How To: Depotting NYX Single Eyeshadow (no heat)

7:18 PM

Hey guys! I made this tutorial nearly a year ago and in the midst of switching computers around, I forgot to upload it! I've still gotten many requests for how I depot my NYX eyeshadows so here's a really quick tutorial.

Products used:
NYX Single eyeshadow in Beanie (this shade is discontinued btw)
Rubbing Alcohol + Plastic Cup
Paper Towel
Butter Knife
Unii Palette + adhesive magnets

I will say from personal experience that I tried many of the tutorials online and since I have SO many NYX shadows, time was a really important factor for me. I found that cutting away the plastic was pretty dangerous and time-consuming, and the heat method wasn't really my first choice since I didn't want the burn risk. My method does make the pans slightly imperfect, but how quick it is to depot makes it totally worth it for me. :)

This is just a portion all of the NYX shadows I own. XD I know, I'm a total NYX collector. Haha!

Here's the final result depotted into my UNII palettes which you can see my review of here.

Currently, my white palette is filled with a mixture of "everyday" neutral eyeshadows and depotted products that I can take with me while I travel. I'll have to take a nice pic of what I put in it the next time I'm going somewhere. I just love how easy it is to move around products you want when you depot things! So space-efficient. ^_^

I also bought a pressing kit and some freestyle palettes from TKB Trading but have yet to set a time to press my loose pigments. I honestly don't even buy loose shadows anymore since it's so messy to work with, so hopefully I can press some of my MAC pigments and mineral eyeshadows so I can free up some space in my drawers. If anyone has tips on good mixing mediums for pressing or tips in general to make it easier, please let me know! I'm a pressing novice!

I guess that's about it. Hopefully this tutorial was helpful for some of you out there who don't have a lot of time and have a lot of NYX shadows to depot. It's really simple! If you tried out my technique please let me know how it went for you in the comments~

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  1. I use Mac fix+ to press my pigments, IMO it adds more pigmentation :) 

  2. I'm literally so jealous of your NYX collection :P I wish mine was that big haha! Thanks for the tutorial!

  3. I use the alcohol method for depotting my Mac eyeshadows. I don't know why I never thought of applying the method for depotting other shadows, lol. The risk of getting burned freaks me out with the heating method, so I like this a lot better. If you don't have a dropper or can't find one, you can just soak the tip of a Q-tip/cotton swab and kinda press it against the gap so the alcohol still seeps underneath the pan.

  4. OMG your NYX shadow collection! I went and bought one single last year after you raved about these and I use it almost every day (smokey mountain). I don't plan on getting another til this one runs out, lol!

  5. I'm curious about the TKB freestyle palettes - how many NYX shadows can it hold?

  6. Those unii palettes are a great idea!

  7. I've used heat to depot before and although it works, I think this a much better and safer way to do it. Really informative.

    Atia x x x

  8. Isn't that rubbing alcohol bad for your eyes?
    Just asking because I've seen that you accidentally were dripping it in the eyeshadow as well..

  9. You have a very impressive collection of shadows :) Thanks for the tutorial!

  10. yay! a depotting tutorial without using heat or fire or anything that can burn me! lol! and wow, what a collection you have of nyx eyeshadows! lol =p thanks for the lovely tutorial! i love the end how you just use your freehand video recording =)

    enter my 1st blog giveaway celebrating 100 followers =) at

  11. I got my 1st Unii palette today! Yes HELLO enabler!!

    I am going to depot my WnW palettes and put them all in one place.

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  13. ahhh jen unni :) this was so helpful for me! i don't have a nyx collection yet :( but i do plan on it soon! ;) hehe so this will definitely come in handy ^^
    i'm a makeup novice :P but watching your videos have definitely helped a LOT. especially because i'm a monolid :)
    can i make a video request? :D
    would you mind doing a video with all the different hairstyles you do with braids? i know you've already done a couple, but i'd really like to see all of the hairstyles (the ones pictured in your recent blog post) that you can do with braids ^____^
    i'm looking forward to your next blog/video post! :D hehe
    loveee youu <3 :)

  14. This was super helpful! I tried depotting 1 NYX shadow by removing the back piece and then heating the bottom.. It worked but it took me at least 20 minutes to do! You're actually the reason I decided to buy 20+ NYX shadows and put them in unii palettes. Is it creepy that beauty-wise, I want to be just like you?? Haha.

  15. Hi Jennifer, you have mentioned in your video that you wish the NYX will make a palette. I found that they do have a palette which is Nude on Nude

  16. Thank you for this! I've actually got a Unii palette on order and can't wait to get depotting... and returning my empties to mac for my free lippy ;-)

  17. Hi Jen! I don't own ANY nyx shadows. crazy huh? lol. But, I would love to own some! Do you have any colors that are must-haves for brown-eyed asians? Nothing too bright please but more neutral. Thanks! =)

  18. That is genius! So quick and easy. Thank you for posting it!

  19. Thanks so much for this video! It was so helpful when I got my unii palettes. I love how my makeup box is so much more organized now! I had to re-press some of the ones I broke so took some notes on pressing. I also figured out how to emboss to give it a pretty look!

    hope that helps if you haven't pressed your loose pigments yet. I love all your videos!

  20. Omg I tried another method and was having so much trouble and I came upon your tutorial and voila it was so quick and easy. Even though this is an old video, just want to thank you for the tutorial. I watch you regularly!

  21. I just don't see that saves much space - plus the way the shadows are placed is a waste of space! I got some DVD cases for free online - cut out the circle that holds the dvd w exacto knife and scissors - cut in a window on top (DVDs already have plastic film for a window look) wrap w scrap book paper duct tape contact paper fr dollar tree - you can add a sticky magnet sheet to the inside so the pots stick magnetically but me nah I used a hot glue gun & the pans stay in place and peel right off when empty then I wipe out pan and use for lipstick - the left over lipstick in the tube that would otherwise be thrown out. Total cost for 6 approx 7.5x5.3" "palettes" free! Or if you buy supplies maybe $2 way better deal and looks just as good! I cleared out 6 plastic make up drawers into 6 dvd palettes