Tron Legacy: Gem the Siren Makeup Tutorial

12:44 PM

Hi everyone! Today I have another tutorial that I am really excited about because it's not only a super dramatic look, but also because I got to use my good friend Hannah as a model again. If you don't remember her she is my blonde-haired, blue-eyed friend from this tutorial and also this bb cream review.
The inspiration for this look came from the recent Disney Tron: Legacy movie which I saw a couple weeks ago. As soon as I saw the character design for the Sirens (programs that dress those entering the games) I was smitten! The contrast of eyes, lashes, skin, and hair was really thrilling to watch on screen and I wanted to recreate the look in a video.

Products mentioned:

Graftobian HD Cream 60-pan Palette (warm)
Pretty & Cute Contour Palette
Kevyn Aucoin The Celestial Powder in Candlelight
MAC Select Cover-up Concealer in NW15
MAC Carbon eyeshadow (for brows)
MAC Fluidline in blacktrack (lids and lashes)
Dolly Wink #1 lashes & random long Chinese lashes (upper lashes)
Kiwiberry1 lashes in style Glamorous #6 (lower lashes)
Lioele Real Vivid Matte Lipstick in #6 Sandy Beige
MAC Lipglass in Instant Gold

Here are some of the reference images I used for recreating the look of Gem, the lead Siren played by Beau Garrett. She's stunning in the movie and reminds me a lot of model Jessica Stam!

The four Sirens. Their skin was exaggerated to be very light or dark depending on their
ethnicity. I wonder what an East Asian siren would look like? Maybe very yellow? ;)

You can see in this image how highly arched her black eyebrows were drawn in.

I added this one to show how wicked her suit is. Too bad I don't have a lighted vinyl bodysuit in my closet for Hannah to wear for my tutorial. XD

And here are the images of my Siren, Hannah:

She even did her own hair! She added a lot of baby powder to her hair to make it lighter for this look and I think the top knot looks really cool. The lady has serious hair skills.

Sharp, clean lines on the lids and crazy eyebrows.

I love this angle. I think it makes Hannah look robotic and glowy somehow. LOL! Like a real program should!

And, of course, a silly picture because when Hannah and I get together we can't stay serious for too long. <3

I hope you enjoyed the look! I have so much footage that I cut out because my head was in front of the camera hiding everything (fail) and because Hannah and I were being dorky as per usual. I would do a blooper reel but lets just say that I'm saving you from the madness instead. ;D

I dunno. Should I edit a blooper reel? Bahhhhhhhh....


Disclaimer: Lioele lipstick & contour palette provided by Pretty & Cute. Lower lashes provided by Kiwiberry1. Dolly Wink lashes provided by Pinky Paradise. Everything else I bought with my own money. Except Hannah. I only borrowed her. :)

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  1. new follower n_n

    yes for the bloopers reel lol
    great job jen!!!!


  2. i lovee this look, it's so daring!

  3. I LOVED TRON and this is such a great look! :-D

  4. wow.. she looks fantastic and exactly like the siren from the movie!! :D

  5. LOL at first I thought the picture was of you instead of Hannah and was like WHOA. Awesome job -- looks just like the girl in the movie!

    <3 Kelly

  6. I need to see that movie -.- but good job Jen xx

  7. great tutorial! she looks just like siren in the movie

  8. I haven't seen Tron but this is a very cool inspiration! Huge respect! You did an awesome job! =^_^=

    Just some thoughts from a total amateur: maybe if you had used shorter and spikier bottom lashes it would have preserved more of a cat-eye effect like in the inspiration? Because the top lashes would have extended out further than the bottom? Maybe I will try this adjustment if I play with this look!

    Very cool look! I always love your videos! <3

  9. i loved the look jen! and your friend has amazing grey/blue eyes- they almost twinkle!

  10. Ahhh!! I loved Tron Legacy so much!! Thank you for posting this!!

  11. Sweet tutorial!! I think she looks amazing! A perfect siren haha :D

  12. Jen I was so amazed when I saw the movie and saw this character with the lashes and was hoping to one day see a tutorial on YouTube and yay you made one!!! You are seriously AMAZINGLY talented!!! She looks identical! :)

  13. That is sooo cool! Hannah rocks this character!

  14. I love this tutorial! When I saw Tron Legacy, I love this makeup look and you totally nailed it! Btw, Hannah looks just like the Sirens! =)

  15. Great tutorial Jen!! It's a very BOLD look tho, gonna keep it in mind for this year's Halloween!

  16. omggg looks really good!
    can u let hannah do the hair top tutorial? it looks great!


  17. OMG! AMAZING! Hannah is so gorgeous and she really looks like a Siren here. I HAVE to watch Tron now! ;)

  18. i loved d movieee..
    n u managed it superbly well..loved it..

  19. Gosh u recreated the look so well... nice! Love the look!! i guess i have to watch the show too~


  20. i love the look but i think the eyebrows weren't concealed properly?

  21. hi jen,

    just wondering where your earrings are from. they are so cute!

    thanks for the tutorial. i loved gem's character in tron, although she was evil in the end!

  22. Great tutorial! I loved this movie, and I remember thinking how interesting Gem's look was. :D

    Question: What brush or brushes do you usually use to apply your MAC Fluidline? I'm trying to find a good one. Thanks, Jen!

  23. well done .. I also did a look a while back :D you can find it on my blog :D

  24. Bloopers please!!!

  25. for some reasons the poking natural eyebrows disturb me. maybe you need to tape it? it looks good though

  26. LOVE IT!!!
    this looks amazing against hannah's blue eys~

  27. your makeup looks great! could you let me know what makeup you used?

  28. great tutorial she looks so much like jen. can you tell me what brushes you were using to apply to powder? the ones with the wooden handles. thanks :)

  29. I love the look. Question though: I noticed that this happens to me when I use foundation that's lighter than my normal skin tone as well. Hannah's eyes look really red in contrast with her skin and the dark eye makeup, especially in the pictures. Is there anyway to prevent that?

  30. that last picture of Hannah is so cute! and I vote yes to a blooper reel :)

  31. wooow Hannah looks just like the actress from the movie!! You did an amazing job replicating that look!! :)

  32. hannah is such a great makeup model! she hardly blinks! or maybe it's just me but i ALWAYS blink! & it's not just blinking, it's like, almost as if my eyelids are having mini spasms. i'm jealous to the maximum :(

    & blooper reel please! ^^

  33. Hannah looks so beautiful! She is always beautiful but here as a siren she looks va va BOOM!
    Love you bother, you talented lovely ladies. ^.^


  34. Oh wow that's stunning. The whole time I was watching Tron I was thinking of ways I can make the white girl into a Halloween costume next year. Thanks for the makeup help!

    Check out my blog :)

  35. hi jen! i just discovered your blog and love it ❤

    that's a great tutorial, she looks so different with the make-up on ö_ö just like gem!

    lippi ^_^

  36. Hello jen,
    i was wondering if you have ever modeled before because i was reading a loulou megazine, it was issue november 2010 and i came across a west edmonton mall promotion in page # 130 and the model looked very very similer to you. i was wondering if that model was actually you.

  37. I saw Tron a while ago and definitely fell in love with the Sirens' makeup, just like you. Hannah's eye makeup looks great!


  38. i'm from Malaysia,i LOLed hard at the east asian siren being very yellow.haha

  39. I love Gem's look. She is stunning.

  40. great job~ that was also my fav. makeup look from the movie! ^o^

  41. Wonderful job ladies. Thank you for posting your Siren Gem makeup tutorial. Are those Heather's real eye color? Wow! Lucky, they are beautiful, perfect! She doesn't even need to worry about getting any contacts, well except if you want to have the Hexagon iris like in the movie ;)