Everyday Contour & Highlight Tutorial

12:25 PM

One of the questions I get asked most frequently in person is if I can teach how to contour for everyday wear. Although I've done contour and highlight tutorials separately in the past, it's just one of those makeup techniques that isn't necessarily straight up obvious and can seem intimidating or a hassle to do everyday. 

The upside is that with contouring becoming ever so popular via the Kim Kardashian revolution, companies have also developed some really fantastic products that truly make the task so easy that it's quick and effective for everyday use. Hooray!

Today I wanted to share with you my everyday, totally do-able contour & highlight routine featuring the fantastic Burberry Effortless Face Contouring Pens which I had promised I'd do a tutorial showing you how I use. A little extra sculpting and lifting (using makeup which is painless, unlike surgery or exercise haha) never hurt nobody!


Liquid Highlight | Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base in Nude Radiance No. 01
Medium Contour Pen | Face Contour Effortless Contouring Pen in Medium No. 01
Dark Contour Pen | Face Contour Effortless Contouring Pen in Dark No. 02 
Highlighting Pen | Fresh Glow Highlighting Luminous Pen in Nude Radiance No. 01

Readers, have you tried contouring pens? Do you incorporate contouring or highlighting in your daily routine? Let me know your best tips and favorites in the comments!

A huge thank you to Burberry for partnering with me for this video!

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  1. I actually went to Nordstrom and bought the stick! your tutorial makes the contouring so easy and quick!


    1. It's really awesome isn't it? I love how it feels creamy but dries down so it doesn't look greasy. So glad it's working for you! :)

  2. I am really loving your hair color in this video and in the photos for your new line at Mejuri. If you don't mind sharing, could to send me photos of your hair from the front,back and sides (pre-curled if your hair isn't naturally curly or permed so I can see where the highlights are) so I could bring them to my stylist when I get hair colored this Saturday? (email is jessikers11(at)gmail.com) I first found your blog when I was looking up ombre hair 3 years ago and found your amazing post. I have been following you ever since!

    1. Actually there's a whole video on my hair on my friend Guy Tang's youtube channel! https://youtu.be/ADJYQjR-1UE It shows my hair from all angles so I hope it's helpful! ;)

  3. I have a contouring stick from Tarte and it also works perfect for this! I love how easy it is!

  4. I got my Sephora invite to the early access rouge event! What're your suggestions on products I should snatch up? Holy grail sand new items?

  5. Awesome video. But i also love your lipstick! Pls share what it is!

  6. Hi Jen, as much as I enjoy getting pretty and dolled up, I'm also very lazy. Over years of experimenting with skincare, hair and makeup products, I've racked up a ton of them, all used a little and never touched since. Most don't have a date so I don't even know if they'd be bad to apply now. What's the rule of when to toss? If you got something and you don't like it, but can't return it (like items from Asia), is there a place you could go and donate them or something?


  7. I love how the pen is really slim compared to other contouring sticks out there! Bulky sticks make precise application a bit difficult. And the shade isn't too orange like the Tarte sculptor stick :P I will definitely get this! Thanks Jen!

    Stephanie | Beauty Bucketeer

  8. I've always been afraid of contouring but you make it so easy with these pens. I think I'll try it out! Thank you Jen!

  9. Hi Jen,
    I LOVE your make up from your jewelry collection post! Can you do a tutorial on it please?!


  10. Cool tutorial!! It helped me :)