Naughty & Nice List 2010

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Hello everyone and happy holidays!

Today's post is a bit more holiday-themed, and instead of doing the yearly wrap-up of favorite products that everyone always does, I thought up a little tag that I hope a few more of you blogger ladies participate in! I call this my Naughty & Nice List for 2010.

I found this Santa image on Google. Pretty funny, right?

Everyone knows that Santa Claus has his list of naughty and nice children each year and this year I am playing Santa with my beauty products. You better believe I have a naughty list for sure! Not just a list of things I got bored of and didn't use, but these are explicitly things that I regret ever buying or using. On the flip side, I also want to share with you a few of my Holy Grail products of this year as well. ^_^

I go more in-depth in my video, but here is just a quick recap of my Naughty & Nice list:

Naughty List

1. Korres Hair Mask
Scent was way too strong and manly! Also didn't really hydrate hair much.

 2. Zoya Savita Matte Polish 
Looks so pretty but chipped almost as soon as it was applied.

3. Maybelline Expert Eyes Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover
Thick, greasy formula that gets in eyes and doesn't remove waterproof makeup.

4. Shiseido Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50
Broke me out badly, every time I tried it. :(

5. L'Oreal Carbon Black Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Eyeliner
Chips off my eyelids quickly, and always makes my false lashes lift.

Nice List

1. Vanicream
Thick enough to heal eczema and dry patches in Winter, with no parabens and doesn't break me out.

2. Rock & Republic Contrived Pressed Blush
Huge size, highly pigmented, finely milled, gorgeous packaging! My favorite, favorite blush!

3. Urban Decay Naked Palette
Lovely neutral, full-sized shadows that are smooth and highly pigmented. I use every color! 

4. Millenia Mud Intensive Hair Reconstructor
This 1/week hair mask really makes my hair healthy & shiny even through the next 2 or 3 shampoos.

5. Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in Airy Fairy
Light golden-pink that doesn't wash me out.
Every time I wear this (like bra fitting here and Naked Palette tutorial here)
people ask what lipstick I have on. :)

I guess that about wraps it up! I would love, love, love it if you also shared your tag of Naughty & Nice products for 2010 as well, so if you decide to participate then please leave a comment with a link to your blog or video as well! 

I came down with a pretty bad cold a couple days ago (I KNOW sick all the time! And just when I was almost completely well too. T_T) but I have Vitamin D supplements now so hopefully I'll stay well after this. I'll be resting for the next few days so that I can be ok for my birthday dinner with the fams this weekend. Please pray for my throat and nose to not be so naughty. LOL!

Have a great warm and healthy week!

P.S. I did record a Taylor Swift-inspired tutorial for this look so this Holiday look will be up soon, after I edit. ^_^

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  1. great post - i'll do this tag tomorrow as its 12:05am at the moment and i have college tomorrow >.< also i can't wait for your taylor swift tutorial - i love her!

  2. This is such a cute post!! You look gorgeous =)

    I have the Rimmel lipstick too and it's heavenly ^^

    Hope you get well soon in time for your birthday! I'm a bit sick as well =( Btw, when's your birthday? Mine is coming soon on the 17th =D

  3. hey jen <3 what lipstick are you wearing in this video?

  4. Haha I love this! It's really entertaining :p
    But also very informing ^^

    and looooovee your make-up in this vid *-*
    it's perfect!

  5. Jen!! :)
    I love this tag! <3
    I really have to try that Rimmel lipstick since now you are recommending it. I've heard so much about it from others as well.
    mmhmmm the Naked Palette deserves to be in the nice list! I'm glad it made it there. ooh and I have yet to snaggle one of the R&R blushes. sighhh next time on Hautelook. :nodding my head: ;D

  6. Even though Zoya says not to, wearing a base coat with matte polishes makes it last a little bit longer. But yes, still chips very quickly.

  7. This is a really fun idea! I absolutely love how airy fairy looks on your skin tone! I'm darker so it doesn't look as vibrant and pretty! I'm going to think of products I think were naughty and nice. Hehe!

  8. I'm always looking for good lotions and skin creams, but, unfortunately, it looks like Vanicream belongs to the same school of thought as everyone else in the market. Their site says the second ingredient is petrolatum, which I developed an allergy to about 5 years ago. *sad face*

  9. I still couldn't get hold of the Urban Decay Naked Palette butI am still trying!!

    BTW, the nail polish color looks amazing on you!

  10. Hi Jen :) I've been following your bog for a while now, love every post and i think your stunning!
    I can't help but keep coming back for more!

  11. ~Lisa: My birthday is the 14th. :)

    Anonymous: I'm wearing NYX Round Lipstick in Eros

    Zoe: I tried wearing Zoya Savita both ways, with base coat and without and it still chipped. :(

  12. "it smells like MAN" hehe.
    I hope I can figure out a naughty/nice list and update with another comment later. :)

  13. Your video has def made me dec to get Airy Fairy which I was looking at just today and was unsure of!
    I did this tag too! It was fun

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. I agree with the previous comment about the Zoya Matte polishes. I used a base coat and put on 2 layers of the polish and it didn't chip as fast.

  15. Jen i love ur videos and that lace black top ur wearing is beautiful- where did u get it?

  16. Anonymous: The lace top is actually a lace cardigan from Target. I found it on the clearance rack and was so excited that it fit my skinny arms! :)

  17. I hated that Shiseido sunscreen, too! And it's the only Shiseido sunscreen sold in the US. I'll have to try that Rimmel lippie now.

  18. Great "recap" ... I need that lipstick! I'm one of the viewers who obsessed over the lip color in your bra fitting and naked video...but then I was never able to find Airy Fairy in any local drugstore or Target. The search continues...

    Feel better soon my are always unwell during cold seasons!

  19. And I thought I recognized that cardigan! I found it a while back, was excited that it was almost a dupe for the Rodarte for Target lace cardigans...but never found an XS in person. I posted a different color and readers were like...ick...but aha it looks lovely on you : )

  20. :( I totally want the urban decay naked palette but it's always sold out!!!! grr!

  21. YES for the naked palette I discovered on YouTube!
    I'm a new blogger and I find your tutorials very interesting with very good advices.

  22. Love the lipstick! It's such a beautiful color. Is Vanicream a better use than Cetaphil in the winter? I've been using Cetaphil on my 5-yr old daughter, but the winter season seems to make her skin worse. It worked fine, but I think it's time to find something new.

  23. lol i laughed so much haha. u were so funny! "it smells like MANNN!!" LOL

    ur vid definitely was REALLY helpful. my haircutter told me to get a weekly hair mask and i didnt wanna break the bank so $6.50 is such a steal!!! ill be going out tomorrow to snag it at my sally beauty

    and im one of those people where Airy Fairy definitely took my attention lol im just scared it wont look good on me. also i have so many lip products i dont use so i really shouldnt buy more! lol (even tho i just bought NYX Snow White bc it looked so good on u!)

    thx for sharing ur naughty and nice list! :D

  24. Its super late at night but I've got nothing else to do really, so here is my post on my favorite products. And I'll definitely be trying the hair mask that you've got there. It sounds like a great product.

  25. happy holidays jen
    i loved the naughty and nice list 2010 TAG so much i've pulled together a list! it was so much fun!~ i definitely want to try the rimmel lipstick now =DDD wishing you and your family a very happy christmas. can't wait to see more vids in 2011 xo

  26. I love your makeup - can you give a tutorial on what you have on? You are absolutely gorgeous!!! Thanks Jen.

  27. Yay! I love your blog and decided to start my own based on this tag. Maybe I'll keep going and do a 'Naughty and Nice List: Mommy Edition'!

    Thanks for the inspiration, love your blog and YT channel!

  28. Oh please do a tutorial on your makeup from this video!

  29. Also Jen, I just remembered that for the L'Oreal Liner, what you might want to try is using black eyeshadow on first and then lining your eyes over that. I do this all the time with my liquid liners (since I like the smokey/hazy look of the liner and eyeshadow) and I typically don't have a problem with the liner smearing or coming off. I hope this helps.

  30. I wanted to leave you a comment to let you know how great your tutorials are. I am a monolidder and am always at a loss how to do my eye makeup. Thanks for making all these wonderful videos and tutorials!

  31. Hi Jen,

    I've never left a comment before but I love your blog and have featured it as my "blog of the week" some time ago. Here's responding to your Naughty & Nice tag :)

  32. where can we buy the Millenia Mud Intensive Hair Reconstructor? it wasnt at ulta...

  33. What a cute idea! I totally agree with you on that Maybelline eye makeup remover - it was awful. And love love for the R&R blushes and Naked Palette.


  34. Hi Jen, here is my response on this tag:

    Have a great one!

  35. Great post Jen! I've used Shiseido's products before, and I too break out from them. I actually carry a list with me that consist of ingredients that can potentially aggravate my skin. I use this list to help me analyze products before I purchase them.

  36. have you tried Lancome's artliner liquid eyeliner? THAT product chips off my eyelids!!! everyone compares it to Loreal intense liner so maybe they're similar in that aspect of it too. lol its just that no one believes me when i say Artliner chips off on me since it sounds so weird so i was excited when you said it happened to you with Loreal haha T_T

  37. Thanks for your post! I bought Airy Fairy today after your recommendation (it was also on sale :D). I've had problems finding the right kind of pink but I really like the way this one looks. So thank you!

  38. HAHA your picture for the nail polish is clever.

    Good post!

  39. Hi Jen,

    I stumbled upon your site by accident and loved reading/watching your posts and youtube videos! I am also a wonder eye user myself and love that it looks a lot more natural than eyecharm or just plain ol' tape. My only issue is that when i put on makeup with the tape on, the tape gets quite loose in a few hours. Does that happen to you as well? How do you make it stay on all day? The last thing i want to worry about at work is whether or not my tape is falling off/showing.

    Thanks! and keep posting! :)

  40. here's my naughty and nice list

  41. can't wait to buy airy fairy. Thanks!

  42. I definitely want the lipstick and the hair mask! Btw did you ever try the Shiseido for face (SPF 55) or just the face/body SPF 50 one? I use the 55 and never had a problem with breakouts, but like you said, everyone has different chemistry :)

  43. Great post and video! I bought the L'Oreal Lineur Intense eyeliner too! I bought because everyone and I mean everyone was raving about. But the same thing happened to me and it flaked off very quickly :(

  44. hi jen! :)
    i absolutely love this tag, it puts a whole new meaning to the term haha :D
    lol i get so excited when i see a new post/video from you :D
    i have one question~ ^^
    i have very sensitive, acne prone, breakout prone skin (i believe your skin is quite sensitive too, right? :)..) is there a drugstore brand face powder that you would recommend?
    i've been on the look out for ages and haven't seem to have found any :/

  45. hey jen, thanks for posting! :)

    just curious - i know you've posted your skincare regimen a hundred times, but was curious if you still used a small amount of acne medication on a daily basis under makeup, or if it's just moisturizer + bb cream/makeup.

    wondering how your skin would handle clindamycin/benzoyl and retinA in these colder climates!


  46. Nice post, thanks for sharing! I'm so jealous, I've been looking for the Naked Palette but it's sold out everywhere... hopefully I get it when it's in stock again :)

  47. Great post. Thank you for sharing your fave and no so fave priducts. I'd like to try the mask Millenia Mud Intensive Hair Reconstructor. I was looking at ULTA but could not find it. where i might be able to get it?


  48. I love this tag I think Ill do the tag for my blog :)

  49. Can you do Nana's tutorial for monolids? (frm orange Caramel)

  50. Hey Jen,

    Great post; wanted to try Airy Fairy since I'm a HUGE Rimmel lipstick fan, and I've been looking everywhere for a mild pink for day to day wear that doesn't leave me looking like Barbie.
    And I can't find Asia down here to save my life!)

    - couldn't find it (boo), but did find Revlon's Rose and Shine, which, at least for me, is a really subtle natural pink, great for day to day. :)

    Merry Xmas

  51. Thanks so much for the hair reconstructor recommendation. I have fine hair, so this sounds like a great idea. I'm looking it up on and I like how the "Customers Who Viewed This Item Also Viewed" section includes the Airy Fairy lipstick and a R&R blush! Lol!

  52. What a cute post. I love Airy Fairy too. Definitely a great drug store find this year.

  53. i bought two of the millennia mudd from sally`s beauty store today, but i`m kind of confused on how to use it. it says to shampoo hair, then towel-dry and THEN put it on your hair ? so they`re saying to put it on dry hair ? is this a replacement for your normal conditioner ?

  54. I love this tag!:D

    That Zoya nail polish is horrible :S,but I love the Airy Fairy lipstick too,it's my second favourite from Rimmel lipsticks.(The first is Rimmel's Asia lipstick :) )

    Here is my list:

  55. This is such an awesome post & cool tag. You have inspired me to creat my own beauty blog. Thank you =o).
    Here's my super duper late response hehe =P

  56. I absolutely love this post! I hope you do this post again for 2011! Thanks, Jen :)

  57. Hi!

    Love your videos and blog. Was wondering if you have a fave false lash brand? Also, I tend to also get teary eyed during the day and every brand of liner smudges when I line the bottom lid, even the other edge. Do you have a fave smudge proof liner?