Outfit Of The Day: 9-28-10 quick video!

8:36 PM

I told you guys I was going to post a quick OOTD video to try out the style and see what you think! ^_^

The video is really short because I recorded it before I went off to work. The weather has really been cooling down lately so layers are definitely a necessity. I don't enjoy feeling cold but I must say, I adore Fall fashion and playing around with layers during this season more than any other because you can see all of the fun elements of an outfit without being burdened by heat or huge coats.

To kick things off, here is an outfit that my coworker Jason (who is very into comics) said looked like the colors of a thousand villains, bright violet and acid green. ;D Considering my big MAC Venomous Villains haul I ordered last night, it only seemed appropriate that I post this today!

 Crew Cuts cardigan size 10 (similar from J.Crew here and here)
Victoria's Secret PINK flannel shirt size XS (VS here and similar F21 here)
Amazonite necklace gifted by http://www.seejewelryonline.com
Gold pearl-drop earrings from my mom (similar here)
MIA kids' suede sandals size 2 (similar here)

Isn't this necklace so bomb? Catherine of See Jewelry Online was kind enough to send me a few of her pieces so hopefully you will be seeing more of her stuff popping up in my future OOTD posts. This one is my favorite of what she sent me and I swear to you, it matches everything from these bright colors to a plain t-shirt. Very me. Love, love love!

 I also wanted to show a close-up of the eye makeup. Not because it's anything fancy but the opposite, actually! Only 1 eyeshadow. That being said, this is one of the coolest eyeshadows I've ever used.
The color is Rock & Republic's Lawsuit which is a reddish-brown with a green flash. I love the complexity of the color. :D

Okay, let me know your thoughts of the OOTD format in the comments. Do you think the video adds anything? Is it easier to process fashion information when there's only 1 outfit? Is this eyeshadow color cool or what? ^_~


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  1. I just stumbled across both your blog and vlog. What a refreshing, genuine style you have for "From Head To Toe." I love the sincerity and, of course, how informative every post is. Can't wait to read more!

  2. I love this outfit. For some reason I have been seeing the yellow/purple color combo everywhere. Maybe it'll be a new fall trend. =)

  3. Love the outfit~! I love the color combo~ :3 The cardigan is such a striking color!! :D

  4. hey jen! i think your OOTD is a great add to your blog. It's something new and fresh and it's nice to see the trend there in the States, especially for us, others, who live on the other side of the world. ^_^ Love the colors and nice necklace. Gorgeous as always :)

  5. i love your eyeshadow here... i cant wait to get my hands on naked pallette... urban decay, hurry up and make more! HAHA!!


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  6. you're so gorgeous!!!!
    Love your outfit /;D

  7. Love the color combo :) Layering is something I like too! :) What blush and lippie are you wearing there, Jen? Lookin' flawlessly beautiful, like you always do!! :)

  8. I love this outfit. It's casual but yet chic. It's totally you. Your make up looks great too. The Jcrew cardigan fits you pretty well. I can't believe how small you are.

  9. Cute outfit! Have you tried MAC's e/s Club? It is brown/green color that can show up differently depending on what you pair with it. Really pretty color.

  10. That eyeshadow is deadly. I must have it now, thanks a lot!!


  11. Love the outfit - it's bright and and colourful, nicely put together.

    Just wondering, is the eyeshadow similar to Club by MAC? I know it has some kind of red-green duochrome effect...I LOVE duochromes! They are my favourite to use and so easy as a single shadow. Lot less work of application and just as pretty when your head turns different angles =)

  12. Oh and what did you order from the Venomous Villians Collection? I'm so excited to see your haul!

    I'm tempted to go back and get the Bite of an Apple blush (hopefully it will still be in the stores!)

  13. Hello,

    I happened to be looking for korean makeup up and tips when I found your blog. I want to thank you for all your tips and advice, I had been recently feeling down about myself as you do, bad skin, bad hair, I look odd. (dont ask) But since learning a few tips from you I am a changed person. It is amazing what a little makeup can do to change how a person can feel on the inside. Im a little more confident now and thats all down to you sharing through your blog.

    I Just wanted to let you know how you have helped with my little insecurities, probably without realising it. (by the way I never ever comment on anything!!!!)

    There should be more people like you, thanks again, Jen,

    L N F

  14. i am petite like you too and were getting f21 here in the uk soon yayy! so thanks for sharing these =] something different to a load of beauty


    come check it out if you have time =]

  15. Hi Jen! I love reading your blog. I would like to award you with Sunshine Award. :D please visit the link.

  16. I love that cardigan on you. I have been looking for a cardigan that color for a while, but haven't found one yet. I never thought of Crewcut as an option. :) They are all sold out on Spiced Chartreuse. :(

    You look adorable, as usual.

  17. Pretty! Love the outfit. Love ur eye make up too! Do a tutorial on this look.


  18. Ooh the eyeshadow looks a lot like Mac's Club! I wear it almost everyday because I love how the colour changes to green when you pat it on top of black eyeliner. Love the outfit, you stunner!
    Wish we had petite sizing in NZ too :(

  19. i just love your outfit posts! they're so informative and pretty. love your style. very inspirational for me haha.

  20. blushfully by cendana: I was wearing Rock & Republic Tease blush and Lioele Blooming Gloss in Vanilla Pink on my lips. :)

    Chrystal & Anonymous: I haven't tried MAC's Club eyeshadow but I've heard people say it's very similar. R&R Lawsuit is not as red though, so I think it's easier to wear for everyday.

    Anonymous: This is what I got from Venomous Villains!
    Revenge Is Sweet Lipglass
    Strange Potion Lipglass
    Bad Fairy Nail Lacquer
    Briar Rose beauty powder
    Heartless Lipstick

    Anonymous: Wow, I am so honored that my tips could help you to feel more beautiful! I really believe that everyone deserves that. Thank you for letting me know. <3

  21. Wow, the one shadow eye shadow! :) Very cool!! :) You look amazing as always! :)

  22. Jen! Aw girl I miss you and your cute/gorgeous/creative self. Love the yellow cardigan by the way!

    Oh and your comment made me laugh. hehe I need Jen time. I call you soon.

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  24. the outfit looks really good on you jen :)

  25. Love this outfit! You're so gorgeous *-*

  26. Are you ever going to tell us who won the LBC giveaway?

  27. I love your style. Love how you pair the cardigan with the blue flannel shirt and the colors go pretty well together. Can't wait to see more OOTD from you!