Valentine's Day Hot Pink Look

4:56 PM

Hey everyone! I hope everyone had a great Valentine's day (or singles empowerment day!)I had a fabulous time spending a few hours with my hubby just chillin' then getting a delicious steak dinner at Texas Roadhouse. I have a few other FOTDs to post that came before this one but I wanted to post this one soon because I really liked this look. I was really inspired by Nessa's V-day look so I tried to do a toned-down version. Warning, this is pic heavy!

I used 4 eyeshadow colors for this look: NYX hot pink, cherry, black, and a highlight color similar to MAC shroom that is a creamy, pinkish taupe pearl.

I started with UDPP over the whole lid, then applied cherry in an almond shape on the lower half of the lid. One tip is to apply the color high enough that you see a line of it when your eyes are open but not so high that it recedes into your eye socket. I then applied hot pink on top of cherry on the inner half of the lid to make it more pink and shimmery. Then I applied black to the outer corner and contour, and also along the bottom lash line. I also tightlined my bottom waterline with black pencil liner. Apply your highlighter to the brow bone and tear ducts, and blend everything so it is nice and smooth. Add blacktrack fluidline and mascara, and the eyes are done!

Look! Big smiles again! ;)

The light in my bathroom was washing out the color. This gives a better indication of what it really looked like:


For lips, I used my new Hello Kitty Mac lipstick in Big Bow which I LOVE. It's a reddish hot pink with a blue sheen in the glaze formula. I applied it fairly sheer but it can be applied to be VERY pigmented too. I'm not a huge lipstick person but this one doesn't feel dry at all and it wears for a long time. I feel like it blended well with my pigmented lips and I could wear it during the day. It's such a cute color!

Speaking of Hello Kitty, I happened to snag the last brush set + cup from my local Nordstrom's and it is also freaking adorable. I also picked up Tippy and Fun & Games blushes. :)

You may have noticed but I got a new vanity mirror which makes sweet reflections and nice lighting for photos. I'm still experimenting with it, but what do you think? It's quite glossy!

Now for a little Vday camwhoring fun!

Thank you for the gorgeous vday bling, honey! My birthstone, blue topaz. <3

Love my shisem falsies. :)


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  1. Nice Loook !! It's adorable. (:

  2. Sooo cuteee! I didn't wear any special makeup. ): Can I ask what face shape you have ? I'm just curious . =)

  3. Anonymous: Thanksss! I believe I have an oval-shaped face. Ü

  4. ur first picture is absolutely stunning! i caught myself staring for a while. >_<
    and yay for big smiles :D

  5. gorgeous! and love the lip colour :D

  6. your smile with your teeth is to-die-for gorgeous.

    i love all of your makeup looks but i'm still clueless on where to shade.. could you possibly make like a diagraim? i love makeup but i don't even know where the crease is :p

  7. omg nevermind :D for anyone who has the same issues i have with shading there's a map here:

    so nevermind jenn you don't have to bother :) lol thanks for including that link!

  8. WOH! When you smile with your teeth you look so adorable. (:

  9. you're so gorgeous! I really like how big bow looks on you and really complements the eyeshadows!

  10. You are so pretty! I'm so glad I stopped by your blog tonight. ^_^ I can't wait to read more :)

    I'm Steph, nice to meet you ^^

  11. You're gorgeous! I love that lip color, it's sooo pretty. I'm looking to get one for myself too haha.

  12. so pretty! even prettier when smiling!:)

  13. gorgeous!!!!

    and very cute =]

    love the eotd!!

  14. nice!! i love ur tutorials.. ive been a silent reader for a month ;P
    those colours look gorgeous on you, but not on me T-T

    btw.. just curious ^^; did u get ur lower lip pierced? kk

  15. grace lee: No, the only piercings I have are in my ears! Haha. I just have a freckle on my lip. :P