Sugar(plum) vs. Spice(smokey evergreen) FOTDs

4:44 PM

Here's a couple of very different looks I've sported lately. I recently had a commenter accuse me of always using the same technique with different colors. Not that this is really in defense of that (since I took the photos before the comment was made) but I suppose it is proof that, no, I don't always do my makeup and shadows in the exact same way! I do love to experiment and that includes two of my favorites, the sweet look and the smokey look.

First off is a look I call "Sugar Plum" as it is a mix of pinks, purples, and a hint of innocent sparkle.

NYX trio in Team Spirit - Lilac color
NYX Purple single shadow
NYX cherry (with a very light hand)
NYX Vanilla Sky for highlight
Revlon colorstay eyeliner in Vixen (plum)
NYX jumbo eye pencil in cottage cheese

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipgloss in a nude/clear color
Revlon Sugar Sugar Lip Topping in Snowflake

NYX Mosaic Powder in Highlighter

Sorry, but I can't seem to remember what blush I was wearing! Possibly NYX Powder Blush in Pinky.

My second look is a sultrier Smokey Evergreen eye. I used Revlon Bedroom Eyes powder liner in Jaded as the basis for this look and I really love how it turned out. It's actually really simple to do and a little sexy but still appropriate for daytime.

Other than highlighter I really only used that one color using what I'd call an "almond eye" technique. I didn't really shape the shadow other than to follow the curve of my lid. If you have an almond on its side, the highest curve would be where the shadow hits highest, 3/4 out from your lid. This look emphasizes the crease (or tucked eyelid for monolidders) and lets the smokey eye peek out when you blink. Apply the green shadow and highlight under the brow.

The most important part is to take a good blending brush and blend the green shadow up so that it looks soft. Use the same green shadow to line the bottom lash line softly. Fill in your brows to balance the dark eye, add black liner and mascara and you are done!

Oh, for this look I also definitely used J. Lynne mineral foundation, blush (Crush), and lipgloss (lip glaze in Julianne). Here are some swatches.

Also, Jennifer lip glaze pic. Fun coral pink color which I love not just because it has my namesake!

I'm loving my Jennifer lipgloss! Weeee!

Dang this is a long post, but I also wanted to add my Solotica Hidrocharme Branca (Ice) since it's been so long. This is with the Smokey Evergreen look.

From afar...

Hope you aren't too freezing where you are. It's 8 degrees Fahrenheit here right now! RIDICULOUS!


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  1. 8 degrees?! lucky! it's under zero here, maybe -10?

    i absolutely love that sugar look, i wish i new how to shade correctly! can you pretty-please consider doing an in-depth post on shading, and where to do it? because that pink look is fabulous.. i have all those colors and no idea how to use them!

  2. Ugh I want Soloticas. IN THE US. Lol.

  3. WOW AMaZING POST ThaNx!!!

  4. wow 8 degrees. i am from southern california. it was about 80F today. totally felt like summer.

  5. Woooahhh...8 degrees ?!? It's like a perfect 70 degrees farehnheit here in californiaa. :) I want soloticas but i'm not up for the whole yearly thing..but greaaat post !!!

  6. gorgeous looks
    i'm still insanely jealous about your nose jen!

    this morning it was -11. wonderful.

  7. it was about -30 tonight while i slept D:

    i tried the sugar look today as a pretty, natural winter look and got a ton of compliments :D emphasis on the TRY, i pretty much butchured your look :p

  8. Don't worry.. there are many colder places out there
    Today my area was around - 12 degrees celsius w/ a high wind chill which made it around - 26?!? O_o
    It was not a fun walk home T_T

    I find putting on eyeshadow really difficult =\
    I generally put on a shimmery pink eyeshadow just to brighten up my eye
    but i'm so disabled when it comes to blending.. it either looks weird.. or it's to heavy for my eyes it makes me look tired T_T

    and also.. i was wondering where to get NYX products =\
    I actually live in Canada so i have no idea if it's only found in the states?
    but they also have a website too right? because i really like their jumbo eye pencils hahahaha =P

  9. love your posts! just wondering about your nail polish - whats the brand/colour? it looks gorgeous! :)

  10. woahhh i love the sugar look on you !
    it makes your skin glow even more if it wasn't already...

  11. hey Jen! I've been following your blog for a while! And you've been really good about listing where you get your make-up, but I also have to ask where you got that white hat. It looks absolutely ADORABLE and I really want it. So if you could let me know... that would be great! :-)

  12. i like, love your nose

  13. Jen you are sooo gorgeous!
    I especially love your eyes without the colored contacts!
    You are just so darn cute.

  14. are you still using Everyday Minerals ?? your face/foundation looks great..

  15. do the soloticas have a dot matrix?

  16. can u please do a review on the soloticas ice???? i am in love with them and want to get them, the only thing im hesitant about is the price n i want to know if theyre worth the $100. Thanx in advance! :]

  17. i really like your make-up
    but im wondering what color contact are you wearing on the smoky eye photos?:D

  18. heya hun, one question, do you prefer the Solotica lenses with or without the limbal ring? (aka. Hydrocor or hydrocharme?)