Tarte offer, FOTD, black and holo nails

11:13 AM

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know about a Valentine's offer Tarte.com is having. With any order until February 17th, you can get a free full-sized Cheek Stain in True Love. Just enter the code LOVE09.

I have been wanting to try a cheek stain for a while now since blushes seem to always rub off after a few hours and these are known for their stayability. There is a Revlon cheek stain but I've heard that it is pretty terrible in comparison to Tarte's. Since there was this offer I figured I could buy one and basically get one for free, so I ordered "A Perfect Whirled" limited edition cheek stain which is "a coral-pink and an illuminating seashell-pink" with t5 superfruit complex, a concoction with tons of natural antioxidants. And well, you guys know I am a sucker for pink blushes. :)

Speaking of pink, here is a "Frosty Berry" FOTD that is very dewy and effervescent. I used the NYX Jumbo Shadow Pencil in Oyster and my loving Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain in Berry Juicy. Really quick and easy! *dreams* Now how lovely would a shimmery "A Perfect Whirled" cheek stain look with this? I can't wait!

I also wanted to share my latest nailventure using Rimmel's 399 black satin and China Glaze's OMG Konaded over the top with plate M25. Since I don't actually own any full nail patterned plates, I double stamped this one to give that wallpapered look. I'm still a Konad novice so they aren't perfect but double stamping in this color is thankfully forgiving and after a clear top coat, this is what I got.

It's definitely my favorite Konadicure so far. I will have to try stamping more holo shades on top of dark colors in the future. Very classy!

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  1. oh my gosh! those nails look awesome!

    where do you get the plates?

  2. i love the nails :) where did you get the konad stamp thing? and what is the est. cost? i want my own!

  3. hello Jen! :)

    I have the same questions as Connie and Lena. I'm not too well versed in nail language, so what are plates? Would it be possible for you to do a nail for dummies blog post? xD i'd really appreciate it! :]

    I also think it'd be very neat if you can make a post listing all of the eye shadows you own (color & brand), blushes, lipsticks/glosses, eyeliners, etc...i know you're a busy woman, but if you ever have the time...it would be JEN'S ULTIMATE MAKEUP INDEX!! and it'd be oh-so-helpful! :) i love the way you use your makeup! goes to show that you don't have to pay an arm and a leg to look good! (poor college student speaking!)

    One last thing, (please don't laugh!) what does FOTD stand for? I could never figure that out! hehe :P


  4. Connie: I got my plates from ebay from the seller fashionshowoutlet. I bought the "any 20 pcs (M1-M45)" so I got quite a few. The seller is really nice. :)

    Lena: I bought the Konad stamping thing from ebay too. Although, mine is fake konad, but just search for "nail art plate." Real Konad kits cost around $10 for just the stamper and scraper up to $400+ for professional salon kits with tons of polishes and plates. I do have 2 extra stamp/scrapers so maybe I'll sell them. :)

    Caroline :]: Haha. Yes, I will do a post that explains the nail stamping a little better!

    Maybe I will make a video going through my makeup and organization. I have a good sized collection, but I try to only get unique colors so I don't unnecessarily buy things. As for being thrifty with makeup... goodness knows people our age don't all have the money to buy MAC all the time, right? There are some drugstore things that work just as well. Quality over name is most important.

    FOTD stands for "face of the day." It's basically the makeup look for that day. Hope that helps!

  5. Tagged you for the Lemonade Blog Award :)

  6. Great makeup! I really admire it.
    Just curious, has everyone ever asked you "what's that shiny thing on your eye?" Because I wear double eyelid tape myself, but not everyday. But when I do, people ask me what's that thing on my eye. I don't want to tell them it's tape..so I have to think of something . ): Any suggestions ?

  7. Thanks, Jen! :)

    Wow, you respond fast! :D but yes, that's awesome! I will be looking forward to your future nail stamp/plate post and the video! I've been a reader of your blog since finding it randomly on soompi a year or so ago (yup! before you moved to this one), but I just never really sat down to leave some comments until now! haha:)

    anyway...I have a confession to make: yday I totally splurged on cherryculture, getting myself a haul of nyx shadows just like yours! :P so broke now! I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find Golden Dune or Plum. =/

  8. I love your eyelashes! i really don't get how your eyelashes are so long after mascara! I tried all the name brand ones, like Maybelline and Covergirl, and they don't seem to make my lashes long. So now I just wear short falsies everyday. ): Ugh. But the main point of me wearing falsies is to cover my tape which is super noticeable on me...):

  9. I am sooo jealous of your nose!
    It makes you look like a mix of Caucasian in lots of your pictures. (:

  10. those nails look really pretty! i love this eye makeup look.can you please do a tutorial on it? :) if you won't mind..

  11. Hi Sarah, not Jen here, but when I used to wear tapes people would ask me about that "shiny thing" on my eye too! LOL I don't ever get a chance to tell them what it is though because they always blurt out, "Oh, it must be makeup..." My ex-bf was the lamest one of all lol He'd say, "I really like that shiny thing you put on your eyes. It's pretty." LOL

    Anyways, I don't think you should lie when people ask you. In my opinion, it is quite obvious that it is tape of some sort. Well, especially now...the tapes seem to be more popular than ever. People are talking about it more in the media for example (ex. Tyra Banks) so before you know it, it's going to be a common thing. It's more embarrassing to deny and you shouldn't be ashamed. It's just like how people use falsies to get those long lashes or colored contacts to enhance their looks.

  12. To Anonymous:
    Haha, I think you're right. I live in Cali, and I've never seen anyone wearing it here. Same here though, when people ask me, before I have a chance to think of something, they say, "it must be your falsies!" I don't really get how that looks like falsies but whatever. haha. And so I just go with it... But yeah, I wear falsies occasionally, tape mostly everyday, and contacts everyday. (:
    Thank you for answering my question :)