Purple Copper Tutorial Video with Hannah

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Hello lova-lovers! I've gotten a few requests in the past to do a tutorial doing makeup on someone else. Frequenters of my blog know that I love doing makeup on all different types of eye shapes and skintones so I wanted to share this tutorial featuring one of my best friends, Hannah. (If you remember, Hannah is the amazing hair artist from this post and my zipper rose pin from this post. Mind you, the pin was back before anyone was doing it, before it was everywhere at Forever 21. She graduated with me in Industrial Design so we share a passion and value for intellect, design, creativity, and making things with our hands.

I've been URGING her to make a blog and I think she'll be putting that into action soon. She's a huge jewelry-maker and we are basically twins, aka she is 8" taller, blonde, blue-eyed and awesome. Well, at least we are the same at heart! ;D

Background to this look is that Hannah was convinced that both purple and copper don't look good on her and won't go with her skintone. I love a good challenge and vehemently disputed her claims and she, being a wonderful sport, let me play.

Here is what we came up with.

Products used:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Taiwanese Shimmer Stick in Pink (from www.prettyandcute.com)
NYX Single Eyeshadow in Purple
NYX Ultimate Pearl Eyeshadow in Gold Pearl
NYX Ultimate Pearl Eyeshadow in White Pearl
MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack
Random Pink Eyeliner
Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus Mascara
Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Ransom
Anastasia Brows in Bloom in Brunette
Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler
Sigma Blushes
C.O. Bigelow Lip Cream
Rimmel Kiss Off Lipgloss in Fever

The key points to this tutorial are:

1. The importance of a long-wear cream eyeshadow base
Taiwanese shimmer sticks are WONDERFUL! You can find them here at prettyandcute.com for a ridiculously cheap price. $3.50. Just mind-boggling.

2. Eyeliner tricks
Tightline upper waterline and between lashes to fill in gaps and line the lower lashline with a blank space in the middle to lessen the severity of the line.

3. Contour color application on small lid space
Use a small eyeshadow brush such as a pencil brush so the crease color shows above the crease, but not so high it overwhelms the brow bone color.

And here are pics of hottie Hannah!

If you need more help with "undertones" and figuring out which shades would be most flattering on you, please refer to my Beauty and the Color Wheel Theory post Generally, it's safe to say that warmer colors flatter warmer skintones while cooler shades flatter cool-toned girls. "Cool" usually means pink and "warm" usually means yellow-undertoned with an exception being MAC (mac cool = yellow and warm = pink. NC30 = neutral cool or yellow undertoned in shade 30).

Hannah's blessed because she falls pretty neutral and slightly warm so most shades will work for her except bruised colors like plum and pink. She wears a lot of greys and blues but I personally love bright colors on her like teal and green. ;)

Anyway, if people like this I might do more of these with a variety of different people. ^.^ What do you think? Diversity for the win!

Happy Earth Day y'all!

Disclaimer: Taiwanese Shimmer stick provied by PrettyandCute.com. Sigma Blushes provided by Sigmamakeup.com. All other items were bought by me or are Hannah's own.

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  1. wow it looks amazing.
    her eyes pop and the blues in her eyes are beautiful
    good job :)

    youre so talented! i love your blog <3

  2. I love sisters from another mother!!! She looks beautiful Jen!

  3. aweeh, she's gorgeous! love the makeup<3

  4. What a wonderful tutorial, and both of your look so gorgeous! ^___^ I love how much fun you two looked like you had~~<3

  5. It's superb! The colours really accentuate her whole complexion.
    Great tutorial ;) I'd love to see more of these =)

  6. nice!.. it really matches her skin tones.. pretty!

  7. Oh so gorgeous! Her eyes stand out soooo beautifully! Great job Jen! Of course you look stunning as usual ^_^

  8. you guys are both so cute and funny! Hannah's makeup look was so nice. Purple and copper really complement each other. You guys must have loads of fun together.

  9. she's so pretty! even without makeup!

  10. wow lovely tutorial.
    Your friend is really pretty naturally ^^

  11. hannah is so pretty~ lovely eyes and skin colour~ great tutorial. you did a great job! x

  12. your friend is gorgeous! and you made her so glamorous with just a little makeup.

    question jen - do you recommend the heater lash curler? i'm looking for something that doesn't tug. what would be the pros and cons?

    thanks! aweeesome video.

  13. the purple looks great on her!

  14. Your friend is sooo beautiful, the colors really made her eyes pop and brightened up her face;)

  15. Hannah is so beautiful !
    I'm wondering, what is her foundation (/shade) ? Her skin is so pale and so luminous, not dull at all !
    I'm very happy you did a tutorial on her, it's very useful because her eyelid type is the first that I see in a tutorial that is close to mine and I didn't know how to make up my eyes, so thanks.

    What are the brushes you used in the tutorial ? I'm really interested in the one you used to makeup the crease and the one you used for eyeliner.

  16. Wow!it turned out so so so nice!
    And she is really pretty! :)

  17. yes! do all types of ethnicity, black, white, pacific islander, indian, persian, etc. that would be so interesting!!

  18. hey jen! i really like your diversified tutorials, but i hope you keep doing tutorials on yourself targeted towards asians as well because i feel like there are more tutorials out there for non-asians then asians, and i look to you for my make up tutorials being asian, haha. ^o^

  19. In MAC, NC = neutral cool? I always remembered it as NC = not cool = warm and NW = not warm = cool.

    MAC's weird. :)

  20. what a great look! she looks gorgeous :)

  21. This is soo gorgeous! You are so talented~

  22. She is so pretty Jen

  23. sooo pretty! i like how you're diversifying your videos :)

  24. Plz Jen, make more tutorial like this. I've been looking everywhere possible for a make up style that suite my eye shape and so far i've found none. I'm asian, too and am not really monolid, but my lids are kinda heavy overlapping and are a bit droppy. And they're small (my eyes), my lower-lids are a little prominent so it's impossible to go with that "brightening" inner-corner trick, it just make my eyes pop out even more. And i also have horrible, horrible-purplish dark circle. Oh don't you just love them?

  25. Hi Jen, I really love this tutorial! Hannah looks so sweet and pretty! One question for you. I use Urban Decay's zero to line my eyes and then curl my lashes and apply mascara. But I often find my eyeliner smudged and transferred to the lashculer after I curl my lashes. Would you recommend the Panasonic Heated Eyelash Curler in replace of the normal lashcurler when I line my eyes with a pencil eyeliner? Thanks!

  26. Wow the look is sooo lovely on Hannah. And I even love it more because my eyelids are similar to Hannah's, and many times I tend to overdo it. Both of you are really pretty btw ^.~

  27. Hello, Jen

    I just started following your blog a couple of weeks ago. I really like your taste, and I appreciate that your looks aren't over the top! I'm just a normal person trying to figure out how to put on my make-up, and I wanted to say that I've learned a lot from your blog already. Keep up the great work!

  28. Great swatches, I'm a MUFE-er, haha. For some reason 24/7 doesn't last on my waterline as well. I love the battle between those two liners, hehe.

  29. What about those makeup artists who use eye colors to decide which colors to use around the eyes to accentuate them ? Does the "skin undertone" measurement work too? For example, Rae Morris suggests that, for neutral colors, deep brown eyes should use cool browns with more blue.

    Please help. I am confused.

  30. Has Hannah taken your suggestion to start a blog?