Purple-Teal FOTD and Ponies

7:45 PM

This was a look that was obviously inspired by some new clothes I got. I really love this teal silk blouse and long purple cardigan combo. I know lots of people think matching eyeshadow to clothes is a faux pas, but I actually LOVE to do it. I think it can make your whole look pop.

For this shadow blend, I used NYX purple, wild fire, and opal for the highlight. Lips were a warm coral shade... I think it was J. Lynne smooth color lip cream in Rosalind. This was a bit of a backwards way of applying the shadow but I am pretty happy with how it turned out since you can really see both main colors when my eyes are open. Just some experimental fun I guess! (I apologize for the red eyes ahead of time. I've been very tired lately.)

Also, I really love arts and crafts. As a designer, I really enjoy working with my hands and that includes painting. I found blank white (no eyes, white hair, white face, white body) My Little Ponies on the Hasbro website and I was totally excited to custom paint ponies for my closest girl friends. I wanted to post these earlier but as they were Christmas presents, I had to hold off.

Here they are! Hand-painted using acrylic paints with rhinestone eyes. "M" has gold leaf on the legs and "H" has nail-art jewels on her side. I also gave them eyeshadow because these are fancy ponies!

I also wanted to mention that I'm thinking about selling eyelid tapes. Would you guys be interested in buying? I've had a lot of queries from girls who can't find tapes in their area and I'd be willing to ship worldwide. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Love you guys!

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  1. Thanks for another post!
    I would love to try out your makeup looks, but I have ugly hooded single eyelids so it just looks weird. But it looks great on you!
    What kind of eyelid tapes? Is it the double-sided?

  2. hey! i find eyelid tapes here in singapore but it's not sticky enough and when i blink the eyelid tape just slides down or something... yours looks good so i might give it a try haha.

  3. lovely eye look! you should do more of them :)

  4. normal kinds that already have the shape there so just peel and stick...... not double sided!

  5. Jennifer: The brand is Eye Charm eyelid tapes. They are not double-sided. Thank you. :)

    Pamela: Do you wipe the oil off your eyelids with a cotton ball or tissue before you apply the tape? It really helps a lot.

    Miemiemie: Don't worry, I still have lots of FOTD needing to be posted!

  6. How cute is that!!
    I love the little gold one~
    I would like to buy eyelid tape too. It'd be fun!

  7. I'm interested in eyelid tapes! (:
    Your make up looks great!

  8. You are stunning Jen! I love reading your blog, you truly are an inspiration to all the girls out there! You have great style, would love to see more fashion posts! I would also be interested in purchasing eyelid tape.

    Keep up the good work! xx

  9. hi..i've tried the eyelid tapes bt they dun form e cease or double eyelids..i wonder wats wrong?or..i need one which is thicker in width..?

  10. Jolene: Try a tape that is thicker, or try applying the tape closer to the inner corner of your eye and closer to your lash line. If you strengthen the beginning of the crease, it should help the rest of the crease to form. :)

  11. I would love to just buy the nexcare tape from you, because I can't find anything similar to that kind of tape where I live, in Sweden;)..

  12. Hey, Jen! I found your blog through one of Soompi's threads about makeup for single lidded ladies and I love your tips. Finally, some makeup that doesn't make us "less endowed" girls look like hookers.
    Anyway, I noticed that you graduated from KU and wondered if you're still in the Kansas or KC area. I'm from the good ol' OP, but go to UMKC.
    Anyway, thanks again!

  13. I really would like to purchase some tape please! can u please post up prices and shipping prices internationally?
    thanks !