OOTD: Autumn colors

10:57 AM

Just wanted to post another quick outfit of the day. This is a very, very typical daily outfit for me but this time the colors are what really make the outfit. The combo of burgundy and gold seem really retro and current at the same time, which I love. Nothing too fancy. The components make up the basics of my "must have" closet items which go as follows:
  1. Cardigan
  2. Interesting top
  3. Some layers underneath (since I'm always cold)
  4. Skinny jeans or leggings
  5. Boots

J. Crew merino chiffon-placket cardigan size XXS (similar herehere and here)
Loft satin shell with faux necklace (similar here and here)
Random black lace panel tank top (similar here, here and here)
Seven For All Mankind kids jeans (similar here, womens here)
Franco Sarto "Track" Riding Boots (similar here and here)
He Qi Crystal Designs earrings

I wanted to show the back of the outfit because I hand washed the cardigan in hot water to shrink it. You can see it fits very well now! Before, it was a bit baggier on the torso but now it's perfect.

Here's a close-up of the top. I LOVE this top from LOFT because the color and material look so classy, and the built-in necklace really makes it special. Since I wear cardigans almost daily, I love adding something embellished underneath to catch the eye. I also adore the pretty flower attached to the shoulder. :)

That's it for the outfit! I hope you enjoyed it this time and let me know in the comments what colors you have been leaning toward this season. I'm so looking forward to mint green and coral for the upcoming Spring (which is funny as we are buried under snow at the moment). ;)

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  1. Love that cardi! =)

    OMG, it shrank beautifully! I'm going to try to shrink mine too, but want to get a few more wears out of it first before I take the big plunge. Shrinking things always makes me nervous!

  2. wow, great job shrinking the cardi! it fits you perfectly now and the gold color is beautiful against the darker colors of the top underneath. and i'm loving those boots too as they don't look too big or tall. what a lovely outfit!

    and i'm really looking forward to spring's bright colors. coral and mint are already on my list. :)

    cute and little

  3. How did you dry it? Lay flat? I think I'm going to try your tip and handwash in hot water ... I want to get rid of my cardigan (same one( because it's poofy in the torso.

  4. super cute outfit!!1 i love the mustardy yellow on u!!

  5. PetiteAsianGirl: Yes, I laid it flat to dry. Putting it in the dryer made me nervous because I didn't know how the silk would react, and it gave me more control on different parts that may shrink more than others. (My cashmere cardi's grosgrain ribbon behind the buttons tried to shrink more so I stretched it when I laid it flat.)

  6. That cardi is wonderful. J Crew has the best cardis, but I always find their quality a bit dubious.

    I'm not quite as small as you, but I do find things from J. Crew are sized up, rather than true.

    I have this dream of putting on chiffon "fins" on the shoulders. I love that Saffron Green/yellow color on you.


    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  7. Love the autumn colors!



  8. i love the colors in your outfit, they do give a sort of vintage-y vibe to it, and the built in necklace and flower are really pretty! :)

    Fashion Bag 411
    Beauty Bag 411

  9. Jen, I love your blog btw ~ cute outfit too! BTW ~ which part of the country do you hail from? ~ the midwest? I'm just wondering because I'm in the Midwest and you have been mentioning the snow ;)

  10. another beautiful looks jen! the yellow looks really good with the red ^^

  11. Hi Jen,
    I'm from Australia and I love your channel and your blogs! I especially love all the jewellery segments :)
    Keep up the good work !

  12. I love your cardigan. It's a nice girly twist on the basic cardigan and the color is pretty.

  13. How come you always manage to find the boots that actually fit! I still have all 4 colors of that cardigan because I couldn't decide which one(s) to let go of. Good to know it shrinks so well, because it's a little baggy on me still.

  14. Love this outfit and the colors and texture really adds visual interest. You could always add a tweed jacket for more texture!...can't have enough layers right?! ;)

  15. hey jen, i'm around 5'2 but i'm really skinny and frail lol. i always have a super hard time finding jeans and boots that fit my legs. do you run into the same problem because i was wondering how do you find boots that fit your calves so it doesnt look like your legs are floating in the boot -____- lol.
    and i see that you purchase jeans from the kids size, i dunno how they would fit compared to women's jeans for waist size... just wanted some tips on how you shop for your size.. you're a lot smaller than me but it could possibly help :) thank you!

  16. Hi Jen,
    Love the blog, its amazing. You've inspired me to keep looking for clothes that are cute, because I'm a little smaller than you at 4'8" and 70 pounds. Maybe I can try shrinking my cardis! Thanks for the great idea. Also by any chance do you know where I can purchase Vanicream? My skin is super dry and I can't seem to find it anywhere.

  17. burgundy + gold = classic combo

    i agree with your staples - those are my F/W weekend standbys as well. and it's all about color and texture to make it interesting. and great job shrinking the cardigan! i'd be way to scared to try that, haha.

  18. Everyone is looking forward to Spring already!!! Cannot stand the cold weather and the snow...><

  19. Great outfit and it's great that the cardigan shrank down so well! I'm always afraid that it'll end up too small for me to use. =)

  20. I LOVE your OOTD posts! In my opinion, you are *by far* the best petite outfit blogger around, and I wish you'd post more. :) This post was a bit similar to other bloggers, but overall, I love your creative, youthful, mix-n-match style. I don't think you need to change anything. Just keep being your unique self!

  21. I love that yellow cardigan! You looks so fresh on it ;)

  22. Hi Jen! love ur blog- the little I have learned re: make up is all thx 2 u =) - can you please tell me which design the earrings from this post are "http://www.frmheadtotoe.com/2009/12/little-pupu-little-hqcd-jewelry.html" ? i wud like 1 gt d clr heart1 thx

  23. Hi Jen...just wanted to see whether you have tried eyelash extensions and what your thoughts are...does it work for monolids?

  24. Cute! I think my sweater said to dry clean it; how is it holding up after the dunk?

  25. I love your outfit! Pretty as always!

  26. I like your style but you can also use a white sando or tube . Brown looks very dark but if you will use white you will glow more . But your style is still in