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Hey everyone! As someone who is passionate about beauty and following dreams, I find it so important to seek out the perspectives of ladies who inspire us. Today I wanted to share with you Wendy Rowe, Burberry's Make-up Artistic Consultant who is a fountain of makeup wisdom and uses her talents to help develop products and visual direction for Burberry's runway looks each season. Dream job status, am I right? Not only is she an impressive #girlboss but is a truly charismatic and inspirational woman in person so I wanted to take my opportunity of collaborating with Burberry to interview her and get a peek inside her life!

As Burberry's Make-up Artistic Consultant, you have a big role in guiding the beauty look for a runway show -- what's your first step in that process?

It always begins with a conversation with Christopher Bailey and looking at the collection together. We talk about the ‘woman of the season’ and I then go away and do some research, come up with ideas which I then present to him. Christopher will tell me what he likes and dislikes until we realize his vision.

What is it like for you during the week leading up to London Fashion Week?

It’s nice to be back in London for a bit as I spend quite a lot of time in New York. We’re usually in lock down at Burberry HQ in the lead up to the show, but I have my team around me so even though it’s long days and nights, it’s what I love doing. 

Top 3 must-haves for Fashion Week, not related to beauty.

  • Yoga
  • Pure Skin Juice
  • My Burberry watch

What's the best way for someone to adapt a look so that it works on the runway and in real life?

When we think about the looks on the runway, we take into account the everyday person, so the looks are designed to be easy to wear. Check out the tutorial I did live on Sephora.com; we always think about real women when we’re creating a beauty look. 

How do you find inspiration for new beauty looks?

I sometimes have to come up with things, looks, ideas for new products that don’t exist and this always pushes me and drives me to be creative. I can take inspiration from anywhere – things I see, art, films, people on the street. 

What's the most recent product (or innovation) that has changed the game for you?

It hasn’t changed the game for me because I’ve been doing it for years, but the Burberry Effortless Contour Pen will change the game for women for sure.

How do new products and technologies impact the looks you create?

Normally, I try and create a look first and then come up with the make-up I’ll use. Sometimes regular make-up doesn’t work, so you have to come up with solutions, sometimes involving mixing products together. The idea for a new product will usually come from an issue we have on a shoot and we have to think about how we can solve the problem and figure out something that will work better.

Burberry beauty is inspired by a classic British look. How do you think that translates internationally (or is it affected at all)?

I think everyone wants to look beautiful and make the best of their features. I don’t think looking “British” alienates the rest of the world. There’s lots of different types of British girls, the main thing about the British girl is the attitude and the way she wears something.

If someone is new to Burberry Beauty, what product would “introduce" them to the brand? 

What's your beauty mantra?

Always take your make-up off before going to bed.

Thank you so much Wendy for taking the time to answer these questions! She truly personifies the confidant, classic British woman Burberry Beauty is all about and I've got to say, I personally agree about the contour pen being a "game changer" since it has already incorporated itself into my daily routine. Hope you all enjoyed the interview and let me know if you'd like to see more interviews like this in the future!

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  1. What an amazing post, I loved all the tips! The photography is fantastic too x

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    1. Thanks so much! Wendy's so inspirational isn't she? :)

  2. I agree! I loved hearing Wendy's perspective not only of working the shows but also developing products because there was a direct need for it. She really knows what she likes and wants!

  3. Watched your video using the contour sticks and they seem so effortless to use!

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  4. I love this interview! Wendy seems so inspirational and cool. I would l love to meet her one day.
    girl C www.fromgirlc.wordpress.com

  5. I got that contour stick! thanks for the tutorial!