Urban Outfitters Haul & Recent Fashion Purchases (including Chanel!!)

11:29 PM

Haha! If you follow me on Twitter you will know that I was teasing about posting my new haul from Urban Outfitters yesterday. Well, obviously I am totally awesome at teasing because I made you wait a whole extra day. It was totally on purpose. You waited, right? YES. Even if you didn't know you were waiting for this very moment, here you are.

*claps* Good excuse, Jen.

Anyway, I've done a bit of shopping in the last couple of weeks and I wanted to share my hauls with you. I think I've gotten pretty lucky in terms of what I bought so maybe you'll still have a chance to buy them. Onward!

Alright starting off, here is a Banana Republic navy blazer in 00p that I found a couple weeks ago at the outlet mall I went to at the lake. It was on clearance for just $34 and ran slimmer than the other BR blazers! Fits me like a perfect boyfriend blazer. And look, cleavage courtesy of my new properly fitting bras.

Banana Republic Blazer size 00p (similar on sale here)
Abercrombie lace tank XS (similar here)
Abercrombie kids grey skinny jeans size 10 (similar here)
Pretty Small Shoes snakeprint peeptoes size 32 - 9cm w/ 1cm platform (similar here)

Next is this nude-colored tunic/dress from Urban Outfitters that has a gorgeous lace top. It's supa'-skintight on me so I don't even know how it would fit busty girls!

cardigan TJ Maxx size S (similar on sale here)
lace-top tunic size XS (similar here)
brown Target leggings size XS (similar here and in pointelle here)
Michael Michael Kors leather wedge size 4 (similar on sale here)

The beautiful necklace I bought from Ekilove. Isn't it gorgeous and sparkly?

Just wanted to post a quick FOTD with this look. This is about what I've been doing everyday lately. Just eye makeup, blush, and nothing else on the face. The past month has been too hot for foundations, concealer, or lipstick. My skin has been better to me since I've been wearing less, but you can still see some pigmentation spots, acne, and pores. Anyone else do the half-bare face in the summer?

Speaking of lace, have you noticed I've been wearing a ton of it? I'm pretty much obsessed with lace and always have been. :) Here's another couple lace items, this blush-colored sheer top from Marshall's and a white eyelet-lace skirt from Karmaloop.com. 

Marshall's Lace collar top size S (similar here)
Forever 21 grey boyfriend cardigan size S (similar here)

A petite coworker had ordered some J.Crew Petite Minnie Stretch Twill crop pants online in 00p and they were too small for her so she kindly passed them on to me. They were too large at first so I shrunk them in the wash. A bit of warning to those interested, they stretch over time so they fit at first and were baggier as the day went along. Still undecided on if I'm keeping them or passing them along to another petite. 

I was also hesitant about crop pants since I am petite, but they are all over the place this fall! Channeling my inner Audrey Hepburn, I pulled this outfit together. I personally prefer cuffing the bottoms for a casual look. The bow belt was also a gift from the gorgeous ExtraPetite since it was too small for her. Lucky me! What do you think?

Hollister sheer collared shirt size XS (similar here)
Forever 21 grey boyfriend cardigan (similar here)
Me Too pewter flats size 4 (similar here)
H&M Bow belt size XS/S gifted to me by ExtraPetite <3

Another amazing purchase that I talked about on Twitter is this ridiculously beautiful Chanel purse that I managed to snag on Hautelook. It's actually sort of like a giant clutch since the chain handle zips across, but it does have a little gold chain with the iconic double C's near the zipper. Lovely ruffles in lovely soft lambskin leather. My first Chanel anything! No words, my friends. No words. ^_______________^

Here's the original pic of it. Loves!!!

So, this Kimchi Blue Knit Jacket is another thing that had tons of buzz among the petite blogging community. First spotted on Chloe Conspiracy, then on Alterations Needed, I abruptly decided I needed it myself since I am fairly well obsessed with blazers. Ironically, Extra Petite, Petite Little GirlPetite XXS, and Stylepintall decided the same thing. It's so bad how we all enable each other, isn't it? ^.~ 

The fit is a little loose in the waist on me, but I'm hoping that will shrink a little in the wash. I wanted extra oomph at the neckline, so I took the satin belt on this top and used it as a loose bow-tie. By the way, isn't the back of this jacket just the cutest?

Forever 21 Satin blouse size S (similar here)
7 For All Mankind kids skinny jeans size 10 (similar here)
Pretty Small Shoes snakeprint peeptoes size 32 - 9cm w/ 1cm platform (similar here)
Gucci crocodile handbag (similar here)

The Gucci is another lucky snag from Hautelook. I think refreshing the screen a billion times has gotten me lucky because I'd never be able to afford this at full price with a clear conscience. It's so luxurious, it is real crocodile on the outside, and lined in leather on the interior. Pretty much tiny and Jen-sized (don't let the proportions fool you). Eee, my biggest designer purchases ever!

Along with my Urban Outfitters order I also bought this Thistlepearl dress that I had again seen on Chloe here. She said the top was huge but the reviews said the hips ran small so I took a gamble and sure enough, it works for me. A bit loose at the waist, but the hips are nice and small on me, and the shoulder straps were long but are an easy hand-sewing fix. I love the dreamy, floaty fabric. It'll look great with a cardigan and boots for the Fall.

I also bought this ruffle-front bodysuit to wear under skirts based on reviews saying the torso was super short. My own torso isn't actually short, but the bodysuit fit like it was made for me. The linen skirt is also new, from the BCBGeneration store. Love the little buttons and pockets on it, plus it ran small.

Pins and Needles Ruffle Front Bodysuit size XS (more cute bodysuits here and here)
BCBG Linen Skirt size 0 (similar here and here)
Pretty Small Shoes snakeprint peeptoes size 32 - 9cm w/ 1cm platform (similar here)

A polka-dot dress that is adorable but far too large on me. Should I alter the sides to fit or return it?

Pins and Needles Polka Dot Dress in XS (cuter similar here)
Pretty Small Shoes snakeprint peeptoes size 32 - 9cm w/ 1cm platform (similar here)

Another dress. What can I say, I love dresses! Belted, and with its original elastic waist. Thank you Jean for sending me this belt too! I like how the tan belt makes the ruffles look cuter somehow. Also, you can see the black elastic is rather loose on me in the side photo. Hubby likes the dress though, so I'll keep it anyhow.

Kimchi Blue Strapless Knit Dress in XS (similar here and here)
H&M belt in XS (similar here)
Pretty Small Shoes snakeprint peeptoes size 32 - 9cm w/ 1cm platform (similar here)

And to pull things around full circle, (this was not planned either) the outfit I wore yesterday. The slightly more shrunken-from-the-wash Banana Republic navy blazer, and a bit of this adorable White Rabbit print. I also bought these sandals for $7 at the Marshall's by the lake! I love their stock of nicer kids' shoes since they are narrower and fit more like womens'.

Banana Republic navy blazer size 00p (similar on sale here)
Urban Outfitters White Rabbit v-neck tee in XS (similar here)
kids' black woven sandals size 2 (similar here)

I also bought a couple adorable jewlery stands to organize my bling in a cuter fashion. I love the bird one but I'm on the fence about the color of the turquoise basket one. It looked mintier online and mint green is one of my favorite colors. Turquoise I'm afraid will clash too much, so maybe I'll exchange it for the pink one in-stores.

Ok, this blog entry took way longer than intended so it's pretty much bedtime. This wasn't even my fashion part 2 from before. Oh well, gotta get haul posts out before they are all SOLD out, right? :]

Let me know what you think in the comments! Bra sale and giveaway very, very soon!


Disclaimer: Snakeskin peeptoes were sponsored by Pretty Small Shoes. All other products mentioned were purchased by me. Some affiliate links are included in this post.

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  1. i love all the outfits! :) they're gorgeous! :D

  2. THey're all so pretty! You pulled off the cropped pants great :D Thank you for putting the time and effort into your blog for all your fans!

  3. i love all your clothes!! and your bra fitting really helped me out! thank you! =D

  4. Love all the outfit Jen! And those lovely jewelry stands! :)

  5. You are my inspiration, Jen! I love your outfits! And I liked you new blazer!


  6. Yaaay! Been waitin' for this post! Your new additions look beautiful on you. :D And finally glad to see your Chanel and Gucci purses O____O *drool*

  7. Ooo lots of goodies! Let's see, I love the Audrey Hepburn -esque outfit with the Chanel purse! The lace skirt is gorgeous too. I don't think I'll be keeping the Thistlepearl dress... it's almost like lingerie on me... after I shorten the straps, the front lining barely covers my crotch lol. The UO herringbone blazer I'm definitely keeping, even though I think the bust is prolly a little large on me as well. And I vote no on the polka-dot dress... don't think it's worth it. Btw I think we have the same camera!

  8. all the dresses you got are very pretty! i like lace too! very romantic and sweet looking. yay for the cleavage! :)

    aaah! im so jealous you got your ekilove necklace already! im still waiting for my package to come in! ^_^ it looks beautiful on you :)

    congratulations on your first chanel purchase! ruffled leather? kawaii!!! :)

    i think you should just return the polka dot dress and get a new one, alterations are such a hassle (for me at least) ^_~

  9. You make me want to get that jewelry racket. >< Too bad I don't own enough accessories. Haha.

  10. Okay I have actually been waiting for this...so many new things and outfits to take in...oh, where to begin! Took me about 15 minutes to peruse this post : )

    First off what lovely purses you have snagged from Hautelook. I do not have such luck on those sites. Purse shopping online is hard as you have to scrutinize the measurements...a hobo that looks normal may turn out to be big enough to fit you inside. The tan Gucci is the perfect size for you.

    I LOVE the br blazer after it shrunk! Very boyfriend fit in deed, especially nice with those gray skinnies. The audrey hepburn look with the minnies is fantastic...I see now what you mean about rolling up the cuffs. It's still not do-able for me because my legs are shorter than yours and I looked dumpy when I tried it.

    Looks like the trend with your stylin is layering larger/longer blouses under sweaters and jackets. Must try!

    PS - looks like H&M XS belts were made for you. They accentuate and make your waist look even teensier : )

  11. Btw, the pretty small shoes snakeskin peeptoes look gorgeous. The stock photo on the website makes them look ... promiscuous... but they work really well with these casual outfits. The heel doesn't look as high in your photos as it does in the stock....4 inches with platform?

  12. Jen you're adorable and I love your make up tutorials !
    However when it comes to clothes, I'm gonna be honest you're not brining anything new to the table and I hop you don't take this badly me and most of my friends who follow your blog, we get really disappointed by your fashion posts your make up posts rocks inspite !

  13. I love all your outfits. PLNDR.com had that BB Dakota skirt on sale couple of days ago. I was tempting to order size 0 but I ended up didn't. Good thing I didn't because it fits you quite well. Size 0 probably is too small for me. I love reading your fashion posts. You look gorgeous for not wearing any foundation.

  14. I'm so glad you got stff that fit you!!!!! And I'm DROOLING at the Chanel purse Ahhh it's all so amazing!

    That peplum blazer fits you so well too - I'm kicking myself for not jumping on it, all the XS sold out FAST!

  15. Wow, all the items you purchased are so so gorgeous! You're petite but you look oh so elegant and stylish =D. I kept thinking to myself that you reminded me of someone, has anyone ever told you you look like Park Si Yeon the Korean actress? You're so beautiful!

  16. Another great tutorial. Thanks.

  17. This is a great haul! I love the outfits that you put together, they're so cute. :)

  18. Cute outfits! I'm obsessed with this style, but you pull it off much much better. Love cardigans and blazers. I like lace too, but I'm probably the last person that should wear lace. I'm such a klutz I'd snag it on random pointy things. I do that as it is with my cardigans lol. >>

    The Chanel and Gucci bags are awesome finds! Lucky you! I troll Gilt and Hautelook whenever I have the chance, but by the time I see something I like it's already gone. Then again maybe that's for the better.. I'd be even more broke!

    Thanks for the outfit pics! :D

  19. I love your outfits! And I think the Minnie pants look so cute cuffed up!

  20. i want that cropped pants! actually, i liked everything.. gorgeous! :)

  21. You're super pretty and stylish! I really like the giant satin bow you created ^.^
    Love that necklace from Eki too!


  22. Great haul you did !!! i love your new chanel & one shoulder dress!!!

  23. All your outfits are so cute! I especially love the Banana Republic blazer and the Kimchi knit jacket!

  24. Love all your outfits, Jen! You have great style. ^o^ I really like that Gucci handbag you got. The Chanel one's cute too. Would love to see more outfit/fashion posts from you~

  25. All the outfits are amazing! Your're so gorgeous! :D

    Love from Ellen xx


  26. Great outfits and new haul items! It's good that you're finding clothes that fit and look amazing on you! =) It's interesting to see how different items look on different body types.

  27. Hi Jen,

    I'm a regular reader and I love your blog and sense of style. However, with all due respect, I have to say that I am very uneasy about the way 'real crocodial skin' is being glorified as luxurious in this post.

    I am fascinated by fashion but I have always felt very disturbed about the relationship between animals and the fashion world. Animals dying for the sake of our beauty just is such sad reason to end their life (which is often done in a painful manner). Some might say: yeah well, that crocodile killed a lot of animals too. But that is what they naturally do for survival. In this case,it's not matter of survival; it's simply for our vanity.

    I know this is a bit of a touchy subject in the beauty-blog sphere and I'm not trying to personally attack you or anybody else who choses to wear real animal products. This is just my personal opinion on the matter.

  28. OMG...the Kimchi Blue jacket looks so freakin' cute on you! Even if it's a little roomy, it still looks amazing. I hope it takes up a little in the wash!

    Ahh, so that's the BR jacket! Great boyfriend fit on you. I like it a lot. I didn't see that one at the outlets yesterday, so it must have been popular!

    My second favorite outfit after the Kimchi Blue jacket is your Audrey look. The minnie pants look really cute on you rolled up....and that Chanel!.....Yum!

  29. i realized that you are slightly shorter than me from one of your previous posts and i was shocked! i felt embarrassed too as i am much BIGGER than you! wow. now look at what you wore here, nothing i can carry offf. cries...

    you are so small framed and yet so well balane built. jealous and makes me want to slice off all the extra fat on me.

    love this post!

  30. Love your style Jen! I say alter the polka dot dress... it's too cute to return!!

  31. you've perfected the fall cardigan trend :D in fact, i'm really impressed with how much taller you look in such long pieces. your half-up pony is my favourite hairdo. you're so pretty and fashionable, jen!

  32. Can I have your wardrobe.... please? ^^

  33. I actually don't wear make-up often. The only times when I wear any make-up are on special occasions (e.g., weddings, birthday parties, engagement parties, graduation ceremonies, etc.) When I do wear make-up, I use Rujeva Minerals. I have extremely sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin. This make-up line feels light-weight and is not cakey like most mineral make-up lines. It's also non-evasive and non-comedogenic. I adore the last outfit you posted up.

  34. Hi Jen!
    I love to your hauls or coordinates posts! OMGGG!! Chanel!!! When will I ever own one.... You look so pretty!

  35. I love your outfits esp all the outer wear like the bf blazer, cardigan and that jacket. I love how you accentuate our outfits with belt and even a makeshift bow ribbon.

    Could you do video tut on how your style your hair? I esp love your messy bun some entries down when u wore a pink top. Thanx so much dear!

  36. If you wear a sz 2 in kids, does a sz 4 in women's really fit you? I noticed your MK wedges are a sz 4. I'm also a sz 2 in kids so I'm just curious.

    I'm so glad you took a pic and documented cuffed cropped pants. I love them cuffed like that for a casual look. I've seen it all over ads lately.

    Man, this Kimchi Blue Knit Jacket is must-try/buy item! Now I have to go and try it on.

    I <3 the tan belt from H&M gifted to you by Jean.

  37. i love all of these!!! :)

    i do no foundation almost everyday. i only use foundation on very special occasions where we're required to be formal. haha!


  38. Jen your gucci bag is aboslutely pretty!! And so is your UO chiffon dress! Looks kinda korean too :)

  39. wow you scored some amazing items! jealous! that chanel bag and that thistlepearl dress are my favorites, they look great on you!

  40. everything is so cute! you are the total opposite of me! i am a 5'10" korean! love the style, God bless.

  41. ahhh i really really reallyyy want one of those cropped pants haha. i love audrey hepburn, and i love the classic feel the look gives off. :)

    thanks for the post jen <33

  42. I love the way you look at the pictures, you're super beautiful!!!!!!!! <3

  43. I love this post! You look adorable in all of the outfits. As for the dress that is a little too big, i'd probably return it. Unless you are great at altering clothes or know someone that is!

    I need to do more fall clothes shopping now! :)

  44. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do a tutorial for your makeup in this. PLEASE. PLEEEEASE! I LOVE it. It's the perfect blend of cute and sexy, made up and not fully made up! Of course if you already have a tutorial for this you could mention the link in a future post so I don't miss it? ;)
    I'm especially interested in the eye make up part. Thanks so much and I love your blog, your so pretty and such an inspiration :D

  45. Love all the ones w/blazers. Good combos, girl! Very transitional to the fall season. <3

  46. wow...i didnt realize how petite you are. my daughter is 10 and shes prob about the same size as you.

  47. Love your outfits, totally gorgeous!

    I have a question... Sometimes you take pictures with the ultra-slim sony and other times with the compact...
    http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_kRtu3QFUkWc/THRixydOkpI/AAAAAAAAEAE/XPOhzgI_1sE/s1600/naked5.jpg this one is it with the ultra-slim? and this one http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_kRtu3QFUkWc/TF20oQbM91I/AAAAAAAAD1g/OrRZm-6hP60/s640/boagame5.jpg ?
    I wan't to buy a new camera and I love pictures you take...

  48. Um...can I go shopping in your closet?

  49. Pouet: I believe both those pics were taken with my Canon XSi DSLR camera. The first one was maybe my Sony Cybershot T-90 actually....sometimes I can't tell!

    Here's a comparison of the 2 cams I use:

    Hope that helps!

  50. you dress so well :D and i always say this but i loveee your fashion posts! <3

    i want to get new jewelry holders as well. yours look really cute!

  51. I love the blazers! My favourite outfit is the one with the Kimchi Blue Blazer. CUTE!

    I can actually hear you talking when I read your blogs now... (=

  52. that lace skirt is so cute! I like the kimchi dress better with the brown belt. not a big of the black band.

    enjoyed your post, as always.

  53. Oh I love your outfit. You look gorgeous in them. And also I love it that you say what are they and where you got them. Thanks so much Jen ^.~

  54. I love your outfits and your OOTD posts. I find them inspiring because all your outfits are so cute! I'd love to see how you organize your jewelry and makeup. Maybe an idea for a future video/post. ;D

  55. Hello Jen!
    I found your blog and youtube page about 2 day ago and since then i can't wait to get home from university and watch another tutorials.
    I feel so good when i look at you , i don't even feel as tired as i really am ( i have a really busy schedule from 7.30 am until 7.30-8.30 p.m each :(()and mostly i love hearing your voice is so soft and relaxing.
    I think you are a really beautiful women without make-up( in my opinion you could run for miss universe) , but what you do with make-up is form of art.
    You gave a little more faith and trust in me , that even i can be beautiful even if now i have a problem with acne like you used to have( I'm 20 years old now and my skin face is horrible right now).
    I will continue to watch you and maybe learn from you more about lot of things.
    Kisses and hugs from Paula ( Romania)

  56. Hi Jen! where do you go to find blazers? I'm really small too and they're always big on the shoulders or waist for me :[

  57. OMG!! love your outfits!! they really represent your feminine side ;) where did you buy the polka dot dress?

  58. you look lovely.


  59. You look excellent! I have a friend who owns http://whitedressboutique.com and they sell similar dresses & tops on their website! You should check them out!