Petite Secret Santa Exchange 2010!

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I was so happy to be part of a Secret Santa gift exchange this year! It's my first one I've ever been a part of among the blogger rings, and it was a lot of fun sharing this with some of my favorite petite fashion bloggers. The idea was brought up on the Alterations Needed forum which is a great community of petite ladies who love talking about how their new purchases fit. Anyone who is 5'4" or under knows how invaluable this can be!

Jessy of The Little Dust Princess herded the exchange and did a lovely job managing it. Definitely check out her blog, since I've heard people tell me she's like my fashion double. We seem to have the same body type and I can see myself wearing just about everything she owns! She just wears more brogues and I wear more boots. ^_^

My Secret Santa ended up being Megan from the AN forums, who doesn't have a blog but she does hail all the way from Australia. If you follow my twitter you will know that I was totally stumped about a random package from Oregon without a return name and lo and behold, Megan had gotten a friend to send me my gift from the US!

It's the LOFT Petite Metallic Cable Sweater! I had been eyeing this sweater lately since my closet is rather slim on the "cable knit sweater" category of winter-wear this year. It's lovely and so warm!

 LOFT Petite Metallic Cable Sweater size XXS P (non-petite version here)
Victoria's Secret PINK Flannel shirt size XS (similar here and here)
Abercrombie kids grey skinny jeans size 10 (similar size 00 here)

Here is the stock image. Isn't the model so pretty? I pretty much want every item she models. Haha.

Here's a close-up so you can see the little metallic threads woven into the sweater. It's quite shimmery in real life.

I <3 my layers! It's so preppy to put flannel under a cable-knit. I love it!

The sweater is currently on promotion for 50% off so I do recommend snagging it if you can. The sleeves are nice and slim but the torso is loose enough to layer comfortably underneath. The fabric breakdown of the one I received is 16% Cotton, 16% Nylon, 22% Wool, 5% Rabbit Hair, 41% Rayon so it's hand wash only but if you are averse to hand-washing, there is also the exact same version of this sweater in all cotton here at LOFT as well.

For those of you who are curious about what I got my Secret Santa, you can check out Elaine of Curls and Pearls post here. :)

Check out the rest of the participants of this exchange (btw, how cute are their blog names? ^o^):

1. Kelly of Alterations Needed
2. Elaine of Curls and Pearls
3. Kileen of Cute and Little
4. Jean of Extra Petite
5. Elle of Fast Food and Fast Fashion
6. Jess of The Little Dust Princess
7. Sydney of PetiteLG
8. Liane of PetiteXXS
9. Annie of Really Petite
10. Cynthia of Shorty Stories
11. Jess of Style Pint
12. Erin of The Life of Ann James

Thank you so much ladies! I had a fabulous time exchanging presents with ladies who are so tuned into what the others would love or want. It's actually really, really impressive. :D Hope we can do another one next year!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to everyone. Stay safe and have fun at those New Years parties. ^_~

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  1. I love the sparkly-ness of that sweater! What a great gift :D

    Thanks for participating, Jen! Can't wait til next year. : ) Have a fun, safe, and happy new year!

    xx The Little Dust Princess

  2. Hi Jen,

    Have you heard about the Barbie Nail Art Printer? I read a beauty blogger's review of it ( and immediately thought of my fave nail polish blogger! :D

    I never liked Barbie as a kid, but if they had this around back then, I would have gone NUTS.

  3. Wow, Megan was so sneaky about the gift that it came from Oregon! =) The sweater fits you so well and it's perfect for the season!

  4. What a cute sweater Megan got you. I would be scare if I have to buy clothes for you because you're so tiny. She did great! The sweater looks lovely on you. I like how you layered the plaid shirt underneath. Happy new year to you, Jen

  5. Oh that sweater looks great on you! Just the right amount of sparkle to it.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Jen for your generous gifts! I cannot wait to try them all out though I may have to bog you down with questions on twitter :P

  6. I love the sweater!! I have NONE cable knit sweaters...I really need to get one ASAP

  7. Beautiful outfit, sweetie!! :) You look absolutely stunning! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  8. Very sneaky of Megan indeed! We were wondering who this mysterious sweater from Oregon came from. Tiny petites seem to fare well in LOFT XXSP sweaters...hope you'll get a lot of wear out of this winter.

  9. Hiya
    Have always been a fan of your YouTube tutorials and have recently started reading your blog, too.

    Just wanna say thanks for all the wonderful tips you've dished out and Happy New Year!! :)

  10. I was just browsing your blog and noticed you have SHINee as you music! OMGOMGOMG<333 I am such a big fan~ of both you and them ^--^Y So to see that you like them too, I am having a major fangirl moment @--@ haha~ I just had to comment :P

    Well, besides that, I love all your posts so please keep it up in 2011 as well :D

  11. That's such a great idea! And it's kinda funny, I've never considered myself petite but after seeing your description I guess I am. Thank you Jen! All your tips are super helpful!

  12. I have no idea how I missed this post!!! google reader!!!

    Thanks for the link!!! :)

    It was super fun! Can't wait for next year!