Saturday, February 18, 2012

Perfect Winged Eyeliner

Hey everyone! I wanted to share another basics tutorial of one of my favorite simple eye looks: the classic winged eyeliner. When done correctly, this look needs no eyeshadow to enhance it and looks really great on those minimal makeup days.

To see how it's done, check out the video below!


Wet N Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner in Black
L'Oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Continuous Cocoa
Shiseido Eyelash Curler
Urban Decay Cannonball mascara
Urban Decay Instaflare Lashes


Chambray Shirtdress is from H&M
Nailpolish is OPI gel polish in Princess Rule!

Here is my final look. For monolidders, skipping the eyeshadow really allows the lashes to stand out which I think is a nice elegant touch. You can especially see on the eye to the right that the half lashes on the ends also blends in nicely and makes the eyes more framed without looking tacky.

With my eyes pointed downward you can see the straight winged line and how far it extends. I've mentioned this in tutorials before, but both my brows and the wing end in the same invisible point at my temples. This gives the look balance and is pleasing to the eyes.

Here's a close up. I kept the rest of my face very minimal with a light touch of BB Cream (application tutorial here), natural blush, and lip balm.

One last thing I wanted to note is that if you have any mistakes, keep a q-tip soaked in eye makeup remover handy to fix any little bobbles you make along the way. With practice, you can create the perfect line that is even on both eyes in just a couple strokes each morning! As you can see, a simple winged line can really carry an entire look so it's handy to keep in any woman's arsenal.

I hope you guys enjoyed the tutorial and let me know in the comments what basics video you'd like to see next. :)


  1. You look stunning!

  2. Very helpful tutorial. It looks great on you!

    I get my wing almost perfectly done but I usually don't line my lower lashline like you do. Also if using a black eyeliner I really cannot skip to do my upper waterline. >:D

  3. Interesting way to put eyeliner on. I've never seen it this way.
    But I'm not sure if it'll work with my eyes.
    The line of your eyeliner is very thick but the shape of your eye absorb it so it looks very nice!
    I always have the problem that my eyelashes stand in the way so all the colour end up on them and not on the eye. That sucks:-)

  4. I really liked this tutorial! I also liked how you braided you hair! Could you do a hair tutorial for that look? :)

  5. I love winged eyeliner and this is a really great tutorial. I've never considered setting eyeliner before but I think that's a really good idea. As much as I enjoy just wearing eyeliner on it's own, I've found that I need to wear eye shadow if I wear primer on my lids as it's not really comfortable on it's own (though I'm not sure if that is a result of too much primer or not).

  6. I love winged eyeliner <3 Very helpful tutorial. It looks great on you!

  7. Hi Jen!
    Great tutorial :)
    I am Asian and have monolids like you, except mine 'fold over' so much that if I want my eyeliner to show when my eyes are open, I end up looking like a goth because half of my eyelid space between my upper lashes and brows is covered in eyeliner.

    It's such a shame because I really love the look of vintage winged eyeliner; like what Zooey Deschanel and Alexa Chung like to sport all the time :(

    Do you have any suggestions as to what I could do to achieve a similar look?

  8. hi Jen!
    great tutorial ;D
    you look like Jiyeon T-ara, hehe

  9. looks great! ill give it ago, my wing tips rarely turn out lol

  10. Eyeliner is deffinetly a staple in my makeup routine, it immediately makes a difference in the way i look!


  11. Thanks for this great tutorial! I too have monolids and I always thought that there was no way for eyeliner to show up, but your video has shown that that's not necessarily true! I will give this a try asap! Do you think a liquid liner can be used in this same way?

  12. Love it! I thought gel liner is hard to apply, but you make it look so easy. I will try it too. Thanks!

  13. great tutorial

  14. could you do a video of all the products you own?
    eyeshadows, lipsticks, blushes like that !
    and tell us what shade or brand you like and you don't and why!!!!
    plz plz plz T^T

  15. This looks so great on you! Unfortunately, I don't think it works for me to not use eyeshadow. Maybe it's just my perception, but my eyes look so sharp that I feel I need eyeshadow to soften them. Otherwise, I think I look mean and unfriendly.

  16. Your eyeliner looks awesome, Jen! I always love to see other's techniques.

    I have a hard time with my eyeliner smudging on the lower lash line and running down...I guess I need to get myself a super tiny brush =3

    Thanks for the tutorial!

  17. Excellent tutorial. I line the same way - thick. Makes our Asian eyes look bigger. You've got to be one of the prettiest girls online :O)

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    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. Thanks for the tut! Makes me want to start wearing my half lashes again!

  20. Your tutorials are always so helpful for me! I'm definitely going to try out this wing, usually mine is much more curved but I'm curious to see how this look will compare.


  21. How about a no - worries won't smudge interview / presentation professional look? I don't wear make up often but for those important days it would be great to look good but not ott ! Thanks for all the great tips !

  22. your earrings are so cute. I notice that you apply the wing of your eyeliner straight across on top. It looks very unique and has an aerodynamic feel to it. It's also nice that your mono eyelids fold over on top, so you can create a thick line and the eyelid covers up most of it, so it still looks subtle!

  23. this eyeliner style is perfect for monolids! :)
    thanks for joining!
    check out my blog!

  24. I love winged liner, no matter how much i practice i cant quite get it :( you make it look so easy and flawless. Must keep learning :0

  25. Thanks Jen, awesome tutorial as always.
    I was wondering if its possible for you to do a couple of basic tutorials like winged eyeliner, neutral everyday/ dramatic smoky eyes on different eye shapes? And maybe a concealer/ corrector tutorial on someone with serious dark circle problem? That would be very, very helpful Jen. Thank you :))

  26. Thanks jen! It's my first time to use angled brush to apply gel liner. I never thought it would work but it just did! I immediately tried your tutorial and was done in just a 3 minutes. made eyeliner easiest!


  27. Jen, I have very deep and prominent double eyelid, how should I do my eyeliner? Please...

  28. This is great! I love the simplicity!

    I am gonna dress up in a doll costume sometime soon. A lot of pinks and lace and girlyness. I would like to see a doll look make-up tutorial. I have asian monolid eyes. Any help would be great! =)

    Keep up the great work!

  29. Great tutorial! Your eyeliner looks perfect!

  30. I loveeeeeeeee your basic videos! Help me to get the make up more perfect :) Can you please do how to wear lipstick perfectly. I'm having problem with lipstik other than matte-kind. It will stray out the lip line and it's really bugging me :/

    Hope to see more awesome videos soon! xoxo :)

  31. Hii Jen!

    Love your videos! And you're soo pretty! :)

    I've seen in previous posts that you use Differin to treat your acne and acne scars. Well, I've been using it for a week right now and my skin is kinda irritaded, it stings even when I apply moisturizer.. I'm not really sure if it's supposed to happen, so I was wondering if you could do a video about your skincare regimen and talk a little bit about Differin!

    Can't wait for your next video, xoxo

  32. Thank you for this video! I love how cleans your lines are! I got your HG gel liner, MAC Fluidline (blacktrack) a month ago but haven't really used it because I haven't practiced enough with gel liners. Do you still use that btw? Since you've been using the Wet n Wild one more often lately, do you prefer it over MAC bc it's easier to use or it's better for oily lids?

    Thanks again for helping out us girls with small Asian eyes =D

  33. i have half lidded eyes so when ever i put on eye liner, you can see it on the outer half of my eye, but any eyeliner on the inner half of my eye disappears when my eyes are open. if i add more eye liner then it just looks really thick. any suggestions?? wish i had monolid eyes ...... >.<

  34. I'm guessing that since you haven't mentioned the MUFE HD or Mat Velvet Plus foundations, you didn't really like either of them, but I'd still really love to hear your thoughts on them.

  35. Great tutorial :) Love that you feature so many tutorials for monolids! I couldn't find the Wet n Wild Gel Eyeliner, so I got the Maybelline one instead. It was really good too!

  36. Love this! My eyes slant downwards and I always have problems trying to achieve the winged look but hopefully this will help!

  37. Hey Jen,

    This is kind of weird, but do you think you could one day do a "How I remove my makeup" video? Not just eye, but skin too! I just realized that I never really knew how and probably somewhat screwed my skin over. Thanks :).


  38. Hey Jen, have you ever tried Nanoce BB Cream? It's a Japanese brand, and I found it by chance one day at Marukai. It doesn't have flashy or even cute packaging, but I find the texture and feel on the skin to be amazing. You should try it! :)

    (I swear I don't work for them or anything. :D)

  39. This is cute. Great tutorial and thanks for sharing.

  40. Hi jen, i know your kinda picky in choosing eyeliners coz some of them smudge easily and run all over your lower eye stuff LOL
    i have the same problem, that happens to me everytime so
    i always use waterproof eyeliners... and until now i haven't found any perfect eyeliner for me.

    I heard there's a new eyeliner product of Milani,
    it's called "MILANI EYE TECH EXTREME Liquid Eye Liner"
    it's like a revised version of their MILANI EYE TECH Liquid..
    i guess the extreme one has a better packaging than that old one..
    You might like to give it a try... If you did, please give a review for that..

    thanks :D

  41. I just saw this and tried this over the weekend. I was actally able to do it but it was a really small line. I'm not used to wearing such a thick line as eyeliner yet but I'm getting there. I want to start creating a thicker line as I have super monolids as well. So thankful for you.

  42. Winged eye looks so good in you.. I've tried your tutorial but I have a very prominent lids, so it looks a little flat. Thanks for the tutorial though :)

  43. I watched your video on youtube and it was really helpful! Could you do a video with like a compilation/tutorial of 5 or so different eyeliner looks??? I would really like to see that!

    -Kaman Chan

  44. Thank you for the video tutorial, you look so pretty as always ^^

  45. This tutorial is great :) I do have a question though-when I put gel eyeliner on, a slight imprint(so I guess it smudges?) occurs further up on the eyelid once my head isn't tilted back and my lid folds up. Any tricks to preventing this?

  46. Thanks for this tutorial... I have always wanted to learn how to put on this winged look! Woo hoo for monolids!

  47. Stumbled upon this beauty blog and I looved the posts here!

  48. I have monolids too, but the outer corner of my eyes folds downward and it's really long too, almost like an upside-down winged eyeliner. I'm just starting out with makeup, so I would love to know how to maybe do a simple eyeliner on my eyes!
    Thanks! Love the vid!

  49. Thank you so much for posting this video! However, I noticed that there isn't any "Eyeliner 101" video like your concealer & mascara videos. Can you please do one to help out the makeup newbies/monolidded girls out there? I finally decided to start getting into makeup after realizing it's so stressful when you DON'T know how to do it for semi-formal events (i.e. graduation, weddings, etc) Once again, your videos have been extremely helpful, especially for monolidded girls like me! Thanks! :D


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