More Lioele Reviews & Swatches: Pact, Lipstick, Brow, Base

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Woohoo! More Lioele to share with you guys. As last time, Janie from sent these to me for review and once again, I freakin' love it!

The video sums everything up better than I can do right now, so here it is:

I apologize for chopping it up pretty badly with a lot of edits but I was having a mind-blitz and was rambling on and on a lot. :3

The headings for each item is a direct link to the product on Pretty and Cute so you can find it easily.

Blooming Sebum Catch Pact

I'll be honest, pearlized pink just kills me. Yes, I'm talking about YOU Sebum Catch Pact! I know it's childish but it's really cute, isn't it? The packaging... I just stare at it sometimes because the pink pearl glows depending on the angle the light hits it. The smell could be less powdery but it does its job and I like the hygienic cover flap.

Essential Donut Glow Stick in Milky Pink

This one is LOVE. I've been keeping it in my purse because it's a failproof color. Really cute pink that flatters yellow undertones nicely since it's not too blue-based, plus it feels like lipbalm on.

Artist Auto Eyebrow in 03 Gray Black

Since this video was recorded I've fallen even more in love with this. It's my go-to daily brow filler since I don't need to mess with any brushes and the color is so perfect for me and not too heavy.

Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base in Pink

The pearl, seriously! <3 It's sooo eye candy and doesn't look crazy when it's on your face. It has teeny little pinky pearl shimmers that you can only see once it's spread out. A cute foundation base and an even better highlighter. It sinks more into your skin and looks lit-from-within compared to using a powder highlighter.

Don't forget that the promotion code lovelioele is working at to get 10% off your order of Lioele items, and orders over $75 have free shipping within the US. Just write in the comments box which color you'd like when you check out.

I'm looooooving my new Hot Pink Lioele Princess Mirror!! I think I even like it better than the Baby Pink. More sexy-cute.

Hope this review is helpful if you want to purchase Lioele products. To see my past reviews on Lioele click here.

Let me know if you have any product questions in the comments. Also let me know if there is a specific Lioele product you'd like me to review in the future. :)

Disclaimer: I was sent these products from Pretty and Cute for review. All my reviews are, as always, my 100% honest opinion.

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  1. OMGGGG the powder and lipstick are SOOO CUTE!!!

    Do you by any chance have ingredients for either of them? I tried googling to no avail... =/

  2. Great review...that Milky Pink is a lovely color on you.

    And you're wearing the F21 floral dress! Too cute.

  3. Wow I can't wait for my Janie shipment, hahaha. <3 Everything's soooo cute.

  4. Everything pink! so cute! I think the Blooming Sebum Catch Pact is just to adorably cute! haha I love pink, and I love the doodles. Such a cute little package :D

    Also, the Artist Auto Eyebrow in 03 Gray Black seems pretty good. Me thinks I should give it a try~ ^_^

  5. Thanks for the review, Jen! You're making me itching to make an order. x)

  6. Oh my goshhh. I'm not much of a pink person but everything is really just too cute! Your review makes me want to go buy it all. :p

  7. Cute stuff~ :)
    Must be nice to try so much stuff for free ~_~ It's awful ordering stuff only to find the color or tint is wrong on you -__-

  8. Hi frmheadtotoe I was wondering if you can review the Lioele 3D Skin Fix Make Up Base in the future.

  9. Everything looks adorable. :) Now I want to try Lioele stuff!

  10. Hi Jen. Thanks for the review.

    I'm actually itching to get the cushion touch blusher from ur first Lioele review. Now I'm tempted to get the eyebrow pencil and the base. Aaaaah.... gotta save up... so i can get them in a go :)

    Keep up ur good work, Jen...

  11. I wish I wish I wish that lioele was easy available to me here in London.

    The water drop bb is ACE!

  12. OOohlala can't wait for my order to arrive. Thanks for the review Jen! so pretty:)

  13. thanks for posting:) the pact and the mirror is adorable :)

  14. I loved that! Can you make a post talking about good korean makeup brands? I'm brazilian and love asian makeup but i don't know nothing korean, just lioele.


  15. Haha I love how you say Milky Pink! Great review Jen! <#

  16. awesome review! the products all look so cute! makes me want to place an order...

  17. Thank you for the great review! I love your korean makeup hauls :) could you do a review on the skin79 triple function bb cream you received a while ago? thank you ! :D

  18. Jen, your email account is ...disabled. I tried shooting you an email and it was routed back to my inbox :\

    I was trying to contact you regarding the wonder eyelid tapes.

  19. pinkness overload lol.. awesome!!! haha. can you review the Lioele Blooming perfect concealer? thanks!!!

  20. After seeing your reviews, I want to order everything! Have you ever tried the Lioele 3D Skin Fix Foundation? How is it?

  21. oh my.. its cute and its PINK! :drolling:

  22. Hi~ I know you're a big fan of the Lioele Blooming Shimmer Pearl Base.. Since it comes in both Pink and Gold, which one do you recommend for a yellowish skin tone like yours?? Thanks!! =D