Sunday, April 20, 2014

❤ Spring 2014 Lookbook ❤

Hello everyone and Happy Easter! Today I wanted to share with you a lookbook that I worked especially hard on, hiking through mountains, flower fields, and beaches to bring together something that hopefully feels like an effervescent sartorial experience.

Sit back, relax, and come with me as I share my Spring 2014 Lookbook through the natural beauty of Malibu!

Outfit 1: Flower Girl

Shorts | Lucca Couture
Backpack | DailyLook
Heels | Vince Camuto (similar)
Sunglasses | Forever 21
Sweater | DailyLook

Outfit 2: Smoke Baller

Drop-Hem Skirt | Top Shop
Top | StyleStalker
Necklace | Dailylook
Ballcap | ASOS
Clutch | DailyLook
Heels | Nine West (similar)

Outfit 3: Mod Cropped

Lady Day Coat | J.Crew
Sunglasses | Le Specs
Crop Top | JOA
Origami Skirt | ASOS
Ring - Dailylook
Lips Clutch - Dailylook

Outfit 4: Maxi Mermaid

Maxi Dress | Dailylook
Necklace | Dailylook
Sandals | Report

Ok, I'm not going to lie. It was freezing when we did this whole shoot and the beautiful wind was SO SCARY to stand with on top of a mountain, in heels and a dress, while pretending to be happy and warm. Kassia was shouting that it was a "hot tropic lava day" which was making me crack up but I was sure I was going to tumble away or have my teeth chattering on film! Thank goodness it all came together beautifully but you guys would definitely have laughed at me if you'd have seen us in person. Small secrets to "get the shot." ;)

Thank you endlessly to my bestie Kassia Phoy for having the vision of a goddess and capturing yet another cinematic lookbook. If you want to check out more of her work you can follow her on Instagram @kassiaphoy and on Facebook.

Readers, what are your most-loved spring fashion trends this year? Which outfit was your favorite? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. Alwe tu pięknie!Nie mogłam się oprzeć by nie zaobserwować Twojego bloga,będę tu na pewno stałym gościem :-)
    Ps.Wesołych Świąt!A zdjęcia są bajkowe :-)

  2. Love the ball cap on you in the second outfit! Always enjoy watching your Lookbooks, so cute and well edited~~

    LIVE . IN . LOVE


  3. You are so cute! Can you please say where you bought your necklace in outfit #2? xo Kelly

    1. Oh my gosh I can't believe I forgot to include it! It's from Dailylook and I added the link under the outfit. It's one of my favorite necklaces right now!

  4. all of your outfits are gorgeous :))

  5. The video is so cute! You don't look cold at all :P I love outfit 4! My favorite spring trends are always flower patterns and pastel colors! :)

  6. Love that floral maxi! Gorgeous!

  7. OH MY GOOOSH this lookbook is too cute!! I just LOVE everything and the photos came out so well!!! I can only imagine trying to stand in the wind on a rock in heels while trying to look happy XD So hard!! Thanks for sharing!!

    xoxoxo, Cindy⭐︎☽

    1. Haha yeah it was really scary! We were really high up! Thanks so much for watching. :D

  8. such a sweet spring lookbook!! Outfit No.1 is my favourite!! <3

    Boonya of the arty wardrobe

  9. beautiful outfits, beautiful places, beautiful girl, beautiful photos!

    xx Lauryn

  10. The pink dress is most beautiful!
    Discover fashion & cool stuff under $50 every day.

  11. I love all your pictures! Can't wait to see more of them ♥


  12. love all these Spring outfit! maxi mermaid is my most favorite.


  13. it just perfect! love it Jen... <3 you look gorgeous :)


  14. Very pretty ! Love the pink dress !

  15. Outfit 1 and 4 is my fav <3 <3

  16. you look gorgeous (as always) and great photos from kassia also!

  17. Where did you get the smoke flare from? Is it safe to use? I'd like to get one for a photography session! Let me know. Love you Jen!

  18. AH! I recently saw a black version of that dress on ideeli! I really wish I got it, but it sold out so fast.

  19. With what do you take photos ? Its so gorgeous


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