Wednesday, October 29, 2008

NYX Haul

I got an excellent haul of NYX products from and I have to say, I'm really happy with my purchases this time. Those who follow the blog know I am a huge fan of NYX products and this was no disappointment.

My haul:

6 eyeshadows
- Hot Orange
- Vanilla Sky
- Wild Fire
- Ocean
- Atlantic
- Luster

1 blush
- Pinky

3 Round Lipsticks
- Snow White
- Doll
- Louisiana

2 Mega Shine lip glosses
- Gold Pink
- African Queen

1 nail polish
- Wild

close-up of the eyeshadows:
(left to right) hot orange, vanilla sky, luster, pinky blush, wild fire, ocean, atlantic

close-up of the lipsticks:

I decided I needed some better blues in my shadow collection and my favorite of the blue/greens I got was Atlantic which is a gorgeous deep, bright blue. Also, and after seeing this adorable hot pink look on the nyx website (and in lots of magazines) I really wanted a good hot pink lipstick and blush. Louisiana is perfect for the lips and Pinky is okay... no dupe of this really hot pink MAC creme color base a makeup artist used on me once, but still nice and pigmented. I'll definitely try to recreate the look soon.

I've been a little under the weather, but hopefully I'll be good for Friday's Halloween party. I need some good bruised-eye makeup for my boxer girl costume. :P

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Snow White Halloween Look

Like I mentioned before, I went as Snow White last year for Halloween. I absolutely loooooved my costume last year and had some fun makeup to match. For you petite girls, I recommend the Leg Avenue costumes because the xs actually fits true to their sizing chart, which fit me.

The look is really innocent and pure, with red lips and defined eyebrows and eyes. It's important to start with a really even base. Make the concealer perfect under your foundation so your skin looks really smooth. Then, add a rosy blush. You can always highlight your cheeks too.

For the eyes, I used brown and pearl white shadows. Use a good dose of liquid eyeliner, false lashes, and black mascara similar to the "bright eyes" look but more exaggerated. Also, fill in the brows so it looks a little bit more refined and glamorous.

For the red lips, first prime your lips with a good scrub and chapstick. After the lip balm has absorbed into your lips enough, take a red lip liner and fill in your entire lips. Finally, apply your red lipstick (I used a Lancome lipstick in Cherry Jubilee) and blot your lips with a tissue. You can then either dust your lips with a bit of powder for matte lips or add a bit of gloss on top like I did for a shiny look. Oh, by the way, this is a monolid look since it was Halloween '07 before I experimented with the tapes. Not too different, right? Sometimes I get double lids with just falsies too. :)

Here's a full view of my costume. I loved that little cape. :P

Just me being silly with some fridge magnets. <3
And who is this sexy thang? Oh, just my Prince Charming before I married him. I made his costume but I think I did a good job! What do you think?

Sooooo excited for Halloween this year!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Grudge Halloween Makeup

A photographer wanted to do a Grudge-inspired shoot and so I decided to come up with a makeup look for it. Halloween is coming up, so I thought it would be appropriate to post up the quick tutorial for the look.

-MAC fluidline in blacktrack
-Foundation or powder 2 shades lighter than your skin
-Black eyeshadow
-Eyeshadow primer
-NYX lipsticks in Rea and Eros
-Black mascara

First, start with a foundation/powder color that is about two shades lighter than your skintone. The goal is to look very even-toned and pale. Next, apply bronzer to the hollows of your cheeks. Then shade in your eyebrows a dark color. 

After priming your lids, take a cream liner or color base in black in a thick line along your lash line. Also line your bottom lash line.

Next, use a looser eyeshadow brush to apply the black shadow in a gradient from the lashline to the brow. This should be applied with a gritty look. It doesn't need to be smooth and perfect, but try to keep it a consistent gradient. I also added a couple coats of black mascara to un-curled (straight) lashes. 

Use the same shadow process to apply eyeshadow along the entire bottom lash line from the tear duct to the outer corners. 

For the lips take a pale, flesh-toned lipstick and apply it to the outer rims around your lips. I used NYX round lipstick in Rea. Then, apply a bright red lipstick to the inner third of your lips. I used NYX round lipstick in Eros. Blend the two lipsticks together. The effect is very eye-catching in person and has a bit more punch than just plain nude lips.

Here is the final look. Nothing too fancy...I might do a real Halloween look soon. My costume is a boxer girl, so I'm thinking a cute face with a black eye. Now hide your children before I come and eat them.

Speaking of which, let me know what you're planning on being for Halloween! I was Snow White last year and I should dig up those pics and share the makeup look. So much fun!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

For Audrey and MAC 3D Glass

First of all, I apologize for my scruffiness but it was a super casual retro polo kind of day. I wanted to share a couple of my most favorite purchases as of late. I haven't had a post about nails for a while and although it is completely not the season (unless you are an Aussie ;) I have been completely obsessed with a color from China Glaze called "For Audrey." It's the color of Tiffany's blue! I had been scouring for this color everywhere... Ever since I saw one of my favorite models wearing it, it was lust.

Just a simple creme light turquoise polish, and I had come up with disappointment after disappointment until I found this. It's so love! I wanted to see the color so I just did one quick layer but even with just one, it's so opaque! I was impressed. I also bought Red-Curl Grl and Blushing by China Glaze but I have yet to try them out. For anyone wanting to get polish online, I bought mine from and they shipped quickly and safely.

I also recently discovered a Cosmetics Company Store about 20 minutes away from my house and in the excitement of the new discovery, bought MAC 3D Glass in Racy. Apparently the 3D glasses were less sticky and more moisturizing than their lipglass brothers. I have to say, I really love it. Racy is a sheer yet pigmented hot pink-red color that really brightens your lips. My bathroom is dark so you can't tell, but it's a stronger color than it looks here.

With my good fortune I have to ask, what awesome products have you picked up lately? I'd love a couple of good recommendations. :)

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Silverscreen Glam

As you probably know, I am a huge fan of bright colors so I wanted to try something a little different. This look was inspired by vintage movie star glamour. I used silver tones, and made the look more office appropriate with some coral lips.

One way you could look at this is to approach it as a smokey eye without black. I used three main shadows: light silver, medium silver, and charcoal.

What you want to do is to first prime your eyes with an eyeshadow primer. I used urban decay primer potion. Next, use the medium silver to cover your entire lid below your brow bone. Use the charcoal to contour the outer corners of your lids, as well as the outer half of your lower lash line. Then, highlight the brow bone and along the inner half of your lower lash line and tear duct. You can also use the highlighter color to blend into the tear duct on your upper lids too.

Next, use a black cream liner (or liquid liner) to line your upper and lower lashes. You'll want to wing out the liner a bit. One trick I use is to draw the wing in a straight line out from your upper lash line. It will look winged up when your eyes are open.

Typically, this look goes with red lips but I wanted to make it look a bit more wearable so I put a reddish gloss over neutral lip liner-covered lips.

Voila! A classy look with neutral greys, perfect for fall or the holidays. Like I said, this isn't a color I usually try but I ended up loving it! So I'm curious to know, what is your usual color palette and what do you want to try that is outside of your norm?

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