Sweet Morocco (bluish smokey) and More China Glaze Holos

7:17 AM

Out of all of the NYX shadows I got from my last haul, I think Morocco is one of my favorites. It's just such a gorgeous, glowing iridescent bluish purple. Purples are warmer so they are easier for me to wear, but I feel like a lot of blues wash me out. Morocco is great for people who have a tough time wearing blues because it's a nice balance of depth and warmth for asian and deeper skin tones.

This was a look I actually did for New Years so it is perfect for going out for a festive night. Just a little smokey, just a little shimmery. Not TOO heavy, but sweet and sexy.

I used NYX Morocco for the lower lid/crease color and NYX Opal for highlight. NYX Jumbo Eyeshadow Pencil in Cottage Cheese was used for brightening the tear ducts, with MAC fluidline in Blacktrack for liner and false lashes to bring more impact to the eyes. Lips were NYX Circle round lipstick (nude color) with a clear gloss and Revlon Sugar Sugar lip topping to the center of the lower lips to add a bit of sparkle.

A close up to show how pretty this color is!

For my hair, I used Garnier Fructis Style Surf Hair Texture Paste on dry hair which I had previously posted about here. As before, I really love the beachy waves I get from using this product. It also smells really nice. I just need to wash my hair after using this for the day because the matte texture stays in there after the nice volume goes down from sleeping on it. Oh, and I had China Glaze OMG nails with this look. It was lovely together!

Speaking of China Glaze Holographic nail polishes, here are the pink holo swatches I promised.

Tickle My Triangle from the Kaleidoscope collection

I LOOOOVE this color! It has larger holo particles than the OMG collection but it still has the beautiful rainbow sheen and is totally smooth. Not chunky like glitter at all. Sadly, this chipped on me quicker than my OMG polishes but I've heard opposite reviews from other places so maybe this application was a fluke. This polish dries really fast too, so it's easy to apply. That's why I love China Glaze!

low light

bright bathroom light

QT from the OMG collection

QT is a little darker than Tickle My Triangle and obviously has a smoother color. It's a sophisticated holo compared to some of the other colors. These are crappy pictures, but I wanted to capture the rainbow effect. Still quite pretty, right?
low light

slightly brighter light

after Konadifying! only my second Konad attempt using plate M38 (or actually mine was a fauxnad B29.) I ordered more plates so hopefully they will come soon! Tips were NYX Girls Special Glitter Nail Polish in CN229. And I'm holding a Hello Kitty vinyl figure from Urban Outfitters. ;)

Until next time, let me know what your favorite smokey eye color or holo nail color is. I'm off to look for Lancome lipglosses from Marshall's now. Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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  1. I absolutely LOVE eye make-up looks. So subtle and pretty! (:

    About the texture paste, how do you use it? Did you have to do some styling beforehand to make it wavy (curling iron, etc.) or did you just tousle and style with your hands?

  2. Hi Jen! I've been reading your blog for a long time and I think you do such a great job with your tutorials and FOTDs! I was wondering if you could put up a tutorial on how you do your nails? I've always had trouble and if you could then that would be great~

  3. wait, fauxnad? they make fake konad plates?

  4. any tips on how to use that konad stuff? i've got a set from eons ago but has never successfully used it! i always get half images! :(

  5. Trish: Thank you! I didn't do any styling ahead of time, but I think it works best if you already have some wave in your hair to begin with. Actually, I might've blow-dried my hair that day. I just took some of the product in my fingers, rubbed it into my fingertips, then sort of finger combed it into my hair and scrunched. You don't need much for it to work.

    Lisa: Sure, I can try... is there any specific look you'd like to see?

    Jennifer: Yes, there are fake plates but they are just the same as Konad but cheaper. Just do an ebay search for "nail art plate." It's not officially called "fauxnad" or anything. :)

    MadAboutSprees: I was unsuccessful for the first couple of days because I didn't realize the plate had a plastic covering on it! Make sure you peel that off first because it's really hard to tell. If you scratch the metal and it drags, the plastic is on there. Also, some designs are just easier to pick up than others, so try the bigger designs. Hope that helps!

  6. Hi Jen! I think your super pretty, and your makeup looks amazing. I just have a question about eyelid tape.. My eyes are really annoying and uneven, and so I tried Koji Eye Talk Eyelid Glue, but I was allergic to that and so I was desperate to find another alternative. I would leave my eyes alone, but right now I can't bear it and it's driving me nuts. Luckily, I found your video on applying eyelid tape and I was so surprised. I really wanna try it now, I just want to know if it lasts all day. The glue I had lasted only a few hours, and I would only wear it at home hoping to create a permanent crease, because I didn't want the glue to stop sticking during school or anything. Also, is your makeup hard to apply when you have the tape on?? Thank you so much!

  7. May I ask, where do you purchase the kaleidoscope colors? Love your polish! :]

  8. Amanda: The tapes last all day on me. Just make sure to wipe your eyelids with a cotton ball or tissue before you apply to make sure the oils are removed. Makeup is a little more difficult to apply than without tape, but I am used to it since I do it most days.

    YunHa: I bought the kaleidoscope colors from ebay. The seller was ticklepink4u.

  9. wow its sooooo beautifull, i love the polishes great for the sping time, n perfect eyeshadow, not too dark just the right color!

  10. wow, you look amazing! you look great in black. :)

    i'm loving the eye makeup btw.

  11. that's one of my favorite looks you've done yay

    where did you get that sweater??

  12. Hi Jen, thanks for droppin' by my site. Nice blog, you look very cute. :)

  13. Hey Jen,

    Maybe how to do nails without the mess? I find that I can never get my nails nicely done no matter how hard I try!

  14. Plee: I got the sweater from Forever 21.

    Lisa: I don't think many people have "perfect applications" of nail polish. I just clean up the edges after doing my polish by washing my hands or using nailpolish remover. If you want, I can do a basic nail polish application tutorial though.

  15. Agreeing with another commenter, this FoTD really complements you. Definitely going to try this look for a shwanky Hollywood party tonight.

    As always, you look lovely! :)

  16. love u in that CIRCE lippie. i have to get it!!!!!

  17. I loveeee your look here. also amazed at how good you are with the double eyelid tapes. as you said, practice makes it perfect... thus practice shall continue... Thanks for all the useful info! love your blog.