Rania "Dr. Feel Good" MV Inspired Look

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Hello everyone! I hope those in the states had a fantastic Memorial Day weekend. I took an extra day off work so I'm home today and what better thing to do than work on my blogs and videos, right? Right? That's what everyone does on their days off? ;)

Well, I am happy to say that I finished editing my Rania-inspired tutorial because I am really excited about the way it turned out. I know you guys pick up on all the subtleties in the videos, so give yourself a pat on the back if you noticed the improved quality. ^_^ I guess every new equipment has its learning curve, right?

Anyway, here is the tutorial:

Products mentioned: 
MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark
Ben Nye Grande Lumiere Palette (Aztec Gold & Iced Gold) 
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
FAIRYDROPS mascara (discontinued but new version here)
Josie Maran Natural Wonders Palette (bronzer) <-- on sale for $15 right now!T
NYX lipstick in Peach Love

And here is the music video that inspired this look:

Some eye candy screencaps from the video:

So if you watched this video you may notice how sexy it is, which is no big deal for American pop stars, but for a Korean-based pop group? Really controversial! They have had a lot of backlash, especially for a rookie group, and I honestly think it's silly because "suggestive" dance moves aren't really a new thing. The girls in this group are all really talented, not to mention multi-ethnic and multi-lingual. One member is actually Chinese, and there is also a Thai member as well as a Korean-Japanese who was born and raised in Japan.

I hope that they don't keep having so much negativity attached to their name because I really like their debut song and appreciate their darker image amongst the many female kpop groups out there. Just my two cents. ^_~

Here are photos of my rendition of the look:

Bracelet is my Ann Taylor necklace I mentioned here.

Here you can see the shape of the eyeshadow shading.

Anyone recognize these star earrings BoA wore a few years back? I thought it suited the look. ^_^

And I wanted to show a couple photos in natural light. This lip color is nice and peach-nudey.

And just because I have too much fun taking extra silly pics and making gifs out of them, here's one more. Seriously, you can only do so many "sexy face" pics before the puffy cheeks inevitably make an appearance. I'm pretty sure it's a basic scientific fact.

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial as well as the new look and feel of the images! I'm thinking of doing a big blog facelift soonish. We'll see. :)

P.S. - Check out this screenshot I grabbed when @radketastic tweeted me "  look at the two top rated comments~"

Lolllllllllllllll guess I sent lots of people to the video.


Disclaimer: There are some affiliate links included in this post. Joycos lipstick, Lioele brow pencil, and lashes provided by Pretty & Cute. Josie Maran palette provided by the company. FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen Mascara provided by the company. Everything else I purchased myself. :)

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  1. Haha your tutorial led so many people to look up the music video!

    I love it when you do edgy looks yet keeping the smexy appeal :) Will definitely give this look a try!

  2. you look so amazing and gorgeous! :) i like how you did your make up :)

  3. omg! totally love this look,I love the gold ice shadow it looks amazing on you! :) love Rania too, Dr.Feel Good is such a addictive song!


  4. Love this eye makeup, so dramatic and stunning.

  5. This is one of my favorite looks you've done so far! I really love the black fading into gold, and the shape of the eye shading. And LOL I totally went to check out the video too after watching the tutorial on your channel xD

  6. Thank you for another amazing tutorial!! You always look even better than the celebrity herself ;)

  7. Hi! It's nancy (if you remember me, I sent you an email a few months ago). I've seen all of your videos, they're really great.

    Random question: does putting on all that makeup on your eyes ever irritate them? I have really sensitive/allergy prone eyes.


  8. wow you look so much like her! I thought both pics in the 1st photo were you. I love this tutorial!!

  9. love it! you look gorgeous!


  10. You look prettier than the girl in the MV!!!! xX

  11. You are so amazingly beautiful. You look like you could be a celebrity!

  12. nice
    i love the make up
    great post

  13. Jen, you're soooo beautiful! :D Amazing amazing tutorial. I especially love the lip color. (:

  14. I don't know what it is about GIFs but they are so fun to watch.
    You look absolutely stunning as always!

  15. oh wow....this is really edgy yet a look I would not mind wearing (I don't consider myself edgy). You have so many different looks and you always look stunning!

  16. will you do a video on your entire makeup collection and storage? ^_^

  17. I love your makeup here!! You look a lot like the girl in the photo!!

  18. the look is spot on! super sultry and sexy. can't wait to try this out (or have an occasion to wear it)!


  19. Ahhh I love the heavy eye makeup! I should try this out sometime, but without the eye shadow. Since I'm a noob :P

  20. Love this look! Actually I love all your kpop tuts. =)

  21. You really look like the singer but honestly your much more pretty than her hehe :) uhm i tried watching the Music Video, the message of the song is just O_O and the steps CULTURE SHOCK! lol didnt like the song :( 2NE1 is wayy better :D just saying ;D

  22. i am soooo glad you put this tutorial up a) because you did a perfect, fantastic job in replicating the look and b) i have a new song to add to my playlist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  23. OMG... love this tutorial best! And the gold looks a little green in the pics eh? Green + gold + black look good too =)
    BTW Jen, what brush did you use for your blush/contour?


  24. oh, you're so beautiful! i love this look! and you look like her in the first photo! :)

  25. i love this look! you did it so well!

  26. you look pretty hot in this tutorial jen! you did such a great job!


  27. I don't jnow if I like the Music or the Video, but your make-Up is Great!

  28. I love how you did your eye make-up here. This is one of the most amazing tutorials that you've done and you look absolutely beautiful!

  29. very nice tutorial :) I love the color gold on you btw :))

  30. you look so beautiful in this tutorial!! i love the look. :)

  31. You look GORGEOUS! Great job on the look!

  32. Wow! This look is so pretty! I love it :)


  33. Wow, i am amazed that you can do such an identical look. You are so talented! keep up the good work!

  34. hi.. i love your tutorial here.. green e/s super love it..

    random fact about me.. my real name is: rhania ^_^

    hugs and kisses

  35. Hi...miss Jen..:))
    i just want to know where do you buy your make up stuff..and those brands that you have and you mentioned to your videos..Is there expensive here in the Philippines???or you bought it on an online shop??

    hoping for you reply..God bless..:))
    Your great and your videos is really great too..:))

  36. Looks absolutely stunning. I think I might have a go at this look on the weekend.

    You're gorgeous!

  37. omg! u're gorgeous jenn! u really look like her! i thought she is you jenn! hahaha love this tutorial ♥

  38. I agree with you Jen about the sexiness of suggested dance moves. However, I did see an article that shared their ages. From 16 to the oldest being only 23. I think even America would make it controversial if a few 16 year old pop stars shared a music video like this- Look how well they accepted Lindsey Lohan and Miley's Cyrus when becoming an adult at 18years old! ha. Thanks! You're gorgeous!

  39. I love the sexy makeup! :D You're a star in my book! :)

  40. where did you get your earrings? they're really cute

  41. omggg you're so gorgeous jen!!~ >< I love your tutorials (:

  42. Hey Jen,

    How do you feel about the Eyeko eyeliner you used in this video? Would you recommend it? (smudge-wise/asian lids etc :p)

    Thanks for your help!

    Lovely video as always!

  43. you are beautiful!! you could definitely be one of those gorgeous ladies in the video! and this look is just spot on to the original! thank you!

  44. My goodness, I thought the girl on the left (in the comparison photos) were you!!! I don't know if she really does, because I don't follow Rania too closely, but you caught the screencap at the perfect moment - her lips esp resemble your lips! Am I the only one that sees this? :)

  45. hey jen! just wondering but where did you get your earrings from? they're super cute!

  46. this is my favorite look by far!
    and i love all of your tutorials :)

    you're pretty amazing :D

  47. You loook much more pretty than her! SERIOUSly!! :)

  48. Hello Jen! May i know what camera you are using? your photo qualities are also so fantastic!

  49. Love your tutorials as always!! I tried this look out today and absolutely loved it. I was just wondering - what brand was the skinny pencil brush you used for the black shading? It looks really small for a pencil brush, and since I have smaller eye space, I would love to try it out. Thanks!!

  50. what an amazing tut!! i totally watch MOST of the korean music vids because of your tuts, hehee.

  51. blackkberrys: Sometimes my eyes do get sensitive especially when I put eyeliner on my waterline or if eyeshadow falls into my eyes. That's why I only do heavy makeup occasionally for tutorials and I only line my lash line most days.

    grace: I might show a bit of how I store things but I'm considering moving soon so we'll see if it's before or after then. :)

    Lily: I used a blush brush by MakeupShow.

    Kenzie: I have links in my blog post of what I used in my tutorials. They link to shops of where you can buy them. ;)

    Kittin & Amanda: My earrings are from ebay!

    Julie: The eyeko liner is my current everyday liner and it's super black which I love. It does fade on my inner corners since it's not really waterproof but for daily use I LOVE it.

    Phoebe: My camera is a Canon Rebel XSi

    Miss Meow: The brush was from a Sedona Lace brush set that I have... the pink one. :)

  52. Hello Jen,

    I love the new pictures! If you don't mind, could you share a little of how you took all those great pictures? Especially the lighting effect! Love it! Keep it up! Thanks!

  53. Jen,
    How do you keep your eyeliner from smudging? Even if I used waterproof eyeliner, it still smudges.


  54. I had to check out the video too. I love the choreography.
    The gold shadow is amazing in this context. Thanks for the inspiration.

  55. Hey Jen! Love the video. What type of pointy eye brush do you use in the video and where do you get it?

  56. Hey Jen! This is look is very pretty :) I was curious about what kind of camera you use to take your photos? They give the perfect lighting!

  57. Oh my god! You're so gorgeous! I love your tutorials! especially the kpop ones. XD fighting!

  58. Dear,
    Love your tutorial! :)
    You looked stunning as always!

    Could you please tell me what circle lens you're using here? Please? Reply me alright! :D