Paul & Joe Beaute Haul

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Hey guys, I don't know if some of you remember me talking about buying a huge haul of Paul & Joe Beaute products a while ago but I finally got around to editing the pics. This is going to be a bit of eye candy since it's very pic-heavy!

Everything here was from and was super discounted. Since Paul & Joe is mainly a Japanese line of cosmetics and can be very difficult to get ahold of, you know I couldn't pass up on this opportunity. Silly website was out of stock on almost my whole original order and sent me a bunch of coupon codes to make up for it, which is totally ridiculous because I ended up doing 4 small orders of just P&J. The good thing is that I LOVE what I got! :D

Here's my whole haul. LOVE the flowers on the packaging!

Protective Fluid Foundation in #15 Sable
The glass bottle has that gorgeous flower on it and the cap is an iridescent green. Classy.

Swatched on my hand, it matches my skin perfectly (omg!) and in the sunlight is basically invisible. This is a discontinued color so those of you who have a similar skin color to me (around MAC NC 30) should scour for this! I just checked and it's still available at for just $12.99 (orig. $36)!!! It feels really lightweight and smells floral, but it's a refreshing feeling compared to other foundations. Oil control is decent but it gives you a nice glow, and didn't break me out the few times I've used it so far.

This is the loose Face Powder N in #3 Sand. It's a bit dark on me but the packaging is gorgeous. Feels very princessy, and you can buy refill cakes. :D

Here is the Eye Primer (also at the soft surroundings outlet) in Chai and the Face Powder in Sand. Pretty dark and a bit orangey so it will probably match me better in the summer.

Here is the Eye Color Palette I and the Primer.

Again, isn't the packaging soooo pretty? Pink with soft gold shimmer! The shadows were smooth and pigmented, although I personally find this color combo a bit strange. Coral and navy? It looks a bit patriotic to me somehow. XD

These are my favorites!!! The lippies. They are super moisturizing and have a sheer color so it's very easy to throw on in the morning and the colors match everything. Color 12 Bougainvillea is my favorite, but I also really love 04 Candy.

I had ordered color 14 Strawberry Jam but this came in the package instead. Limited Edition Lipstick C 058 Muse. Not a color I would've chosen on my own since it looks dark brown and intimidating, but it's actually a very nice sheer, warm brown that leans almost peach. Weird description, but I don't know how to describe it! Love the flowers printed on the side. The only downside is that the packaging is made of paper so it just doesn't feel as nice. :/

Forgot to take a pic of the lip liner, but I added the swatch here. See how nice #4 and #12 are? And 058 Muse is actually rather pretty too. Too bad 01 Secret of Gold is basically just sheer and ballet shoes has a bit too much frostiness for my taste. >.<

And here are the 2 lip glosses I got, 01 Secret of Gold and 07 Love Berry

If you click for the close-up you can see all of the pretty shimmers in it. Really nice feel on the lips and doesn't dry my lips out. 07 Love Berry is the standout here but 01 Secret of Gold would look really lovely on top of a nude lippy.

So here is a final pic of everything! So pretty, pink, shimmery, and princessy. Just my style! :D

If anyone wants to buy Paul & Joe I highly recommend their products, especially if you can find them on sale. I did find out recently (after ordering the Alice in Wonderland blue set which I'll review soon) that the lipstick cases are, in fact, interchangeable so if I wanted a pink lippy in the 058 Muse Limited Edition case I could swap it out. Same with the Alice lip treatment stick that I got, but I think I'll save that for a video. ;)

Ok, hope that helps anyone thinking about buying Paul & Joe, one of my new favorite cosmetic brands! Have any of you tried Paul & Joe anything? If you have let me know what you love and hate, and what you own. I'd love to know even  more about the brand.

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  1. Have yet to try any P&J products but you and eki are really making me want to try! :D

    Great haul! So happy to finally get to see it. I remember seeing on twitter you were planning to make to white box to take photos? Did that go through? :O

    But anyways, thanks for sharing Jen!! <3

  2. ho, great haul. there's outlet store over here, but is hard to find them, they were hiding somewhere at the corner of the mall @.@
    I'm so glad that I see swatches from your post.

    Love your haul

    thank you <3

  3. So many goodies! I like the candy swatch best, but the muse looks like it could be very lovely in a different way. Can't wait to see these colors on you!

  4. I got the Limited Alice in Wonderland collection, but in pink! I was a bit disappointed with the lip treatment because it is a paper covering.. but I felt the tin and blog paper holder with mirror was definitely worth the money spent. :]

  5. I LOVE Paul&Joe! Especially their Dual Powder foundation! I am hoping ours will go on sale down here, I love the lipsticks you've swatched!

  6. wow... nice packaging and it looks a bit like Anna Sui.

  7. WOW look at all those goodies! I have that same eyeshadow trio & I love the light color most <3

  8. I like the packaging for sure, but I read mixed reviews about their products so I've never trieds them :/

  9. oh wow, everything looks stunning, especially the lipstick colours! x

  10. oh nice.. I not try even the product is here can buy as pricey for me.

  11. Wow! Nice haul! I love paul & joe packaging. It's so pretty.

  12. love the packaging! its soooo cute! ^^

  13. Beautiful haul girl, I became a follower lol.

  14. Woww, where did you bought these beauties? I love the flowers! ♥

  15. yeah, where were u able to buy these?
    and could u do a p&j foundation review maybe?
    thanks thanks <3

  16. wow, that's quite a haul you got there, Jen!! and all for a very good price ($12.99 is WOWZERS!)! ^_^ I bet you're enjoying all your goodies now, the P&J AND all the Liole freebies too xP

    I love love LOVE the lipstick colors you got! they're so pretty! and the lipglosses are love, too! ;) I've only tried the P&J Whitening Serum, and I love it! Kinda pricey, but it's really effective at whitening and lightening dark spots/old scars and evening skin tone.<3 Also, I've tried 2 of their lippies before. LOVE the texture of their lipsticks--so moisturizing and I love that they're pretty sheer! :)

    Oh, I just remembered...I tried their Mauve powder too...whatever you do...don't get it. It's a disappointment. It does not blend smoothly onto the face at all! :( I tried applying with the powder puff and my powder brushes, but it looks so bad on me. The mauve color stays's just weird!

  17. hi! i think it would be a good idea if you do a feature on the make up of 2ne1. i love their eye makeup most of the time. i cannot really pick something in particular.

  18. I was wondering when you'd get around to showing off your P&J haul!!! Absolutely LOVELY! :D

  19. i bet the items must have been really heavy discounted, hahhaha. U bought so many stuffs!
    I wanted to try P&J foundation for a long time already but everytime i visit the store, i have a second thought... maybe I just find the packaging to be a little messy... :(

    @ningstar, yes yes.. the P&J store in KL is hidden in isetan klcc. hahah.

  20. All the things look so pretty! Wish they were more readily available.

  21. WOW. Theses products look super duper cute and they really look like it works really well. I'm going to probably buy view of the products. I'm so ecstatic :)