Blinging Fun

8:31 PM

The people who follow my Twitter probably already know this, but I decided to bling some of my things a while ago. My camera was my first test ever, but I must say I am super proud of my cell. Now, my gadgets aren't anything special... All the photos for my blog are taken with my 6-year old Sony Cybershot camera (hopefully that will change soon) so I really didn't have anything to lose. My cell phone is hot pink, but not so high tech and I've had it for almost two years. Again, not much to lose and SO MANY SPARKLES TO GAIN!!!

Anyway, I just wanted to share with you my finished products.

I mean, who doesn't love argyle crystals, right? Am I right?

I also got this new Juicy Couture wallet that I am obsessing over. Do you ever feel like you've stumbled upon something so perfectly you? So bond-forming and wonderful that you must have it for your very own, lest you wallow in regret? Yeah, that's how I feel about this thing. Buttery soft leather, tassles, sparkles, an embroidered J (OBVIOUSLY made for me), and cute sayings. The dang wallet spoke to me.

It's just so cute. I look at it and it makes me smile. I highly recommend everyone to surround yourselves with things that make you smile. :)

Hope you are all having a smiley week and have a happy Valentine's day! Poladroid out!

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  1. Cute Cell & Camera.
    Super Cute. :)
    I tried putting those little diamonds on my cell once, it only stayed for a few days and they all started to peel off. ):
    Love the purse by the way ! (:

  2. how do you manage to even look extremely pretty on a DRIVERS LICENSE? seriously.

  3. Haha, that's so cute! :p

    I love Juicy Couture. It's my favorite brand right now. ♥

  4. I think it's most fun to bling out Nintendo DS... because nothing can go wrong with that! =)

    and i'm so jealous about your drivers license! and even more Jealous that your allowed to smile!
    In Canada (ontario specifically) we're not allowed to.. must keep a straight face and take a BLAH picture of yourself =[

  5. I second Anonymous. I look TERRIBLE in my drivers' license photo!!!!

  6. I just saw your twitter
    Who else posted your pictures?

  7. Anonymous: -_-;;;;;

    Ahaha, thanks. Maybe I just got practice from getting a new license so many times. ;)

    Tiffany: Wow, that is so interesting! I never new that about Canadian licenses. I think I would look silly without getting to smile. You could always give them your "blue steel" look though.

    Anonymous 3: Someone from the Lovelyish blog posted my photo along with another poster's entry on not knowing how to put on makeup and having bad skin. >.< They used the photo of me holding the dove lotion with no makeup from my natural glow tutorial! Kinda funny, but kinda ehhh... not really what I want people to think of my face.

  8. very artistic polaroid. how did you do that? and cute purse. i know exactly what you mean by saying you can form a bond with some of your possessions, like they become an extension of you.

  9. Anonymous 4: click on the "poladroid" link and find out. :)

  10. I just bought that wallet as well! I loveee it :)

  11. please do a tutorial on how to do this :]
    thank you