Clinique Goes To Hollywood

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Hey everyone! Today I wanted to share a few pics from a Clinique event I recently attended. For the very first time, New York-based Clinique held a party on the West Coast in glitzy Hollywood to share their current lineup of products, from color cosmetics to skincare to their men's care offerings (which my husband happens to big a big fan of). I was super excited to see what must-haves and new cravings I would find for Fall here!

The first product that you guys probably know I love and was immediately drawn to were the iconic Chubby Sticks. They are hydrating, colorful, and the easy pencil shape makes them exceedingly purse-poppable as well. Love, love, love!

It's no surprise that the first thing Kassia (my sista' in crime and photographer for the night) and I scoped out were the delicious hors d'oeuvres. Come on. The multi-colored potatoes with creme fraiche and caviar on the left and fig drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette were to-die-for and a happy tummy always makes beauty products somehow more appealing to me. ;)

Around the decorated bar, there were several booths like this "colour" one displaying the line for testing different shades and textures. A Clinique expert was there to give guidance for the best products and I personally took a skincare questionnaire which found that my favorite Moisture Surge Intense moisturizer is indeed the most suitable for my combo-dry, acne-prone skintype.

(Insert silent fist-pump here, of the most ladylike variety, of course.) It's always nice to be told you are doing something right!

To round out the night, we got to leave our mark at the Chubby Stick Mirror, my official-very-unofficial title of the Instagram-happy selfie op. And Instagram I did

No offense to the others, but my Mightiest Maraschino Chubby Stick Intense was the BEST COLOR, wasn't it?! Can't wait to bust that out for the holiday season. 

Wanted to leave you with one last beautiful shot overlooking LA at dusk from the patio of Sunset Tower. A beautiful evening to wrap a lovely event. Thanks so much to the amazing Kassia Phoy for all of these lovely photos! You can check out more of her work on her portrait photography blog and Instagram.

Readers, what is your favorite Clinique product? Do you usually go for vibrant or understated lip colors? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. you are so beautiful and have a good figure :) The outfit is great!

  2. I love a bold lip (especially plum), but I wear more natural shades more often :). Love that mirror picture; so cute! xx

  3. love you're outfit ^^

  4. Omg I adore your dress and how you matched it with your shirt. Really nice post, wish I could go to an event like that x)
    2 Girls and a Blog

  5. Is the chubby lipstick very long lasting? I've personally found Clinique to be hit or miss, and sadly, found very similar products at the drugstore (for a lower price than Clinique). But that doesn't mean that I'm not willing to give them another try, especially if they are coming out with new, improved and re-vamped products. My favorite moisturizer for sensitive combination Asian skin is Philosophy Miracle Worker at night, and the lightest layer of Cetaphil during the day; and occasionally Kimiko Anti Aging Serum for winter months. This power trio keeps my skin clear, even tone and glow-y.

  6. I love the chubby sticks lipstick things they make my lips so smooth! I go for vibrant lips.

  7. The Clinique event looks like suck great fun! And you look absolutely amazing in these pics. Love what you wore -especially the shoes (:LOVE:)

    I love Chubby Sticks so much, I'd probably buy all of them if they were not that expensive. Good thing is there seem to be a number of budget versions out there (i.e. Avon, Korres, Revlon).

    I consider myself more of a neutral color girl (nudes, pinks, dirty pinks etc.) but am not opposed to making a statement every once in a while with something more vibrant and bold (i.e. wine red, plum).

    Christiana @

  8. You look so fab Jen! i love Clinique's pressed powder, always have a backup!



  9. I love the sheer coverage of Clinique's Chubby Sticks, but my lips are so darn picky... the chubby stick formula makes my lips dry out and crack, as do most other lip color formulas I've tried. The only real winner is Too Faced La Creme (<3 the spice spice baby color that you recommended, and I also love bumbleberry), but their color selection is limited. I've even tried YSL and found, strangely, that the matte Pur Couture line is less drying than the Sheer Candy marketed as a tinted balm... but I prefer the sheer coverage for everyday wear. Maybe I'm allergic to some common moisturizing lip ingredient? (I don't otherwise have sensitive skin but I do suffer from stress-triggered eczema.) Do you have any suggestions for lipsticks that have a similar formula to Too Faced?

  10. This so a cute post! I love the pics! I don't actually have a lot of clinique products but always wanted some, especially stuff from their lip collection. I also don't usually wear bold lip colors, cause I have no events to wear it too. But I still enjoyed this post so much!

    Stephanie Dong Fashion +

  11. Fun photos! ^__^ You look gorgeous as usual and the food looked delectable! ^__^b Haven't tried the Chubby Sticks but have had my eye on them for a while! ^^;

  12. your outfit is lovely and the Clinique event looked absolutely amazing.

  13. Hi Jen, I really like your prom makeup tutorial and it was really thorough and has many useful tips. Could you make another makeup tutorial for graduation day, please?

  14. I've been primarily a Clinique girl since I was in Grade 10 and even over 15 years later, to this day I still go back to them for some of their products. Currently I use their Superdefense Age Defense Moisturizer with SPF 25 as my day cream and their Take The Day Off Makeup Remover for removing my eye makeup! Also from a recent Gift with purchase, I've been trying out samples of their Moisture Surge Intense and Chubby stick in Curviest Caramel from your recommendations! Liking them so far, and I always look forward to your new product reviews! Thanks, Jen! :)

  15. Hey Jen! I don't know if you still use mario badescu drying lotion, and his hyaluronic eye cream. But they both have horrible reviews by paulaschoice. I've found the paula's choice website a good resource for when I'm deciding whether to try out a new product.
    The drying lotion contains calamine with zinc oxide, which is extremely toxic, as well as alcohol which is really bad for your skin. The eye cream's second ingredient is an irritant as well.
    (BTW the origins ginzing eye cream also has a bad review because of irritating plant ingredients).

    1. I wanted to add that the 5% benzoyl peroxide cream by Clean & Clear (Persa-Gel 5) is really good at drying out zits. And benzoyl peroxide is proven to work, unlike the weird ingredients in the MB drying lotion.

  16. love your skirt !!

  17. Hey Jen! Love your outfit! Did you get a haircut recently? I was wondering, what do you ask when you go in for a cut? Thanks! :) xo

  18. Me encanta la renovación de productos que ha hecho Clinique, le hacía falta un pequeño lavado de cara :)

    Kyllie | Make Up Fragrances