Hyuna "Gangnam Style" Makeup Tutorial

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Hey everyone! I'm sure by now you've all heard the super-viral Kpop song by Psy called "Gangnam Style". He's been everywhere from Ellen to SNL to local radio stations and it's no wonder considering the song is insanely catchy, comical, and has a corny dance to boot. 

Making a cameo appearance in the video is 4Minute's Hyuna who had her signature eyeliner and a funky, fresh-faced look. The makeup tutorial requests came rolling in and of course I was happy to oblige. :)

In case you missed it, here's Gangnam Style with over 350 million views:

And here's my makeup tutorial:

Check out the products I used as well as pics of the look below...


Revlon Colorstay Whipped Foundation in 320
Lioele Skinfix Powder Pact in 23 (code klove10 for 10% off)
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette (individual shadows Chopper, Foxy, Blackout)
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Shisiedo Eyelash Curler
Urban Decay Cannonball Mascara
Urban Decay 24/7 Pencil in Perversion
Etude House Secret False Eyelashes (code klove10 for 10% off)
Urban Decay Naked Palette (individual shadows Naked, Buck for eyebrows)
Stila Bronzing Powder in 01
Urban Decay Super Saturated Lipcolor in Crush


Hoop cross earrings (similar ASOS, similar Forever 21)
Forever 21 striped off-shoulder top
Ann Taylor necklace (similar)
Nailpolish is Orly Rage

These are a few screencaps I took of Hyuna in this video:

And here are my pics of the look!

You can really see the puppy-dog effect of the eyes here. The eyeliner is drawn horizontally out from the bottom lash line, causing a half moon shape.

The shadow on the lid is a neutral shimmery color which doesn't distract too much from the heavy liner and pink gradient lips.

On the cheeks, those with tanner skin can use a warm bronzer between temples and ears like I did. Fairer skintones like Hyuna can use orange or peachy blushes as well.

And of course, what is any good Kpop look without getting into the cheesy dance spirit as well? I have literally been doing this dance all around my new apartment, much to the chagrin of my husband. Hahaha!

After completing this makeup, my husband called me "Hyuna" and I kept doing double-takes when passing the mirror. I usually don't feel that way, but this time I weirdly did see some resemblance since the eyeliner changed my natural eye shape so much. What an odd feeling! Let me know in the comments if this has happened to you too!

Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed the tutorial! 

Leave me requests for the next Kpop look down below. :) 

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial! I never noticed how light Hyuna's eyebrows are... strange!

  2. You are gorgeous and hilarious! Love that you did a tutorial of this. :)


  3. thank you for the tutorial! been waiting for this :)


  4. very nice! ^^ you're so pretty..
    but you're slightly different with hyuna, she doesnt has eyebrow and you has xD lol

  5. I think you're even prettier than Hyuna! ♥ :D

  6. I think Hyuna is gorg, and so are you! Tks for the tutorial. I think it's dramatic but also natural!

  7. You look so beautiful!!!! I really love this tutorial, the make up suits you very well. And I really like your hair, it has grown so much, wow! I love the ombre style you have now, it`s pretty ♥

  8. Simple and beautiful.
    Can you do a make-up/hair tutorial of Orange Caramel's Nana, from the Lipstick m/v?

  9. Apart from the eyebrows the make-up looks identical! :o I'm impressed! :D

  10. Haha! I love it! Hyuna looked gorgeous in this video, despite all the silly. Thank you! :)

  11. go and get your horse dance on! hahaha love it.
    great video! I actually like how it looks with the darker brows b/c in the video it looked a little scary with her bleached brows and dark makeup.
    btw what eyeliner brush do you use with the mac fluidline?

    ♥ Diana

    1. I use a variety of eyeliner brushes but my favorites are angled synthetic brushes like the Sigma E65 http://bit.ly/SigmaE65 :)

  12. love that tutorial although i won't be able to wear that makeup cause i look caucasian ^^" but i'm a super big fan of hyuna. hope you'll make another tutorial after her solo comeback ^-^


    1. You can totally try the "puppy dog" eyeliner even if your eyes are almond-shaped! Just experiment some night when you are home alone. ;)

  13. Great job on the makeup tutorial, love this look!

  14. love the ombre lips! i usually try to do it with lip stain but the lip color stick seems to work better. i shall try it. :)


  15. Wow, you're so gorgeous!!! And I love your tutorials and blog!!! Gangnam style is really becoming worldwide<333

    I would really love it if you visited my blog and if we could follow each other too? :D



  16. haii jenn finally you give us tutorial vid!
    im so happy XD

  17. You did a really good job! I tried bleaching my brows light and I quickly put hair dye back on, because it looks terrible. lol You look really pretty! :)

    1. Hahaha! Well, nothing wrong with trying it once! :) I've actually heard the "Mona Lisa" brow trend is popular in Korea but I could never personally do that. Brows are such an important feature!

  18. Your version is beautiful. I just cannot wrap my mind around why anyone would actually desire to look like the girl in the video. Looks incredibly doctored.

  19. This is so perfect, I love it! Can you do CL's makeup from "I Love You" or maybe Ga In's makeup from "Bloom"? :D

  20. It's so cute that your husband calls you Hyuna! :D I love how that lid color can stand alone. You look great, as always! :D

  21. love the song and the look is also great :)

  22. 안녕하세요

    can you do a home tour tag? :)

  23. Love it! You're beautiful!!!

  24. I loved the look it is gorgeous. I like it because its plain yet stands out. And I am glad that at least you have eyebrows unlike Hyuna. When I first saw the MV I thought Hyuna had no eyebrows. I guess she is trying the "Mona Lisa" eyebrow trend. But it does not match her at all. But I prefer the look with eyebrows. I think you pulled off the look the best out of all the Yotube gurus I have watched so far. I tried the droopy puppy eyeliner but it did not look good on me at all. It makes me a lot younger. I hope that you will do the look from Hyuna's new MV Ice Cream. She has much more dramatic eyeliner in her new MV. And a lot of big lashes. I think it would be a perfect partly look.

  25. I loved the look its simple yet it makes you stand out. And I am glad that at least you have eyebrows unlike Hyuna. I think Hyuna is trying the “Mona Lisa” trend that is currently going on in Korea. But I have to say that it does not suit her at all. I think your tutorial matches Hyuna’s makeup look the best out of all the videos I watched from other gurus. I tried doing the “droopy puppy eyed” look but it does not compliment my eyes at all. It also makes me a look a lot younger than normal. I wonder what eyeliner brand Hyuna uses because her eyeliner is very dark. I know that many Korean makeup artists love Bobbi Brown eyeliner. I hope that you will do Hyuna’s new look from her new MV “Ice Cream”. She had much more dramatic eyeliner and huge falsies.