Snow White Halloween Look

3:49 PM

Like I mentioned before, I went as Snow White last year for Halloween. I absolutely loooooved my costume last year and had some fun makeup to match. For you petite girls, I recommend the Leg Avenue costumes because the xs actually fits true to their sizing chart, which fit me.

The look is really innocent and pure, with red lips and defined eyebrows and eyes. It's important to start with a really even base. Make the concealer perfect under your foundation so your skin looks really smooth. Then, add a rosy blush. You can always highlight your cheeks too.

For the eyes, I used brown and pearl white shadows. Use a good dose of liquid eyeliner, false lashes, and black mascara similar to the "bright eyes" look but more exaggerated. Also, fill in the brows so it looks a little bit more refined and glamorous.

For the red lips, first prime your lips with a good scrub and chapstick. After the lip balm has absorbed into your lips enough, take a red lip liner and fill in your entire lips. Finally, apply your red lipstick (I used a Lancome lipstick in Cherry Jubilee) and blot your lips with a tissue. You can then either dust your lips with a bit of powder for matte lips or add a bit of gloss on top like I did for a shiny look. Oh, by the way, this is a monolid look since it was Halloween '07 before I experimented with the tapes. Not too different, right? Sometimes I get double lids with just falsies too. :)

Here's a full view of my costume. I loved that little cape. :P

Just me being silly with some fridge magnets. <3
And who is this sexy thang? Oh, just my Prince Charming before I married him. I made his costume but I think I did a good job! What do you think?

Sooooo excited for Halloween this year!

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  1. very nice costume. u really do look like snowwhite. haha. i like how u made ur guy's costume, looks just like the picture.

  2. Yeah, I've always thought there wasn't much difference with or without the tapes - esp. with the right makeup and falsies. Maybe you should just go natural with your beautiful eyelids! I've always preferred the natural look on you anyway, I thought the tapes were sort, distracting lol but you do look gorgeous either way! :)

    I agree with the previous poster, you really looked like Snow White! I loved everything about your makeup, hair, and costume! And I loved what you made for your hubby. It's so perfect. Btw, you really have a good man there. Any guy who dares to wear matching costumes (let alone a prince costume) and then take pictures (that will go down in history) is worth keeping!! lol Love you guys together! So cute!!

  3. my, you guys are so awesomely cute together!!!
    matching costumes do rock! my bf went as prince charming as well =)

  4. yall are so cute together! i love the matching snow white and prince charming outfit. that's just way too cute :3

    and u did a great job with ur husband's outfit! if u didn't tell us that u made it i would have thought that you bought it.

  5. Hey, I love the snow white look! Also, props for making the costume for your guy! I wish I can sew..

    I have a question that's kind of offtopic, but which do you prefer: double eyelid glue or tape? Also, do you have a personal testimony for any of them?

  6. hey jen, what did you fill in your eyebrows with? it looks so natural. :)

  7. WoW, you guys look so cute together :P Looks just like that picture from snow white. I visit your blog sometimes and always thought you are creative :) see you around

  8. Catherine: Actually, it seems I developed an allergy to double eyelid glue. I wrote a post about it when I had my engagement shoot. My eyes get horribly red, itchy, and puffy for days! Even before then I liked tape better though. It is more consistent with holding the crease and doesn't mess up makeup like glue does. :P

    Anonymous: I just used some charcoal-colored eyeshadow. I think it was from that Revlon colorstay quad that I always use? pencils are too harsh, in my opinion.

  9. Amazing costumes! Must have taken you quite some effort to put together such an ensemble, but it obviously paid off because you guys looked great :D

  10. haha how tall r u? ur husband makes everyone look like a midget it seems haha!

  11. You're the prettiest and sexiest Snow White. Your husband is cool {really loves you} to wear the costume you made. Very cute couple.