Prayers for Japan and Privacy

10:44 AM

Wow, what a crazy morning this has been.

If you follow me on Twitter you will already know that I was quite worried about some friends of mine who are living in Japan. Here are a couple photos a friend of mine snapped with his cell and put on facebook from his apartment building. He was at the edge of the blackout and stayed at his work until late into past midnight to be with others who were stranded there. All the subways were down so he had to walk home where there was no electricity and a lot of damage. Even this with being 300-400 miles from the main destruction!

I hope that everyone out there is praying for the safety of those in much suffering in Japan right now, and also the several other countries who are affected by the tidal waves going on as we speak.

Speaking of facebook, I found another profile that was faking me. This time, with everything else going on, I have no fighting words to say. I'm just hurt and I don't understand why someone would put my personal information out there like that, which I do try to protect. I know that you read my blog and twitter, so please, I'm begging you, please respect my privacy. I am a real person and it's hurtful to my family.

Sorry about the disruption of my usual blog posts but I just wanted to take a minute to write about a couple things that are more important than cosmetics. I will get back to the usual soon~

Love you guys and thanks for your support.

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  1. hope this phase of catastrophies will end. I think it will last until 19th march, because there's some astronomic thing going on, but I honestly forgot what it was. Well, don't let yourself be disturbed by fakers, we know that this isn't you, otherwise you would tell us.. I think. And whatever there was written down, its just a small amount of unknown people that would think wrong, but never even give such ppl your attention.

  2. My heart goes out for those who got hit by the tsunami. I am glad that your friend is OK. It is a very scary condition to be in. As for the FB account, I am so sorry to hear that. You can’t stop what people are doing. People really need to respect others’ privacy. Don’t you worry! We know who’s real and who’s fake.

  3. My heart and prayers go out to those who live and/or has family and friends in Japan!

    I cannot believe someone would pretend to be you. That's just sickening!!

    We love you, Jen! Don't let this ruin your weekend. <3 <3 <3

  4. A heart filled post. I'm very happy to read this and send my hope to those who need it. I hope that all your friends are okay. <3
    Its perfectly fine that you posted something other then cosmetics :) its your blog! lol

  5. Its heartbreaking to watch on the news, especially if you have family members that could be in jeopardy. All we can do is prey and hope. *hug* xxx

  6. Sorry to hear about the fake FB profile. Report/block them!

    In case people are looking for loved ones in Japan:

  7. I have friends and relatives there.
    Please do pray for them.

    *pray* i hope everyone is okay!!!


  8. I hope everyone in Japan is ok and recovers quickly.

    I feel like the world is falling apart. There has been so many disasters that has happened in the last couple of months - QLD flood in OZ, New Zealand flood and currently Japan's tsunami.

  9. it is heartbreaking to see these images :(

  10. i still can't believe that Japan earthquake and tsunami really happened

  11. I hope your friends are ok! I'm so upset about the devastation as well - the images and videos give me shivers.

    That is so completely terrible about someone impersonating you. What's the point, I don't understand people like that. Stay strong Jen!

  12. I will continue to #prayforjapan

    AND JEN! Please know that some states are considering giving people the right to sue others who impersonate them online.

    Use this info to detract people from posing as you! Hopefully the possibility of being sued will be enough to detract offenders away.

    Stay strong <3

  13. hi jen, I wanted to tell you that your video has put a smile on my face ...
    I hope that everyone you know in Japan are well ...
    I know from personal experience how it feels an earthquake last year I was getting up from bed in the middle of the night by the earthquake in Chile, I live in San Juan, Argentina is a place full of seismic activity.

    sorry for my English, I wish you luck to you and your friends.


  14. It's so sad to see the destruction this has caused people :(

    I know how you feel with someone impersonating you. It has happened to me twice. I submitted a DMCA through Facebook and told the person (didn't know who they were, I just messaged them. My friend was also kind enough to add them so she could write on their wall and inform people the profiles were fake. I informed everybody they added too.) that I'd take further legal action if they did it again. Impersonating somebody IS illegal so like someone else said, use that to discourage them from doing it. I do know how it feels but do not worry, if you report it to FB they are generally very good at removing these kinds of profiles. :)

  15. Definitely praying for Japan <3

    Hope all goes well.