Dueba Big DM23 Grey Circle Lens Review

10:03 PM

Hey guys, life has been really hectic lately with staying home from work, trying to get better once and for all. This sickness has really been kicking my butt these last few weeks and I've been holding off on going to the doctor since I'm between insurances but I might just have to bite the bullet and go anyway. It's been so difficult not to be down and depressed when I feel fatigued all the time but I'm doing my best to take things easy and get a lot of sleep.

One thing that's been keeping me going is building my new computer. I spray painted the case pink and it's all put together now with pretty lights, but I'm going to find some bling for it to fully decorate it before I post it up. ;) But I forgot how time-consuming and frustrating it is re-installing all of my programs and getting old files to work as well as they used to on the other computer! Oh, well, baby steps to get to my dream machine.

I know you really want to get to the important stuff of this post so I'll get to it! Here is my review of the Dueba DM23 Grey lenses that received as part of my sponsorship with Pinky Paradise.

Here are the lens vials (Barbie packaging) and cute animal case, a hippo.

The pattern is quite wide so you won't get any blurriness around the pupil hole with these.

Can I just say right now that these are woah-mama the hugest looking lenses that I've ever tried? Technically, the 14.5mm diameter is the same as the Big MX21 Cosmo Brown lenses but for some reason these look sooo much bigger. I think it's because they are such a darker color that it has more of the effect of black lenses without being as harsh as actual black lenses. I'm already a petite person with small eyes so I'm sure someone with larger irises is going to want lenses just like these to actually give them the dolly look compared to smaller circle lenses. As for me, I think I prefer the smaller 14.0mm lenses.

Here is the effect of the lens compared to my plain eye.

And my whole face. Very dolly-like!

I will admit, it does look more natural from far away and I think it looks nice in pics but it probably requires more makeup in general to balance such a large iris. ;)

Yup, yup I am loving my velvet leggings and old black dance legwarmers. It's SNOWING AGAIN! D:

Tomorrow if I'm feeling up for it, I'm going to try to record a V-day makeup tutorial. We'll see if it happens.


Oh, PS, I re-uploaded the Brown Eyed Girls "Abracadabra" inspired video tutorial for those of you who were waiting for it. Please comment & rate since I lost the ones in the past. :)

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  1. I am so sorry that you don't feel well! Yes, you might need to see a doctor eventually. It's so expensive, so I understand your wanting to wait!

    You have a pink computer?! How cute is that?!

    Those lenses look awesome on you... Very natural!

    Great post, girlie!


  2. Awww you've been sick for quite some time :[ I remember the last time you did BlogTV and you were sick back then too!!! I hope you do see a doctor soon and that it's nothing serious.

    Good to hear that these lenses have a wider circumference around the pupils - was having issues w/ other colored lenses shifting around my pupils and obstructing my vision! Thanks for the review Jen :)

  3. You certainly look like hotness despite feeling gross...I was thinking, if you don't want to spring for a doctor, you can always see a nurse practitioner/PA -- they have them at some retail pharmacies w/ built-in clinics for way cheaper than a real Doctor visit, plus they can write you for whatever script you want to help control the coughing or check you out to see if it's another underlying or more serious problem.

    I love the lenses! I was wondering...are they available for girls with astigmatism? *sigh* Never was able to rock the colored contacts b/c my vision is so absolutely horrible!

    Take care and much ♥

  4. Hope you feel better Jen! ^_^

  5. Get well soon Jen!

    The lenses look so cool! I've never seen such big ones. You always look like a doll regardless of the lenses :P

    Have a great weekend!



  6. yay! I was hoping you'd do a v-day look... my eyelids are similar to yours and your tutorials are very easy to follow :)

    I've been pressing my old pigments into pressed shadows so I can actually use them instead of it collecting dust..

    The lens look great on you btw! Esp from far way (I don't think anyone besides your hubby would or should get that close to your face anyway) hahaha

  7. Hi Jen! You've been sick for way too long. ): I hope you get better, you look gorgeous in the video though!

    & what do you mean "small eyes"? I don't think your eyes qualify the term "small" at all! & you know what they say, it's all about balance!

    The lenses look very nice on you! I actually have a pair of Dueba DM23 Grey (regular), but my sight got blurry really often so I stopped wearing it...does that mean my eyes are INCREDIBLY small then? D: But anyways, so cute about your husband taking your lenses case! xD Cute "aw" moment.

  8. They look so doll like, I love it! I just looked at the website planning on ordering a pair till I got to the power for the left & right. Does that mean you need a prescription?

    Anyways get well soon!

  9. Awwh I hope u get better soon^^ The lenses look great on u!

    Oh and i was just wondering if u could do a make-up tutorial for the look ur wearing in ur Japanese hair curling tutorial, i really love that look! But of course after u've gotten better ^.^

    Take care!

  10. love the contact lenses case!! hippo!! loveeee!! ^^ .. hope you get better sooonnn!! those contact lenses are massive!

  11. Jen, get well soon! :)

    You look gorgeous! love the lenses and I really want to try it, but I've never wear contacts all my life! hayyyy.. :)

  12. Get well soon hunny!
    These lenses look amazing on you. You're tempting me to get some now. Hehehe!

  13. Those contacts do make a huge difference! You look like a doll and pretty!

    You should see a doctor if you've been sick for quite sometimes. Sometimes it's matter of simple medication and if left too long it could be something more serious.

  14. hey i've been a long-time reader of your blog - all the way since you had to type in the '.blogspot.com' part haha. anyway, i just wanted to tell you that your site is great and that you're doing a wonderful job with everything. keep it up!

  15. Hi Jen! Totally agree with Irene in seeing a NP @ Walgreens--much cheaper and just as effective (especially if it turns out what you have isn't as bad as what you originally thought).

    Anyway, just wondering, which lashes are you wearing in this entry? I want to buy criss cross ones like these but am not sure which brand I should opt for. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! xx


  16. I just got sick myself yesterday.. maybe you passed some on to me!

    PS. The lenses look great on you!

    Kayla <3

  17. I have those barbie black lenses!!!, I HATE how they look, they make me look like a alien,I remember when I first put them in I got soo freaked out! I'm never wearing those again in my life. But I wish i got a different pair instead of wasting 35 dollars on those. O well.
    They look good on you though, I guess not everyone can pull them off.

  18. You look like a porcelain doll in the second face photo, it's adorable.

  19. wow! you porcelain doll you :) hahaa. love it! and the hippo case is freaking adorableeee,,

  20. I hope you'll feel bettter =]

    and I love those lenses on you..it looks really cool lol..so far whats your fav lenses?

  21. Get well soon!!

    btw where did you get those contact lenses cases from? They're are sooo cute

  22. get well soon sweetie :)
    thank you for the review! i was debating whether to get these lenses

  23. new follower of your blog! awww love those lens! especially the cute case =)

  24. Being sick is such a bitch isn't it? I've been plagued with a cold the past few days and I hope you get well soon coz it's been a few entries ago since you were sick till now. I'm also like you -- not seeing the doctor unless really necessary but you should start to see soon if you don't recover ok?

    Love those pictures! The barbie lens look so good on you. I didn't look too good with them the last time I tried another brand. They made my eyes blood shot after that. My fren just passed me some trial big eyes contacts from freshlooks and seeing your post makes me wanna try them out soon.

  25. you're the prettiest blogger for me!

  26. Wow these lenses are really super cute!♥

  27. i just found your blog couple weeks ago and i love it! you're so pretty.hope you get well soon.I really like your details review about the contact lenses. Just have a quick question: what circle lenses you know that change the eye colors and also enlarge as well? thanks a lot

  28. Hope you get well soon Jen!! Those lens look awesome on you! Very dolly eyed!

  29. You don't like it? i think it's soooo pretty on you!

    You have such a pretty nose... i know that sounds weird but it's true!

    And these lenses look soooo gorgeous!

  30. Whoa, those lenses make you look kind of like Bella when she's on catnip haha. Somehow, you manage to make it work, though, and I know I'd look freaky as hell if I tried.

    I'm getting pretty worried for you, Jen. This doesn't seem like just a simple cold if it's been on you for this long. Maybe you can find a public clinic that would offer sliding fees?

  31. you look good on that..
    just make me wanna have one. =D

    get well soon!

  32. I really loved these lenses but my prescription strength seems to have reduced/faded after a month of wearing them, now every things kinda blurry. I think it said you could wear them for a year. Have you had the same issue with these? or do you know of any Geo ones with the same kinda look you would recommend?