Sparkle Gradient Nail Tutorial

11:27 AM

First of all, I have to say that I absolutely cannot take credit for this tutorial. I saw regretless from the Soompi forums post this in the nail thread and I just wanted to share my process and results. Regretless if you see this, thank you so much! You are such a creative and talented nail artist. :)

I apologize for the crappy photos but it was nighttime when I applied the polish. Anyway, the first step is to apply a basecoat. I used Sally Hansen Miracle Cure.

Next, apply Rimmel 606 Dazzle (gold polish) on the tips.

Then take a silver glitter polish and apply, covering part of the gold and part of the nail. I used nail art polish because it is easier to make the glitter more dense.

Next, take a looser silver glitter polish and go over the whole nail.

As a final step, I used a fine-grit gold glitter polish as a top coat but a regular clear top coat is fine.

I was really happy with my results. Regretless used this awesome Covergirl Boundless Color glitter polish that is more dimensional, but I used what I already had on hand. I might have to go out and get it and try this again with other colors!

Here's a closeup of the final result, from the false eyelash tutorial. :]

Try this out and let me know what you think! I think gradient nails is where it's at. ;)

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  1. Your nails look beautiful! I also tried out regretless's tutorial. I used China Glaze For Audrey on the tips, some nail-art polish for the 2nd layer, then Cover Girl Boundless Color polish in Disco Dazzle (the same thing you have pictured) for the rest of the nail. I reallyy love how it turned out and I definitely wanna try it again sometime with diff. colors!

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  3. hey jen, did u let the different layers of nailpolish dry in between? like letting the gold dry before applying the silver glitter?
    thanks in advance! =)

  4. Anonymous: Yes, I let the layers dry. I don't think you'd want the polish to get streaky unless you had a special polish for gradients. :)

  5. Very pretty nails!<3
    Love the color!^^

  6. Jen,
    Thank you for the tutorial, I tried it immidiately after I saw it and it looked fantastic ! "yay!" :)
    I will also try it with pink and blue glitter ;) or maybe blue and white... I dont know... Its such a good way to fancy the nails with glitter.
    Hugs from Istanbul ! ( ^_^)

  7. I looove gradient nails and this is definitely one of the nicest styles I've seen. :-)