Purple Gradient Nail Art Tutorial

5:40 PM

There were sooo many people who had asked me to do a tutorial for the purple gradient nails from my BoA Game Inspired makeup tutorial so I wanted to show you guys how I did it here, as a follow-up to my Basic Nail Polish Application Tutorial post.

Products mentioned:

OPI - Who Needs A Prince?
The Face Shop - random purple glitter polish
Zoya - Roxy
Covergirl Boundless Color - Disco Dazzle
Seche Vite top coat

It looks a bit goopy in this close-up pic but it definitely looked smoother in person. My coworker said they looked like vampire nails so I suppose it's only appropriate with October almost being here. ;)

I like how my right hand turned out better than my left. Gloopy left is the photo above, but the much smoother right hand is below. Pretty bizarre considering I'm right-handed but I can be fairly ambidextrous when it comes to nail art! It must be all the practice. ^_~ The real key is making the first layer really translucent because it's easier to blend the dark parts than to blend in the light color.

Hope you guys enjoyed it and forgive me for the short entry. The weather here is cold, dreary, and rainy today and I'm still sick so I think I'm going to wrap myself up in a blanket and have some hot soup. Have a nice weekend!

Disclaimer: All items mentioned in this post were purchased by me. Some affiliate links are included in this post.

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  1. I'm not sure how I've never asked you this, but how long does it take for you to finish this kind of mani on both hands?

    This is beautiful, btw. I need more willpower to just stop chewing on my nails so I can have pretty manis.

  2. I tried a blue gradient right after I watched your video lol It didn't looks as nice because my first layer was a bit too dark. Will keep practicing :]

    I don't know if you are ingredients conscious but Seche Vite has Toluene (I just found out when I was staring at the ingredients list and remembered a blogger said it was like a toxic chemical) :X

  3. congrats, btw, on hitting OVER 4K followers on your blog!

  4. I love the idea of this look. It really makes me want to try with a silvery base and some pink!

  5. Neat tip with the staggered layers. I always wondered how to achieve that gradient look.

  6. jen!
    i was wondering what eyelash you used for this nail tutorial??? I've been trying to get a decent false eyelasdes
    PLEASE ANSWERR..that would be verry helpful(:

    btw the i love your nails

  7. I love how your nails look! I need more practice on this technique because mine always end up looking too gloppy. I love your lashes too! ^^ Thanks for sharing!

  8. so pretty! thanks for sharing, i can't wait for my nails to grow back and try this! :)

    Smiles and kisses



  9. It looks great Jen!!! Your nail tutorials are awesome!! :)

  10. Thanks for the tutorial, Jen! That's really beautiful.

  11. Love the nails. They are sooooo pretty!


  12. These are so cute!! I looove these gradient glitter nails~ To make it more glammy I just chunked the glitter at the tips of my nails hehee :3

  13. I love these nails! Awesome tutorial too. I will definitely have to give this a try!



  14. i've been waiting for this tutorial!! looks really cool

  15. your nails look so pretty. great tutorial!

  16. So that's how gradient nails are done. I might try that just for the weekend (too much for my work). With your up close pics, it reminds me why I don't blog -- my wrinkles would turn you off (it does me).

  17. Hi jen! love the tutorial. I've always been curious on how to achieve that look on nails. Now I know how.. definitely going to try this :)

  18. I really like it, it's a really simple way to spice up your nails without a heavy complicated nail art. Lovely!


  19. This is really pretty! I love the tips. : )

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  20. Thank you Jen! I love this tutorial! It looks so cool, and it was pretty easy to do. I just had to try it right away. I was so excited, I blogged about it for my friends. haha. I hope you don't mind me referencing you. If you do, I can take it down. But here's my version! =D

  21. Jen, you totally inspired me to do gradient nails of my own! Unfortunately I don't really own any sheer polishes (I hate them, haha) so I adapted your tutorial and changed some techniques so I could use more opaque polishes. I think it worked out pretty well - my version is HERE. :)

  22. Hi!
    I did one in green and blue!
    If you ant to see it it's here: http://thenailexperiment.com/2010/08/31/my-first-gradient/

    Love your blog!

  23. This comment has been removed by the author.

  24. i just found this vid. and tried it with pinks :D im happy with my first attepmt, and im sure it will get better the more i practice! Thanks for showing us, as i am in love with this new mani!! :)