Taking The Walk

2:17 PM

What the... I swear I just posted yesterday. This week has been CRAZY!!!!

Husband still can't really walk well, but he's beginning to get better. (His messages from work today are like "HIHHIIHIHIHIHIHI :D I TOOK TWO VICODINSDINDASIN!DFLSKDF :SLDKF :D:D:D:D:D:D:") I guess that means that my crazy week might be finally slowing down. I actually ended up sleeping through the whole night last night, which is super great news!

Speaking of walking, I wanted to share with you a fun little event that I was a part of today. One of my favorite bands, Hanson, teamed up with TOMS shoes at my alma mater for their Take The Walk campaign to raise awareness about AIDS. What they do is get a group of people to walk one mile barefoot to raise awareness for the plight in Africa. For every person who walks with them, they donate $1 to one of 5 different charities that each person can choose. My dollar went to help drilling water wells for the Blood:Water Mission in Sub-Saharan Africa. You can learn more about the Walk here at http://www.takethewalk.net. You can also buy a pair of TOMS shoes and for every pair of shoes bought, they give a pair of brand new shoes to a child in need, one for one.

My heart just pours out for their cause and I hope that if any of you gets the chance to take one of these walks to definitely go. You can also donate directly at http://www.takethewalk.net/. It's so refreshing to see a band that cares so deeply for the world around them and not just stuck in the narcissistic tendencies that often come with celebrity.

Here are some of my pics from today

Taylor talking about the campaign before our walk. Off with our shoes and off we go!

He was right in front of me for part of the walk.

It's so funny, during our walk a random guy on campus joined us (and the other few hundred people) and said, "I heard someone say MMMBop so I was like 'Yes, I'll join in!'"

Zac looking particularly sexy during a half-way pit stop. I think the guys next to him are Hello Goodbye.

This was at the end of our walk. Doesn't Zac have amazing hair??? I think he is recording the crowd on his phone.

They also sang a couple of acoustic songs for us. It was suh-weet!

I know, I know. The little 12-year old girl in me just squeaked a little from happiness.

After the songs, the guys spread out and did some pic-taking by the mob. I'm not particularly aggressive when it comes to demanding a photo, but Isaac happened to bump into me from behind. I got a pic of his bare feet. I know, kinda gross, but they were seriously barefoot during the songs and everything. That's my boot in the bottom corner. :)

And I also got a pic with him. He's such a sweet guy!

I'll be going to their concert tonight and I'm super excited because I know it will be good music made by good people, with good company.

Here's one of my favorite Hanson songs, Go. It's sung by Zac (who was always my favorite ;).

Check out more of Hanson's music at hanson.net or on itunes.

Okay, gotta rush out now. The show starts in an hour! :D

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  1. you are so lucky! i love hanson! reading your post brings back such a lot of memories from my tween years and singing along to mmmbop

  2. it's always great doing the walks! definitely for a wonderful cause.. add in a celebrity or two makes the day just a little sweeter =)

  3. Omg, that's awesome! And anybody can join the walk?
    You look so radiant in the photo!

  4. glad you had fun and got to meet hanson!!! and it was for an GREAT cause!!!

  5. Audrey: Ahhh, I know. One great thing about them is reliving good memories from the past again and again. I totally sang along to every word of mmmbop tonight!

    ~Mel: Oh, yeah, it's interesting because every rock you step on makes you think. You get a little dirty, but imagine the kids out there who live in dirt everyday. It's pretty special what they are doing.

    Catherine: Thank you, haha. I had fun. :)

    Daituf: Yes, anyone can join. People walking around campus randomly joined in too, I think. People on campus knew that it was the AIDS walk and it was really cool that they were aware of it. And thank you! It was probably because I was SO EXCITED to be there and see them!

    Calia Yang: Thank you, I did have so much fun! I forgot to say too that Taylor shook my hand when they finished the songs cause I was right next to them. I am such a nerd. XD

  6. I was never a Hanson fan but your blog opened my eyes! :) I love how all the brothers are on the same page; (still) working together in music and for causes. I remember the mmmbop days lol They will be in my area in about 2 weeks so I will try to make the walk!! Hitting college campuses are a great idea!

  7. The guy in the peacoat reminds me of Edward from Twilight in that particular photo ><

  8. wow! I didn't even recognize them! haha that's so cool!!!!

  9. I love Hansonnnnnnnnnn.........!!
    They used to be very famous in my country back then.
    You're lucky babe!

  10. woowwww! sounds like a lot of fun :DD and yay for causes!