MAC sale and FOTD Spam

5:20 PM

If you haven't already heard, there is a friends and family sale going on at for 25% off everything (excluding VIVA GLAM products) with the code MACFF9. Offer is valid through 11:59pm EST on January 8th, on orders shipped to US and Canadian addresses only.

Also there is FREE STANDARD SHIPPING with any USD $60+ purchase.

I'm so tempted but I must hold off for the Hello Kitty line coming up!

So like I mentioned before, I've gotten way behind on FOTDs. I've taken photos here and there and haven't been posting them so here is a little spam of random looks from the last couple of months. I tried to list what colors I wore, but I honestly can't remember all of them! So here goes....

Hot Pink + Purple

Sandy Ocean

Copper Pink

Morocco Eyes

Orange Pop

Even more FOTD coming soon, wearing J. Lynne for those who were wanting to know how it looked on. :)

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  1. Niceee. :) I like all of themm. Especially the sandy ocean onee. Cutee. (:

  2. jen-
    can you recc a good hair dye for black virgin hair? I want to dye it a nice medium brown with no brassiness or red.

  3. I really love all your looks but I was wondering if you know any place, where I can get circle lens.


    Btw my email is

  4. Hi Jen, can i ask you if do you put ur eyelid tape before you apply the liner & eyeshadow those? Thanks =)

  5. Nice Make up !
    But you're always using the same technique, just the color is different, kinda boring after a while .. you should think about something new mh?

  6. Been following your blog for a while (before you even got the domain name!) and must say I love your eye makeup. I see the comment before me is about you "using the same technique" but really, if it ain't broke, why fix it? I don't think your eye looks are boring at all, which brings me to my question...

    How do you determine where to draw/what to shade? I haven't quite mastered this, and don't know if I can explain it clearly. Since us single-lidded girls have no defined lid shape to follow, how do you determine the "shape" of the area you're going to put shadow in. Am I making any sense?

    I wonder if that shape is like creating a selection outline of your eye shape in Photoshop, and then just making that selection outline a bit bigger but keeping it anchored at your lower inner eye... or I could be totally off. Hah. Let me know if I'm speaking nonsense.

    I enjoy your blog. I may not comment all the time, but please, keep it up!

  7. Anonymous 1: I did a post on hair for Aug 1, 2008.

    The dye I used was a Korean one and the color came out nice and natural-looking. The brown in my hair now is the remnant of that dye job. :)

    Angel: Just do a google search and you can find lots of online stores and blog shops. I haven't actually bought any lenses from a mass seller in a long time though, so sorry I can't recommend anyone!

    Anonymous 2: Yes, I put the tape on first. If you look under "labels" and go to makeup tutorials, you can see how I applied it.

    Anonymous 3: Sometimes even different techniques end up looking a lot like the same thing! I only have my own eyes to work with but I will try to post some more experimental things in the future too. :)

    Vuthy: I really appreciate your thoughtful comment. I really do love when people decide to speak up after having visited for a while... It makes me realize that people are actually reading!

    I know it can seem hard to define your eyes when the lid is flat but I assure you it's not as difficult as you think. The idea is to shade to create depth where there isn't any so you want to find your brow bone. Take a shadow brush and sweep into the dip under the bone with a medium color. If you follow the natural shape of your eye socket, the shading should come out naturally. The gradient should go darker to the bottom and darker to the outside edge. I prefer not the fake an outer "v" crease on single lids. Hope this helps!

  8. i like the orange look on you! just screams sexy!

  9. hi jen!
    i commented a couple times before i think. =) i like reading your blog cause it's really hard to find a down to earth korean girl making tutorials. keep up the good work unni =)

    anyways, i read the comment by vuthy and i have the same problem! i dont know where to start shading and all that other stuff without looking over the top. :( i'll try out your suggestions! i look like a hooker when i try to do something fun with my eyes :*(

  10. i agree with the comment above mee. i always look slutty with as much makeup as you have on, yet you look natural and gorgeous!
    although i've discovered that wearing less eyeliner on the bottom helps. wearing NO eyeliner at all on the bottom helps too!

    and for some reason i always leave positive comments, and always they get deleted. is there a reason for that because it's happened 4+ times?

  11. Sylvia: Maybe I will do a more in-depth post about exactly where to shade. Will that help?

    Anonymous: I have never deleted a positive comment. Actually, I usually leave most negative comments too unless they are really cruel and don't lend to anything constructive or interesting. Don't worry I didn't delete any of yours! It must just be blogger acting goofy. :P Oh, and I'll remove blank ones that say "this comment has been deleted by the commenter." Sorry this happened to you!

  12. I think a tutorial would be great Jen! I guess the problem we all have is like someone gave us a blank piece of paper and said "draw a shape." It's hard to determine what shape should be drawn without a guide. Plus, we all have so much room between the top of our eye and our brows that sometimes I don't even know where to begin.

    I made a picture that maybe might help you understand what I'm talking about. I'm not quite sure what line, if any, to follow, and no matter what I try, it ends up looking weird. Maybe the secret is the right brushes to create the perfect shape?

    I sure do hope you do a tutorial!

  13. yes, if you have the time, a post about shading would be extremely helpful! =)