FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen Mascara Review & Comparison

10:48 AM

Hi everyone! As many of you already know, I really love trying out different Japanese and Korean cosmetics, especially mascaras. I find that my Asian lashes pretty much hate 90% of American mascaras because they don't seem to do much for my downward-pointing, stick-straight lashes. In contrast, many Japanese mascaras have seemed to perform significantly better at giving me a long-lash look.

This is why I was super SUPER excited when I was told that FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen mascara is coming to Sephora on February 10th! Finally, would we be able to find a cute, reliable Japanese mascara in the US?

Here are some photos of the product itself. This is a screencap from the video of the brush, which is a unique 3-puff fibrous brush in an arched shape which is intended to hug your lashes and curl them. There are also fibers in this water-resistant mascara to help lengthen lashes.

The fancy-pants packaging. Super duper cute and over the top. ^_^

FAIRYDROPS Scandal Queen vs. FAIRYDROPS original mascara

Just in case it's helpful, here's the bottom sticker

Size comparison to my hand

Size comparison to Covergirl Lash Exact mascara. It's shorter and slightly fatter,
but Scandal Queen has 7.2 ml while Covergirl Lash Exact has only 4 ml.

To break it down, here's what each mascara claims to do:

Original: Waterproof, volumizing, curls
Scandal Queen: Water-resistant, lengthening with fibers, volumizing, curls

Sorry about the no-makeup photos here but I really wanted to show a fair evaluation of the mascara's performance on its own. There's really no better way than to wear no makeup in my opinion. Just ignore the end-of-the-day deathliness. ;)

No mascara, curled lashes only. Pretty sad-looking to be honest. XD

1 coat of mascara
Scandal Queen on the left / Original on the right

2 coats of mascara
Scandal Queen on the left / Original on the right
I want to note here that you can really see the lengthening properties of the Scandal queen on my lower lashes on the left here. They look as long as my top lashes on the right!

2 coats of mascara
Original at an angle

2 coats of mascara
Scandal Queen at an angle

In actuality, my upper lashes are longer with the Scandal Queen mascara (you can tell in the blurry background of the "Original at an angle" photo) but the curl-holding ability isn't awesome enough to show it at this angle. It doesn't suck 100% since I do have 75% of the curl in the first image, but not dramatic enough to be what I would go for personally.

In contrast, check out the Original's mega curl-holding abilities in both photos! Very impressive, which is why I love it so much. Overall, I have to say that the Original is still the big winner in my book which I think is pretty obvious in the photos. Not perfect, since it gets a bit clumpy and doesn't lengthen as much as I'd love, but still a good go-to mascara.

I give the Scandal Queen a 7/10 because it's performance is not bad as it does lengthen and volumize as promised, but it's only medium on the curling front. It does keep lashes soft and pliable though, and is probably better for your lash health than a waterproof mascara. It's also removed easily with my regular face wash.

The original I give an 8.5/10 since it holds curl and volumizes but it doesn't lengthen much and it gets clumpy if you're not careful. It's also difficult to remove and you really need a good waterproof eye-makeup remover to get it off.

I hope that was helpful for those interested. Maybe some of you with longer lashes than me will get better results. I'm actually going to test it more to see if it will work well as a second-step over other mascaras to help lengthen and volumize my more "clean" mascaras like Covergirl Lash Exact. Also, I've been talking with the rep for FAIRYDROPS and he said he's trying to get the waterproof version over as well if the first goes well so if you'd like that, give them feedback!

Valentine's Day look from this video coming soon. :) Let me know if you plan on picking it up, and let me know what you thought of it!

Disclaimer: A rep from FAIRYDROPS send me the Scandal Queen mascara for consideration. I purchased the Original version myself. All my reviews, as always, are my 100% honest opinion. :)

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  1. Love it sooo much, you're Make Up in this Video is STUNNING! <3

  2. OoOo I went to Sephora yesterday and was going to buy it, but I was so turned off by the price. It's like $24! I thought it was kind of.. expensive. I was just going to plan to buy it at the asian market.. thinking that they might be larger in length or something. Not sure, maybe that size is the given D;

  3. wee... that is awesome! I've been watching your videos and some of them, you used the Fairdrops mascara. I'll definitely hunt for one when I go to Sephora. Maybe try it out first and play around with it :) Thanks for this, really helpful!

  4. You have circle catch lights in your eyes! Did you get a ring light or are they from your vanity mirror?

  5. Your eye lashes look amazing! Actually, your eye makeup does, too. But I definitely want to try the original mascara. I haven't liked most of the mascaras that I've tried since they are too clumpy and messy. I currently use the Maybelline Stilleto, although I don't hear any reviews about it so people must not like it. But for me, it's less clumpy.

  6. That is so exciting!! I'd love to see more asian beauty products at Sephora or Ulta! I can see a difference between the original and the new one. How would you compare Fairydrops to Majolica Majorca? I have the Lash Expander and that's the only mascara that does not run/melt/give me raccoon eyes. It defines every lash, but doesn't give volume. Just wondering b/c I think you have Majolica too.

    I love your reviews, they are so helpful and you are the one makeup blogger that influences me to go out and buy EVERYTHING you use!! (but I can't.. that's too much $$$) I just got the Lioele brow pencil and I LOVE IT! I had the Anastasia brow wiz but I didn't like how skinny the pencil was. Your brows are so nice & full and so low maintenance/natural looking, I think the Lioele pencil helps achieve that for me =D Thank you for all your reviews & wonderful blog!!

  7. How did you take these self-closeup pics? They were very clear and helpful for the comparison.

    I've been using Fiberwig for a while after seeing it on Eki's blog and the results I get are similar to how these Fairydrops mascaras look on you. Only thing is when I remove the mascara with a wipe it just comes off in fiber-ous little pieces all over my face.

  8. They make your eyelashes look amazing



  9. This is going to sound weird, but I'm so jealous of your lower lashes!!! LoL. I have like nonexistent ones.

    Thanks for the review Jen! <3

  10. ohhh yah!! a mascara for our asian eyelashes that is sooo exciting.. i love your makeup here you look gorgeous!!!!

  11. Hi Jen,

    I went to see your new post about Fairydrops today and the pictures are good, it's like the same pictures than another makeup blog that I love which has almost a professional style!


  12. hi jen! :) love your mascara review! btw i'd like to recommend etude house proof 10 henna fix mascara...i'm from the philippines where the weather is sunny and humid and it actually holds my curled lashes throughout the day :)

  13. Hi!
    Where do you get the Original fairy drops mascara?
    Also, do you recommend a good site to order shisem eyelashes and black eyelash glue?

    thank you <3

  14. Oooo the original fairydrops is one of my favorite mascaras but for $24...Hmm I'm not sure. I think I'll stick with buying the original at Asian stores for $18. I picked one up in Taiwan and was surprised that it was still around $15! Anyways, great review! Your FOTD is really pretty by the way! Love your blog =)

  15. Maybe it's the pictures but it looks rather clumpy in that it takes 5 of your fine lashes and makes one thick one. I don't have many lashes to being with and personally prefer a mascara that separates and creates fullness instead of giving me thick "spider legs" but this does seem like it'll be good for length.

  16. Too bad I cannot find that kind of mascara here. :(
    but it looks great!
    anyway, I like your make up look here. can you make the tutorial for us please?
    thanks a lot

  17. can i ask where did u get the white cardigan?? i really like it.

  18. thanks for the comparison review...i love fairydrops and am super excited about it being a lot more easier to obtain here in the states. I gotta try the new formula cause i love love the old one.

  19. i never heard about this mascara.but if i could find it, i would love to try it.right now,maybelline mascara totally works in volumizing my eye lashes =)

  20. I loved the review! Now i really want these mascaras!
    I'm a japanese descendant, so my lashes are just as you described!
    I don't know if you ever heard about Kose Fasio's mascaras, but I bought some of them and I really liked...
    I know that there are sold at rakuten.co.jp I recomend the magne plus-super stay mascara!
    If possible, could you please review the Majolica Majorca mascaras?!

    Thank you ♥

  21. Thank you for the review! Saw it in some magazines but was a little apprehensive, but I will def pick some up soon! It's great that I stumbled upon your blog cause I can relate to you(r lashes and eyeshape hehe) Am definitely a new follower (:

  22. I have the same straight Asian eyelashes too and I use Blinc's Kiss Me Mascara. It doesn't give you any volume but I don't have sparse lashes so I don't mind that. But what I really like about Kiss Me is that it's AMAZING for holding curls and you can wash it off with just warm water! I have a picture of me wearing this mascara on my blog if you're curious to see what it looks like :)

  23. So pretty eye makeup (: - http://julianachow.com

  24. how exciting!! Thank you for the awesome review!

  25. hey Jen,

    I sent you an email with a business proposal from advertising@rings4love.com - please check that and get back to me.


  26. If you have trouble finding mascaras that work for asian eyelashes, you should try Kiss Me Heroine! I'm also Korean and I've always had trouble finding a mascara that works. I have to say that heroine and shiseido mascaras are great for asian eyelashes :)

  27. pretty lashes. This is my first time commenting :)
    It kind of sucks because lots of the products you suggest are hard to find in australia.

    I was wondering, if you are able to do a makeup tutorial for one mono eyelid and the other eye double eyelid but make them even without using double sided tape? if you know what I mean. I have uneven eyes, so yeah.

  28. Can you let me know where you bought the original fairydrop mascara? The only place I could find was sasa.com but they're out of stock indefinitely. thanks :)

  29. Nice review. Always on the look out for new Japanese mascara. I've been using Fiberwing from Sephora, which has the same properties like fibers and the easy wash off in warm water like in your review.

  30. hey Jen! I have been watching your videos lately and I found them extremely helpful. I have monolids and stubborn eye lashes too! I actually learned how to do smokey eyes from your videos. You really provide excellent reviews and advices. Can you let me know where did you purchase your original fairydrops mascara? I think it would work best for my stubborn lashes. Thank you so much! <3

  31. Hi Jen! I love the look of the original Fairy Drops mascara - your lashes look so curled!

    Can you provide a link to where I can purchase the original?

    Thank you!! <3

  32. Thanks for the detailed review. It's super helpful since I've been eying this mascara as well. My favourite mascara is the Fiberwig original for a my-lashes-but-more-dramatic look.

  33. you look stunning!! your make up is always perfectly done regardless if it's an everyday look or evening bam bam bam look.

    my mascara always creates dark shadows and bags underneath my eyes at the end of the day and it drives me crazy. any hints for that? i've tried powdering the bags but it still happens =(

  34. Hi Jen!
    First of all I would like to say that you are just stunning and I LOVE your blog!
    I was just wondering if you could recommend a great curling mascara that doesn't clump that much. I have very straight lashes that pretty much straighten out about 2 minutes after I curl and apply mascara. They are also very thick so I end up wiping most of the product off the brush before I can even apply it because if I don't my lashes get way to clumpy.
    Thanks again for such a great informative sight!!!

  35. Sandra: It's a ring light. :)

    itzLina: They are both lengthening but FD is more volumizing. The MM mascara is more waterproof as well.

    Susan: I bought my original fairydrops from sasa.com. I bought my Darkness lashes online, but you can get false eyelash glue at any drugstore or beauty supply shops.

    fixated: It's a dress and I don't remember where it's from because I got it several years ago!

    Melody: My cardigan was from Hollister a few years ago. :)

    myn: try using waterproof mascaras and also an eyeshadow primer. It should help keep all your eye makeup in place better.

    ARo14: My favorite "clean" mascara that holds curls is Covergirl Lash Exact Waterproof mascara.

  36. Japanese mascara is really better that other american mascara i tried b4!!

  37. Hey girl! I just wanted to let you know that I just purchased Fairy Drops Platinum Waterproof mascara, and it looks to be all the great things about the original, with all the great things (fibers, etc) of the American version, rolled into one. And the tube is even prettier! The wand is curved. And it comes in a waterproof version! I just ordered it online and can let you know how it goes (@PrttyShnySprkly if you want to tweet me). Just an FYI!

    Pretty Shiny Sparkly

  38. Hey Jen, I recently purchased the original fairydrops mascara and realized that...it's super hard to take off! I've tried like five different eye makeup removers, and not of them really get the mascara off. I really love the mascara!! It's great!!! but can you tell me what remover you use to get it off? Thanks :)

  39. Sincerely_molly: I use Lancome Bi-facil to remove my eye makeup. You can also use a cleansing oil as well!

  40. I really like this mascara a lot because no other mascaras that I have tried are volumizing enough for me.

  41. Quite late to comment but, if anyone is still looking for word on how to remove pretty much any mascara (I've used it with Fairydrops, Tarte, Benefit and Urban Decay) and pretty much any eye makeup (even Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner), I dampen my eyes with a bit of warm water, then rub my lashline with a Q-tip saturated with half coconut oil, half grapeseed oil. This loosens any cosmetics without putting any stress on delicate eye tissue, so it beats eye makeup remover on a cotton pad or washcloth at this stage.  Then I put aloe vera gel on a cotton round and use that to wipe off the remains.  This works as well as even the best commercial eye makeup removers I've used, and costs about $20 for a nearly infinite supply (at my grocery store, $6 for 750ml of grapeseed; $8 for 454ml of organic coconut oil; $5 for 400ml of 100% aloe vera gel; everything unscented, no preservatives, no nothing.  You can add a little essential oil if you like it to smell nice).

    Coconut oil is solid at room temperature so I microwave it briefly then combine, and it forms a soft paste.  I mix 10ml at a time (it's just convenient for my container; you could mix more if you need a larger supply) and it lasts for 15-20 removals plus moisturizing.  Straight grapeseed or extra virgin olive oil will also work, but since I also use this mix as eye cream, I can just dip the other end of the Q-tip and apply.  A little of this stuff goes a LONG way and you can also fry really delicious eggs in it if you run short on butter.

  42. I'm really debating if I should get this... I have long thick and heavy lashes, so it's really difficult for me to hold curl and want to explore Asian brands to see if they work better for me than what's available in America.

  43. Have you tried Younique 3D fiber lash mascara? I love it so much, I now sell it..truly is awesome for asian eyes and all types of eyes. Check it out on my website there is a demo video. ...ENJOY! !! www.youniqueproducts.com/NoriBosley