Summer Fashion: Part 2 Dressy-Casual Wear

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Hey everyone! If you follow me on Twitter you'll know I've been battling coughs for the last few days so I've decided to visit to my backlog of images for today's post. I know I promised a while ago that I would post a "dressier" counterpart to my Summer Fashion Part 1 post so I better get this up before it starts freezing outside!

To start off, I'll ease you in with a transition-y outfit that worked well at my cold office. I'm always wearing cardigans since I can easily put it on or take it off depending on how freezing the air conditioning is that day, and this thick-knit grey one is very on-trend for fall. I added a gold bow pin to give it some extra detail. The girly touch plus the ruffles on the floral tank made me feel quite pretty.

Hollister drape-front cardigan size xs (similar here)
Forever 21 tank tops size s (similar here)
BCBGeneration bandage skirt size xs (similar here and here)
Nine West kids sandals size 2 (similar for adults here and here)

I was really excited when I found this black dress at Forever 21 for $9. It fit great and was comfy. I did spend the day yanking down the hem though, so probably best for casual weekends. Check out the awesome drape of this cardigan! Love it. <3 By the way, everyone knows red heels are neutrals, right?

No brand draped cardigan size xs (similar here)
Forever 21 bodycon dress size xs (similar here and here)
Linea Paolo red patent metallic wedges size 4 (similar here)

I was absolutely in love with this dress this summer! It also came in pink but it seemed a bit too youthful for me. The cut of this dress is perfection and gotta love the seersucker and pockets! It's awesome AE carries some 00 in stores now. :)

No brand cropped cardigan size xs (similar here and here)
American Eagle dress size 00 (similar xs available here and here)
Michael Kors wedges size 4 (similar here)

This outfit was for a bit of a fancier occasion. I think it was a wedding? The ruching on this dress gives me some much-needed hips. ^_~

No brand cardigan size xs (similar here and here)
CC 1827 dress size xxs (similar Betsey Johnson here)
Pretty Small Shoes heels size 32 (similar here)

I flipping adore these patent heels from Pretty Small Shoes. They have the perfect almond toe and aren't too high or low, plus I bought them during the summer sale they had. Still pricey for me, but for fitting my tiny feet it was worth it! They have been squeaking on me lately though. Anyone have good tips to fix that?

This dress you'll probably recognize if you follow Alterations Needed because she posted the same one in black recently (which was too small for her and subsequently bought by me :D). She actually bought the dress because I bought this one first, so it just goes to show you how late I've been posting things AND how tiny I actually am. Oops. Anyway, I am pretty much obsessed with this dress.

For some reason I feel really awesome when I find things that look better on me than the model. These girls look depressed!

No brand cardigan size xs (similar here and here)
Pins & Needles eyelet dress size 0 (surprisingly similar here)
Pretty Small Shoes Eleganza heels size 32 (similar here)
Ekilove bow heart necklace

And a closer view + the back to show extra detail. The eyelet lace over pink is adorable, plus it has layers of folded material at the waist band create a pretty belt. I even think the weird pooch at the back is cute, almost like a bustle. I'm probably just weird and it's probably just weird too but I like it. ^_^

I know I showed this before, but I adore my Ekilove necklace and I wear it all the time. :D Sometimes simple accessories speak loudly too.

The bow in my hair is actually a fringe holder velcro thing and I did not wear it all day. LOL. -_-;;;
I guess drapey cardigans are a running theme for this post! Love this Banana Republic cardi's heathered fabric and the color combo of the American Apparel dress is one of my favs as well.

Banana Republic open cardigan size XXSP (similar from BR here)
Pretty Small Shoes Eleganza heels size 32 (similar here and omgJimmyChoo here)
DSK mix-matched hearts necklace

I'm always drawn to rich jewel tones, especially when it gets closer to fall and I feel like the greenish-teal of this one makes my skin glow. I can't wait to wear this "versatile-straps" dress with some tights, boots, and a leather jacket during the cooler months! The necklace is a statement piece, of course, with no other jewelry to keep it simple. There's something to the combo of soft and hard textures that I love about it.

Ann Taylor LOFT bib necklace (similar here)
Michael Kors wedges size 4 (similar here)

Another transitional outfit! Mustard yellow is really big for Fall, and I really love how it looks on Asian skintones especially. I was so stoked when I got this eyelet skirt in and it fit so well. It's too bad white can't be worn as often in the Fall season because it's one of my favorite colors to wear. I'll miss it!

Mossimo cardigan from Target size XS (total dupe alert here)
Vintage white belt (similar here and expensive Prada version here)
BB Dakota eyelet skirt size 0
Ekilove bow heart necklace

Since I'm pretty much currently wrapped up in Fall fashion with full force, I'll try to post more fashion posts in the next month as well. I'm always behind on these so you'll have to give me your feedback on if you prefer these long mega-FASHION-posts or if you'd like a one-off and more current OOTD video (which I did attempt to take one yesterday and will be posting soon!) Let me know in the comments. ^_^

Disclaimer: CC 1827 dress was provided by the company. All other items were purchased myself because I have fabulous taste (LOL, I kid.) Some affiliate links are included in this post.

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  1. cute dresses! Fall's coming to an end. =(

  2. I really loved your style :) very simple & elegant. major KUDOS! Can't wait to see your looks for fall.


  3. I really love your fashion posts..probably because I loveee looking at pictures! :D

  4. haha gorgeous! makes me want to do some OOTD posts but my style is really, really not half as awesome as yours. and yay for drapey cardigans!

  5. I love the white eyelet dress on you. Might have bought it in time if I saw these pics! On second though though, the back pooch is not so flattering on me...makes it look like I have a huge caboose. My lace mini dress from H&M has the bubble back and I feel self conscious wearing it.

  6. That Pins & Needles dress looks incredible on you. Will you be modeling the black too? I'd be interested in the sizing discrepancy since the online reviews say the black runs smaller.

  7. i loove cardigans too :)
    dresses are always pretty and makes you girly, and its easy to wear too which is always an awesome bonus :)

  8. Aaaah... your mega outfit posts are always so dizzy-ing... so many things I want to comment on! :) Every time I see you in that white eyelet dress I kick myself for not ordering it when I first saw it! I actually would like the back pooch thing too because it would give me a needed boost back there :P And I love those pumps on you... you have such cute tiny feet compared to my giant size 5.5/6 feet even though we're practically the same size. And I used to think mustard yellow was such an odd color but I'm so into it right now! :)

  9. Your style is sooo cute!! I love the comfortable feeling to it~ :D

  10. Hey Jen,
    What you can do about the squeaky shoes because I had a similar problem was to put in some shoe padding/cushioning. You can buy them practically anywhere...and it helped stop the annoying noise my shoes made every time I walked. Hope this helps! :)

  11. i can't even pick which one's my favorite. they're all lovely and you look gorgeous :)

    hope you stop by my blog sometime. thanks!

  12. I'm in love with your blog and your so pretty. BTW you have really great taste in clothing. :)

  13. Alright! I've been waiting for a close up of those Pretty Small Shoes. Very cute and classic style. I like 'em!

    As for the squeak, oh man, do I ever have experience with that! Patent leather will squeak when two patent leather surfaces rub against each other. Grab a bottle of lotion, vasoline, or something similar, and rub a little into the crevice where the sole and shoe meet along the side of the shoe. Most likely the noise is coming from there. I just usually walk around the house in them, and try to pinpoint the squeak, then fill the crevice with lotion until the noise stops.

    Good luck squeak hunting!

  14. Aaww you look gorgeous!
    Even down here, drapes are becoming a fashion 'item' , I bought a couple of drapes too but mostly on short sleeves or 3/4s. I'd love the long sleeved drape you have on :) Soooo pretty! You do have good taste girl! :)

  15. OMG you look STUNNING in EVERYTHING! I remember that AE dress, and when I wanted to buy it they were all sold out. It fits you PERFECTLY! I love the outfits! Keep these posts coming please! :)

  16. Hello FROM HEAD TO TOE,
    Why are you so darn cute? Sighs, I envy your smile and I love looking at your fashion. Your always styling up something cute. You never fail to make my day. Your gorgeous and shouldn't be bother by haters. I noticed you posted things saying you got a few negative comments back on your last video but you did a great job! Keep them coming hon, you have my support and love. <33 I love watching all your videos. One that I found very helpful is the bra videoo! haha, kudos for brave. Love you!

    <3 Angela xoxox

  17. I love that eyelet dress! You definitely work it better than those models. you even have curves with this dress :) I was obsessed with white eyelet dresses awhile back. I remember it was the first pricey dress I bought from nordstroms. I even had it mailed to me to get the right size! But sadly I never wore it b/c I never found the right time and then I grew too large for it. fail! haha. This post made me remember it and I gotta figure out where it is!

    btw I know your feet are tiny but they don't look tiny in these pics. they look proportional. :)

  18. Your feet are so small! But keep posting these, they're incredible! haha.

  19. Lovely outfits that you have coordinated! I wish that I was back to being as petite as you. Unfortunately 3 kids later, your whole body changes and you get curves and flab. Aaahhh, to go back to having a slim, boyish body.

    Thank you for posting.


  20. Oh I love the dresses! Especially the blue striped one... And I always knew red heels are neutrals! Why did no one believe me at the time? :D
    I like your style, I really do, you're an inspiration ^.^

    What my grandma used to always say whenever our shoes were squeaky, was: put them on top of a wet towel! -- don't know if it works, I never tried it because I thought it wouldn't have any effect... :D

  21. I love all your outfits especially the eyelet dress. You look way better than the model :) I have one question for the eyelet skirt. I own the same one and it's very see through for me. Do you wear a slip with that skirt? I am just wondering if slip is going to work with white skirt. I also love the pencil skirt from your 1st outfit.

  22. love how you mix and match everything, can't wait for your fall posts! =]

  23. Love love love the outfits!!! I'm in love with the mustard cardi & cream eyelet skirt. You've given me some inspiration for the coming fall :)

  24. i love the first two cardigans, especially the hollister one! i too have a fetish for cardigans - they're easy, versatile, comfortable, and portable. i probably have wayy too many for my own good, haha.

    i also have that american apparel dress in XS, but in purple and black. it's hot. but a little too hooch for workdays, so sadly i don't wear it as much as i'd like.

    glad to see that the UO dresses fit us tiny chicks!

  25. you look gorgeous as always...your style is so great and such a mix of girly, sophisticated, fun, and professional. i love love cardigans, i say you can never have enough!

  26. I love all the outfits, of course, but the biggest thing that I took from this was the website for small shoes! I myself am a US 6, but I have a few friends and family members that are sizes 4 and 5 and can NEVER find cute shoes or heels! I passed this link on to them and they are SO excited to thanks a bunch!

  27. I love your style and you're so petite I'm jealous...hehe....and you definitely look better on that eyelet dress than the model...more fashion post please....XOXO

  28. The last outfit is so cute!! i NEED that eyelet skirt! :) There are so many goodies in these mega posts -- I think I might like shorter OOTD posts better. Keep the posts coming. Love everything!!

    I also started a blog (I'm a petite asian too) and put your blog on my blogroll. Hope you don't mind!


  29. Just in case you didn't know NYX is on hautelook today

  30. The eyelet dress is so cute on you! Really love that mustard cardigan, I love that colour too but I haven't found the perfect shade for me yet.

  31. My favorite is the mustard cardi with the white eyelet skirt - so cute!

  32. I really like your fashion posts and seeing all the photos together focuses your style aesthetic. =)

  33. I sooo hope EkiLove still has that necklace on SALE! It is gorgeous! I know I posted something here already, but I keep looking at your outfits. I am just in love with your sense of style and I am soo happy you've included shopstyle links for us to find similar versions of your outfits! You are amazing! :)

  34. hottest girl in the workplace goes to whom? JEN :) girl, you're ROCKING those transitional outfits! you look darling in eyelets and loose fluttery pieces. great style

    <3 Angie

  35. Suuuper Cute! I love how you can take one article of clothing and pair with other things and create a few more outfits! ^___^ Can't wait to see what you have in store for autumn/winter outfits, cute and warm I'm sure! :)

  36. My office is the equivalent of a meat locker so YES I am also always on the lookout for cuddly and cozy cardigans that will keep my hair from standing on end. Thanks for the walk through - LOVE fall weather.

    Keep warm and stay well!

  37. I think we have a similar sense of style :3 love that AE seersucker dress and drapey cardigans

  38. Hello Jen,

    Do you wear maxi? I just bought 1 and i have no idea what i'm thinking... : (

    Please show me how!

  39. Unni~ You're so cute!
    It's too bad where I am right now, it is already winter! :(

  40. Elle: I'm sure I'll post the black eyelet dress in the future as well! It would look cute with tights for Fall. :)

    ihate2work: I'd love to find a maxi that works for me but as of now, I've completely side-stepped that trend. It was never made for petites. :(

  41. so inspirational!

    I love these posts!

  42. I love those dresses! The black one with the patent leather heels is adorable, I actually own the AE seersucker one (although it's in pink - I'm a teen so maybe it's okay? - and it still made me very happy to see that you had it too) and I liked the American Apparel one too. Cool colors. And that one dress does look a LOT better on you.

  43. that white tube dress looks FRIGGIN amazingggggg on you!

  44. Sooo pretty!!! ^o^ I really love your style, Jen!! Do more of these fashion posts. I'm in LOVE! xoxoxo <3

  45. do post more fashion posts like these. love it!
    i prefer to see it in pictures rather than videos :)

  46. Love your outfits; that blue one especially. About the squeeky shoe co-worker suggested powdering your feet ever so lightly or using those ultra-low nude stocking thingy.

  47. Nice blog, nice style. You look great but have you ever consider a short or mid-lenght hairstyle? long hair make you look shorter...

  48. PLEASE more fashion posts :) PLEASE!

  49. I love your fashion posts. Very inspirational. I have the same exact AE seersucker dress (size and color). XD

  50. I left you a comment telling you about but of course you already knew! As for the squeaking, I've heard that a little deodorant will help with that.

  51. Wow, you those are some great outfits! You look lovely! I love to see other petite ladies working it! If any petite ladies out there are looking for beautiful shoes in size 2-6, trying subscribing to ShoeFavor. I know they are launching a new project focused on ladies with small feet. The website is