TRAVEL DIARY | London with Burberry

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Ahh, London, how I adore you! The breathtaking architecture, the royal palaces, beautiful gardens, and of course the epicenter for the impeccably dressed during London Fashion Week. London just oozes history and charm and I was absolutely elated to join the Burberry team to experience it first hand.

Our trip started off with visiting Covent Garden to pop into the Burberry Beauty Box, a boutique featuring the entire Burberry Beauty range as well as fragrances and a scarf bar. I personally loved the giant My Burberry perfume bottle outside and wished I could take it home with me. :)

We next dropped by Burberry HQ aka Horseferry House to watch Burberry Make-up Artistic Consultant Wendy Rowe give a walkthrough of the Spring/Summer 2016 runway look, including my favorite blurred lips like I showed in my tutorial.

The following morning was show day. My heart fluttered a little when I opened up the invitation with my name hand written on the envelope. 

Look how beautiful the laser-cut lace is on the invitations!

Before stepping out, I sprayed a pump of My Burberry eau de toilette on my wrists which is an absolutely lovely floral, perfectly matching the feeling of a London garden blooming with fresh flowers. There's a crispness to the scent coming from top notes of lemon flower and sweet pea which is softened with a heart of peony, peach flower, and freesia, and leaves with a base of damask and centifolia roses, white moss, and a touch of musk. 

For the record, this eau de toilette lasts much longer on me (4-5 hours) than nearly all of my other perfumes so if you love clean florals scents that will last an entire evening this is an excellent pick. The scent is forever etched into my mind intertwined with Kensington Gardens and the Burberry show and if you smell this perfume, you'll understand why. :)

I kept my outfit for the show simple yet elegant with a deep burgundy (by now we all know my obsession with this color) knitted silk wool Burberry dress and a Burberry heritage trench coat which was well-suited for the chilly London weather. It's serendipitous that I picked this outfit before I knew the look for the season was oxblood lips but I was so happy to bust out that fresh lippy!

Can you spot me working the red carpet press? Cara Delevingne is looking flawless as always!

All in all, the whole trip was beautiful series of unforgettable moments that made me so grateful to be there in person, absorbing all the inspiration as it was happening. 

Readers, have you ever been to London and what was your experience like there? Is your beauty routine inspired by places you visit? Let me know in the comments!

Huge thank you to Burberry for partnering with me for this blog post! I'm so honored to have gone on this incredible trip and have all the experiences it entailed.

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  1. I was in London for one day, and even though it was pouring, I still made it to see the famous attractions. It is truly a magical and eclectic city. I love the deep burgundy dress, your hair color matches beautifully with the outfit!

  2. "oxblood" <3

    It looks incredible! I admit I did a little happy dance when I spotted Liu Wen in the second picture from the bottom!

    1. Yes, yes, yes! I was SO excited to see her when I was covering the red carpet too! I could also spot Cara Delevingne, Benedict Cumberbatch, Kate Moss, and Sienna Miller from where I sat as well but didn't want to take creeper shots. ;)

  3. Hi Jen!

    Thay trench coat looks amazing on you! I have a couple questions on the coat. Are you wearing the smallest size? How does it fit right off the rack? I'm looking into getting myself a Burberry trench coat, and being a petite girl (5'1"), I was wondering how the Sandringham one would fit me.

    Thank you!!


  4. you visited Mothership! ^_____^ I thought it was you during the live stream, but got distracted by the clothes ehehehe. Surprised you didn't make off with a souvenir from the Scarf Bar
    fyi I've been following you for about as long as I've been working for Burberry. I've always mentioned to colleagues when beauty bloggers of Asian descent mention Burberry, and I'm glad you're partnering with Burberry now!

  5. Love that Burberry trench coat! classic and chic!

  6. Beautiful photos! I'm glad you had a good time at the Burberry event and fashion week!

  7. Such a cute post!!! Love your hair and lipstick, the colour suits you so well!! <3 xxx

    Louise |

  8. London is a city that's always filled with so much history, culture, and art :)
    Loving your looks so much - you emulate that classy elegance that defines London's fashion <3
    And congrats on getting to work with Burberry! You're always an inspiration, Jen! :D

    xo, elizabeth t.

  9. I was in London last month for a few days and felt in love with it! It's good to hear your London experience Jen!

  10. Stunning pictures! I envy you! x

  11. Wow! I love how not only did the trench coat happen to match your outfit, but it was an eclectic peice that goes along with that whole aura of England in general.

  12. Oxblood~ Congrats on working w Burberry Jen - too exciting! :) Hope you and Ben had a super time. Perhaps you could also do a London travelogue or post? Would be lovely to see!
    Thanks for always being such an inspiration! <3


  13. I love your style! elegant, feminine but strong. Your make-up tutorials are inspirational and easy to follow. Big fan of yours! I subscribed to your youtube chanel for years now :) you are beautiful in your london's pictures

  14. How fun! Gorgeous look while there too ;)

    x Stephanie
    Blog: Honey & Silk

  15. Very elegant and chic + you are in LONDON!