Greige Polish

4:53 PM

Today, I have some swatches of a nail polish that I purchased recently from the Dollar Tree. It's the shade I was wearing in my Tron Tutorial video as well as my Wet & Wild Night Elf Palette Tutorial video and I've been getting tons of questions about it.

I know you may be thinking "WHAT THE?!?!" when I said Dollar Tree but no lie, I've found some nice hidden treasures while browsing the polishes there! I never get the super cool holographic polishes some others have found, but I did find this old lovely greige (grey-beige hybrid) hanging from the shelves on my last peek in.

This shade is Sally Hansen New Lengths polish in Metro Creme. It's a lovely mushroomy cream color that leans just slightly military green depending on the lights. I must say I wasn't in love with the greige trend when it first came about last year, but it has since grown on me and looks quite sophisticated and work-appropriate in comparison to other trend colors that have come and gone. 

Sally Hansen New Lengths polish in Metro Creme

Here, I added China Glaze Fairy Dust just to the tips to give it a bit more sparkle and interest. (Yes, typical of me, I know.) Fairy Dust is a holographic glitter polish that I don't use nearly enough. Love the little rainbow sparkles!

Sally Hansen New Lengths Metro Creme + China Glaze Fairy Dust

As you can see, the photo with glitter tips looks lighter but the variation is just because of the light. My photos even came out too green so I had to color-correct a bit to make it look like it does in real life. It was just not wanting to be photographed properly!

I do want to mention that Metro Creme is not big 3 free as I can see "Formaldehyde Resin" and "Dibutyl Phthalate" in the ingredients list on the back of the bottle. If you have no idea what "Big 3 Free" means you can see All Lacquered Up's post on it here. It's not something that bothers me morally, but it does mean that it may not play nice with certain base or top coats like Seche Vite (which I used anyway).

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the review and maybe you can pop into your local Dollar Tree and find the same color or something else equally as fun. ^_^

Speaking of fun, hello weather changes! Wow, there was *so* much snow here today. Here in the midwest we got hit with a pretty big stream of fluffy snow so it accumulated to about 10 inches. The bad news is that I was snowed in from work, but the good news is that I was snowed in from work! Hehe. That means I got to record a review video of the NYX Black Label Lipsticks which will be coming very soon.

Hope you are all safe and warm! Just for kicks, let me know in the comments what the most random place you've bought a nail polish is at. :D

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  1. I love the nail polish color!! and it didn't snow too much here! Just ice everywhere...that melted during the day haha :3 Can't wait to see the review~

  2. this color looks beautiful on you and i love the addition of the CG Fairy Dust on the tips! i'll have to give that a shot too!

    and the strangest place i've bought nail polish is my yoga studio. they sell a really good range of Spa Ritual. :)

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  3. how cool can those nails be? I'm seeing SH nail cremes competing with other posh polish brands.

    it's too bad it didn't make it to the "big 3 free" list...

    and oh, Metro Creme+Fairy Dust is absolutely L♥VE!

  4. I'm not a huge fan of greige/mushroomy colors (although I have been slowly warming up to regular greys), but I have to admit it does give off an air of sophistication XD

    I've never bought a nail polish at a really weird place before, but a couple of days ago, a customer (I work at my school's bookstore) dropped a bottle of nail polish and never came back for it, so I took it home :B

  5. Ooo I can see it looking just as nice with military inspired clothing as it would with summer whites and florals!

  6. I really like that colour! I'm still iffy on grey on my nails - I think I'm just not used to it. This colour may be a good transition one.

  7. Love the color on you, although I haven't seen any color that doesn't look gorgeous on you, yet. :)
    Random place that I have bought nail polish - DSW. Go figure. :)

  8. Dollar Store eh? I love cheap nail polish. I never thought to look at the Dollar Tree though. I always go to Target or Walmart.

    Greige is my favorite nail trend of 2010-2011. I'm wearing greige right now hee hee. I love how you topped the tips with fairy dust. It looks so pretty.


  9. normally i wouldn't go for gray nail polishes but this color is perfect for the winter season and it actually goes with some of my clothes haha :) anyways hope you have fun in the snow i know i did over my winter break. got to make a snowman with my bf and shower him in snowballs lol

  10. I was wondering what shade you had in during the BlogTV chats! It is a nice work appropriate color.

    Hope you enjoyed the snow day. ^.^

    Miss YO FACE!

  11. I love that nail polish color. It is not something I would see often. I would have never thought Dollar Store has nail polish. I have to check it out the next time I am in store. Thanks for sharing

  12. I have a disgustingly awful love for nail polish.. of all shades. I can't really point out any odd places to buy nail polishes but oddly enough the best nail polish I've ever bought (3 weeks, no chipping at all minus growth) was at these small street stands in China. Brandless though.

    Also, why are you guys getting more snow in the south than us in the northeast? :(

    (This is Sharon btw, I sent you an email back about the project thing but my email address changed slightly, just a heads up :) )

  13. that is a lovely color, looks great~

  14. that was really cool that you found this at dollar tree. i always got my polishes at the counter or beauty store. so really boring for me. anyways the color is gorgeous.

  15. The dollar store?! Wow! I HAVE to find that nail polish! ^^ A lot of my nail polishes are from Forever 21. They're really nice and you only need two coats. Cheap too, but they're even cheaper with my discount... because I work there. ;) I'm really into neutrual colors right now.

  16. The color looks very nice on you. It's one that I would never have chosen for myself since I always play it safe... I only have light pink, white, and black (my riskiest one!) nail polishes. But I definitely think the glitter adds to the color and makes it look absolutely beautiful! :)

  17. Pretty Nails! Ireally love the colour and the glitter coat!

  18. I love what you did with the tips! Definitely makes it more "you" :) I was never drawn to these greige shades in the bottle, but I did try the Revlon "grey suede" recently and I actually quite liked it on my nails! The fact that it's work-appropriate is a huge bonus, since I'm never motivated to paint my nails just for the weekend if I have to take it off come Sunday night.

  19. that polish is so cool, very unique looking...looks great with the sparkly tips too!
    aw, i wish we had snow here, i miss playing in it! sounds kind of fun being snowed in, hope you had a nice night! :)

    Beauty Bag 411

  20. love the nailpolish especially with the glitter! i also use glitter almost everytime, just for the cuteness ♥
    the most random place where i bought my nailpolish was a weird little shop in spain where they sold all kinds of crap (from panties to halloween masks)

  21. I LOVE the Dollar Tree, there are some great beauty products to found there every so often. I am really liking that color! I might go pick one up =)

  22. let's see..... I've also bought polish from dollar stores. As well as, big lots ^_^ And such.
    I'm sooooo excited for your NYX black label tutorial!!!!! Just bought more of em' yesterday ^_^

  23. oooh i always thought of buyingthis nailpolish color its cool!

  24. nice look’g w/glitter. thnx 4 the info on the big 3. i never knew. what coat r u wearing in the snow pic? it matches the snow. ^_^

    cheryl li

  25. i really like the color! i was actually looking for a grey nail polish

  26. I think you had mentioned before that one needs to learn how to apply Seche Vite properly, since it's thick, so I was wondering, what is the right way to apply it?

  27. It looks lovely. =) I know another great grey nail shade: Rimmel's Steel Grey. Contrary to its name, it has a purple undertone. I have it and I love the wide brush it comes with. Not too watery or goopey, either. I'm jealous that you have a good Dollar Tree near you, haha.

  28. LOVE LOVE LOVE this nail color, your tips, and your style!
    Great blog!
    You are so pretty : )
    Hope you visit me!