting anything I can't trust on my face. Your reviews are very helpful! I'm always wanted to try the BB cream but I don't know where I can buy them! :(
    LOL you're gonna have to find a new concealer soon! :( good luck!

  42. Could you do a hair tutorial for different braids? Sometimes just putting my hair in a ponytail is boring. Trying to do new things to my hair but don't really know what I could do... I really like the braids you have in the picture! :)

  43. R&R mascara is pretty nice on Asian eyelashes - it lengthens and doesn't clump on my lashes. You should try it if you haven't already.

  44. LOL... just found the time to watch the video for this post, and i realized that it's not a tutorial after all.. (as opposed to my previous comment above)... But i still appreciate for the effort you put in making the video...


  45. wow im so glad i found your site! I love your videos esp those for Mono/single lids! Do you have a tutorial for your eye makeup application in this video? its so natural n i absolutely love the look - if not PLEASEEE make one =)

  46. Dear Jen , could you pls do a tutorial on this look , you look stunning as always <3

  47. really loved your braid in this post! know it's a little old and you've done a video on the dutch braid, but if you ever find time to go into the braid in the last picture and some other braids you do, would love that! :)

  48. Hi Jen, love your braid in this picture. Could you do a tutorial on it please??